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2019 Year End Fundraiser

Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry
serves an international community and depends on donations to support our mission.

ONE TIME OR MONTHLY DONATION VIA PayPal or Debit/Credit Card (link)

Donate via Automatic Bank to Bank Monthly Transfer
Contact your financial institution


download this authorization form, fill it out and mail to:

Deep Spring Center
6655 Jackson Rd., #565
Ann Arbor, MI  48103

Donation by check or money order made out to:
Deep Spring Center

Mail to:
Deep Spring Center
6655 Jackson Rd., #565
Ann Arbor, MI  48103


Thank You for your generosity.

Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning “gift” or “giving.” It is closely related to the virtue of generosity and is expressed in many forms—the offering and sharing of our time, energy, knowledge/expertise, material items and financial resources. Dana is a purely volitional act of giving in which we develop our ability to let go, convey our compassion and caring, demonstrate our commitment, and acknowledge our interdependence and connectedness.

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2019 Board of Directors Year End Fundraising Letter

Dear Friends,

Imagine this with us — the Earth welcoming a new day. Picture in your mind a view of our planet from outer space. The curve of the Earth is beautiful. The darkness of night blankets much of the planet, but the sun’s light begins its slow, inevitable movement, glistening round the curve and expanding across the globe. People are rising from their sleep, preparing to engage. This image serves not only as concept for our rationale understanding but also as metaphor for what we know in our hearts: The Earth and its peoples are quickening, awakening to a higher consciousness by welcoming the light that is our true nature.

This is our vision at Deep Spring Center. It is what drives us in our work. Our vision is to raise the consciousness of individuals and the planet, and to help people live with more wisdom, compassion, and loving kindness for all beings.

This holiday season, we invite you to help us fulfill this vision and to support Deep Spring Center through your light-filled donations.

For 30 years, Deep Spring Center has affected and changed lives through the loving guidance of our founding teacher, Barbara Brodsky; through the skillful instruction provided by John Orr and other teachers; and through the remarkable wisdom teachings provided by the spiritual teachers that Barbara channels, including Aaron, the Mother and Yeshua.

Deep Spring Center is, at its heart, a spiritual community where people come together from all over the world with loving hearts to learn together and to attend retreats, classes and live streaming events.

Deep Spring Center depends on donations from people like you to carry out our work.

Deep Spring Center’s primary focus is to help people learn to live with more clarity and love. We do this by providing residential meditation retreats, meditation classes, workshops, and online classes. We also publish a weekly newsletter, and provide a wealth of teachings on our website, which you can access anytime, anywhere to support your continued spiritual growth.

Your financial contributions make this all possible.

The majority of our expenses are covered by donations from people like you. Your gifts support the programs, staff, operating costs, and technical needs of the Center, including computers, video and editing equipment, and staff to perform these duties that is required to develop streaming and video workshops and presentations.

This past year, Deep Spring Center offered a rich variety of in-person events, including Remembering Wholeness gatherings with the Mother, the Oakwood and Steiner retreats, a meditation class and healing circles. The Center’s newsletter was sent to over 1,600 people. The Center also expanded its ability to bring teachings to people around the world through online events and videos, including: Evenings with Aaron, which are streamed online and recorded in videos; Dharma Journal videos, which are posted monthly on YouTube; a Sunday morning meditation group that meets online; and the new Dharma Path class, which has 40 participants, more than half of which are participating online. Through these offerings and through social media, we are reaching new audiences in places as diverse as China and Dubai.

In the coming year, we hope to bring even more of Deep Spring Center’s teachings and events to people all over the world through our website, videos, and live-streaming events. In addition, we will be publishing Barbara’s and Aaron’s books in e-book and audio book formats, and are planning to launch an updated website, including a blog, which will serve as another outlet for sharing and interacting with our community. 

As members of the Board of Deep Spring Center, the love and light we experience through the Center’s teachings and events spur us on in our enthusiasm to sustain and grow the Center and to support people in their awakening.

All of us on the Board support Deep Spring Center’s work with a passion and we invite you to also.

Our goal for this year’s annual fundraising campaign is to raise $20,000. This amount will help us cover our operating costs and will increase our capacity to bring Deep Spring Center’s beneficial teachings to you and to others all over the world.

This is an ambitious goal. To reach it will require all of us who can make a contribution to give generously, and to increase our giving levels if possible.

We invite you to help us reach this goal by making a donation to Deep Spring Center. We have annual and monthly giving options available to suit your preferences.

You are welcome to make annual donations of any size and regular monthly donations, via PayPal, credit card or check. Regular monthly gifts are especially helpful because they provide us with reliable income to cover our expenses, including our staff expenses.

One focus of this year’s fundraising campaign is to garner larger gifts for those who are capable of giving them.

Your donations will help Deep Spring Center to be a voice for love in the world, to bring clarity where there is fear, and to show the strength of compassion in response to negativity. This planet will wake up! And we can help make it so.

Please join us in helping Deep Spring Center serve as a beacon of love and light in the world.

Wishing you much peace, happiness and awakening,

Deep Spring Center’s Board of Directors

Tavis Taylor, M.D., President
Mary Bruey, Vice President
Robert Lee, Treasurer
Anne Karle-Zenith, Assistant Treasurer
Isabelle Mook-Jodouin, Secretary
Patricia Polanski
Roann Altman
Barbara Brodsky, ex-officio

P.S. This year, we are offering thank you gifts for your donations.  See below.


To express our gratitude for your generous donations to Deep Spring Center, we are offering the following thank you gifts.

All donors who make one-time donations by January 31, 2019, and all monthly donors who make a commitment to give throughout 2019 are eligible to receive these thank you gifts.

If you give a one-time donation and make a commitment to give monthly, your thank you gifts will be determined by the total amount that you give.  Once we receive your donation and/or your commitment to give monthly, we will send you an email with more information about how you can claim your gifts.

Each donation level is eligible for the specific thank you gifts listed below.

$5,100 – ($425 per month or more for 12 months)

  • Private room at Oakwood retreat


  • Evenings with Aaron video library (2018)
  • Two private appointments with Barbara and Aaron
  • Choose 2 books from the list below
  • Access to Evenings with Aaron, both live streaming & videos

$2,400 – ($200 to $424 per month for 12 months) 

  • Shared room at Oakwood retreat


  • Evenings with Aaron video library (2018)
  • Private appointment with Barbara and Aaron
  • Choose 2 books from the list below
  • Access to Evenings with Aaron, both live streaming & videos

$1,200 – ($100 to $199 per month for 12 months)

  • Private appointment with Barbara and Aaron
  • Choose 2 books from the list below
  • Access to Evenings with Aaron live, both live streaming & videos

$600 – ($50 to $99 per month for 12 months)

  • Choose 2 books from the list below
  • Access to Evenings with Aaron, both live streaming & videos

$300 – ($25 to $49 per month for 12 months)

  • Choose 1 book from the list below
  • Access to Evenings with Aaron, both live streaming & videos

$120 – ($10 to $24 per month for 12 months)

  • Access to Evenings with Aaron, both live streaming & videos

All donations

  • Free PDF book emailed to you – Seven Days Journey into Awareness by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron

Please choose from the following books:


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