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Barbara Brodsky

Barbara Brodsky founder Deep Spring CenterBarbara Brodsky has been practicing meditation since 1960. She has dual roots in the Buddhist and Quaker traditions and her teaching reflects this balance. Barbara teaches insight or vipassana meditation and practices derived from the dzogchen (non-dual awareness) traditions to people of all faiths, traveling throughout the world. She is an ordained Interfaith Minister. In Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1989, Barbara founded Deep Spring Center.

Why “Deep Spring Center”? Barbara has said, “Almost forty years ago, when I first began to meditate, one day I had a vivid image of accessing a deep spring within myself as I moved into a meditational space. It was a bottomless spring, connected to the Infinite and Eternal. From that spring I drew sustenance and insight, not my own strength and wisdom but a far deeper one to which my meditation opened me. It was a place of deepest connection, deepest love. I saw that source was in all of us, the center to which we may all come. I came to think of it as a spring. The spring was ‘self’ but the waters were the pure energy and love of the universe. That spring has been with me all these years. I hope that all beings find that deep source within, and that it may lead us all to joyful connection and to peace.”

Barbara has been profoundly deaf over thirty years; living with silence has greatly influenced her life and teaching, as have years of active involvement in non-violent action for social change. She is married and the mother of three adult children and is also a published writer and a sculptor whose work may be seen in public and private collections throughout the US.

She is the channel for the discarnate entity, Aaron.


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Private Counseling Meetings and Meditation Interviews
Barbara Brodsky and Aaron

Available by appointment and held in the meditation hall at 3455 Charing Cross Road, Ann Arbor. Rates for counseling meetings are on a sliding scale. Meditation interviews are available on a dana basis.

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Books by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron

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