Trainings: A Practical Path into Living in Higher Consciousness
A Series of 4 workshops

Teacher: Barbara Brodsky and her inner teacher, Aaron
All levels:
 Beginning, continuing and advanced.

$65 per workshop
$180 if remaining 3 are paid by July 26
Those who are stepping in after workshop #1, please request approval from Barbara Brodsky to join if it was not already given.


Registration: Pre-registration required.
No one will be denied participation for financial reasons.

Barbara offers her teaching on a dana basis. There will be opportunities to offer your gratitude throughout the workshops.

Where: Michigan Friends Center, Chelsea, MI

Saturday: Doors open at 8:30 am; start time promptly at 9:30 am.
Please be seated and ready to start at 9:20. Ending at 9:00 pm.
Sunday:  Formal sessions will be 1:00 pm to 5:30 pm.
Doors open at 9:00 am. Sunday mornings are an optional part of the program.
We will meditate together, and spend some time with questions and answers, discussion
and perhaps some exercises with what will likely be a small group, then break for lunch.
No new material will be introduced on Sunday mornings.

Some people will wish to attend Sunday sitting/services at Deep Spring Center,
Interfaith Center Center for Spiritual Growth or elsewhere.


Co-Sponsored by: Deep Spring Center and Interfaith Center for Spiritual Growth
Workshop information:
Amy Koch at

Brochure - available as a PDF

Information on focus and intent of the workshops - PDF

3 Workshops - $180
(SAVE $15)

August 3-4; September 28-29; October 26-27
Registration deadline: July 26
Note: You must have registered, paid and attended the 1st workshop in June to register for the remaining 3, unless you have permission from Barbara Brodsky.
Full series paid separately  - $65 each:
August 3-4
Payment deadline: July 26
September 28-29
Payment deadline: September 20
October 26-27
Payment deadline: October 18


  • In a world of suffering, what tools can we develop to help us remain centered in the loving heart, to bring loving, spacious witness to the suffering in the world, and to attend in appropriate ways?

  • How do we stay increasingly free of ego-involvement in our work?

  • How do we learn to live with compassion for our own humanness, and reflect the deep love that lies at the core of our intentions toward care for our world and all people?

Aaron’s suggestion on the most needed content for these workshops is the following. “Self respect and self-responsibility; one cannot respect others without respecting the self and the divinity in all that is.  Once self-respect is established through awareness of divinity, then one must be responsible to what one knows. The development of self respect, which is knowing the true self and deepening in ability to manifest that truth of divinity of all-that-is in the world, is the core of this program.” 

Another aspect of these workshops will be a deeper realization of non-duality in our everyday lives. In one way, we’re on a linear path and pass through experiences like fear and anger, eventually releasing these emotions. But we also learn that right there with fear is that which is not afraid; right there with anger is that which isn’t angry.  We learn to balance our experience with compassion for the human, with no denial of human pain, yet also not caught up in pain and trying to fix it.  Our human consciousness is habitually somewhat self-centered. When we aspire to serve others, it best comes from a place of higher consciousness that transcends the duality of self and other.  Yet we do have this human ego and if we either deny our ego or enact it, our work in the world may reflect negativity. We can learn to embrace what is already clear and open. It is from this level of consciousness that service is most beneficial.

The program will include basic vipassana and mindfulness meditation and dharma exploration that investigates the roots of our human suffering.  Additional practices included are work with the heart centered practices (loving-kindness and compassion) elements, energy, sound, light, Pure Awareness practices, co-creating with spirit, shamanic journeying and work within the akashic field.  The days will include talks and instruction from Barbara and incorporated Spirit including Aaron and other Brothers & Sisters of Light, small group discussions, and experiential exercises to help the participants deeply understand and live their intention to service in the world from a clear place.

Michigan Friends Center

The series will be held at Michigan Friends Center in Chelsea, which is handicap accessible. Michigan Friends Center and Friends Lake Cooperative Community offer beautiful outdoor space for some of the practices such as Pure Awareness and work with elements, as well as pleasant surroundings to walk, swim and be outdoors. Camping is possible for a small fee.


Barbara Brodsky leads meditation retreats and spiritual inquiry workshops worldwide. In Ann Arbor, Barbara is the founding and a guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center,which offers non-denominational spiritual teachings and practice. She has been practicing meditation since 1960 and teaching since 1989. Her teaching draws from dual roots in the Buddhist and Quaker traditions. She is a long time member of Ann Arbor Friends Meeting. Her Buddhist training is in the Theravada and Pure Awareness traditions. She became totally deaf in 1972; living with silence has greatly influenced her life and teaching, as have years of active involvement in nonviolent action for social change.  Since 1989, Barbara has been the channel for the spirit, Aaron, and, with him, offers personal spiritual direction sessions and group workshops. Eight books of Aaron’s teachings have been published. 

Barbara says, “For over 25 years the core of mine and Aaron’s work has been to help people understand their true nature of love. Although negative thoughts and emotions arise, we are not bound by those thoughts. Aaron puts it beautifully when he says, ‘That which is aware of fear is not afraid; that which is aware of anger is not angry.’ We can learn to live more fully from that place of non-dual, pure presence. If our earth is to survive and flourish with true peace, we must start by doing this work within ourselves.”