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Yeshua Dharma Talk | Sun., Oct. 14, 2018 | Oakwood Fall Retreat

October 14, 2018 Sunday, Oakwood Retreat Fall 2018, Jeshua’s Dharma Talk

Yeshua:  I’m Yeshua, and I come to you in love.  My heart is so tender with your efforts here this week…the deep work you are doing to discern the subtle dualities in the self and transcend those dualities.

Somebody made the statement that the saints knew no duality. Of course, these beings that you think of as saints, at some point they were children with a dualistic mind. They had to move past that dualistic mind. The saints as infants were no different than you. The awakened consciousness was present in them. And the dualistic consciousness was present in them. They did the work to transmute that dualistic consciousness and open deeply into the non-dual; to learn how to live the non-dual.

The same is true of me. I was born having previously transcended all duality. And yet, moving into this world of duality, dualistic thought arose at times: anger at somebody, wanting to strike out at somebody. I had to be taught by loving parents and community how to release those dualistic thoughts and come back to the heart of love.
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Dharma Journal | October 2018 | Co-Creation, Opposition and the 2018 Mid-Term Election

Recorded at Evenings with Aaron, October 24, 2018.

Video and Transcript, the video is also closed captioned.

Aaron: It has been such a joy to share these thoughts with you and to see you really taking them to heart, growing, learning— very special. You are very special. I honor you and the fact that you came into this heavy density earth plane to learn, to grow, to co-create the Eden that earth is envisioned to have the potential to be. You were willing to step back from a much higher vibrational level, let’s call it the Garden of Eden, and move into a heavier density to practice free will, to raise your own vibration and that of the world around you, to teach love.

We cannot teach love unless we do it consciously. There needs to be a catalyst that introduces contraction, discomfort, and then the free will choice is made, to deal with that catalyst either with anger and pulling everything to a lower vibration, or love and raising the vibration. You chose love. You didn’t have to do this work; you chose to.

There are many ways to evolve, and this earth plane is both one of the most powerful, for yourself and for the universe, and also one of the most challenging. You didn’t have to come here, but you allowed yourself to do so, chose to do so. And, of course, once you came you became caught up in the earth’s karmic field. Then, you were pulled along with karma, though even then, with free will. You are never forced, but karma can be resolved in different ways. Staying with it on the earth plane, you were working, not just to resolve the karma, but truly to live with and emit a vibration of love. It takes a lot of courage.

For many years I have been hearing one or another of you saying, “Aaron, it’s too hard. Why did I come?” You knew it was going to be hard. The beautiful thing for me is how well you are succeeding at what you are doing; so beautifully.

I want to speak in general terms tonight and also of a smaller picture. In the United States you have your midterm elections in two weeks. I hear many of you expressing fear, concern, and anger about what has happened politically. Many of you are getting out there to do work for the party of your choice, but so many of you are doing that work from an oppositional stance.  “We are right; they are wrong. We’re going to beat them!” I don’t see a lot of deep listening. I don’t see a lot of trying to understand how others are thinking, so much as trying to push your viewpoint on others. Nothing is ever manifest in that way. You hit a dead end.  So, you try very hard to make this happen, or that happen, but, you create an oppositional energy, two waves blocking each other.  If you can picture two tidal waves flowing at each other, neither one has the power to push things in their direction, so they just explode.

My talk tonight isn’t just about the midterm election, but about the whole of co-creation and manifestation, how you came into the earth plane, literally, to co-create.  And, what supports that co-creation, whether it’s in politics, relationships, work, livelihood, or health? What supports it? I suggest you start by looking at your body energy. I want you to think of— let’s use the present United States election.  And, for those of you who are on-line here, out of the United States, think of somebody in your own country, a political leader who brings up discomfort in you.

First, think of that political leader of whatever party, that person’s policies that alienate you and what you would like to see happen politically in your country, or city, or state. Come back then to the image of this person, who is not the person who you want to see in charge, and the anger that his or her statements bring up.  Allow the thought, “I want this person out of office.” There has to be intention. That intention is fine. But, can you see, as you are going along with me here, the contraction of energy in your body?  Can you feel that?

Now let’s try it from a different perspective. Make this political leader, whoever he or she may be, as a one year old, just beginning to toddle around the room to find his or her balance. But see your him or her accidentally falling into a table and a lamp falling off and shattering.  The angry parent saying, “Look what you did!” And you feel him or her recoil with shame and blame. Now apply that one hundred times through the first three years of this child’s life. First, a person starting out, truly wanting to please others, having certain values which may not coincide with your values, pushed on him or her in those early years, and strong messages of shame and badness. See this now three-year-old having knocked over another lamp, sitting and sobbing. Feel your desire to hold that baby, to draw him or her to you and let him or her know, “You are not bad.”

Now we have a different viewpoint, that it’s important to be a little bit careful around furniture, and you keep on doing it.  Help this child to find his or her strength, his or her beautiful attributes and to feel truly happy about him or herself. It’s hard to be angry at that baby, isn’t it? He or she is trying so hard. But we do have different viewpoints, and it’s fine that we have different viewpoints.

Each human that you meet in your life has their own karma, their own life experiences that shape them. People who are prideful, stubborn, confused, angry, sad, with feelings of shame or unworthiness, or ones who must be dominant and in control; as soon as we meet such a person with oppositionality, it’s just two tidal waves. But when we can meet such a person and truly listen and find out who they are we begin to understand what shaped them. I’m not talking about becoming a therapist, here; simply one human heart to another, able to look at this person free of judgment. You still have the right to say no. But that which says no is not another tidal wave. It’s a very different kind of force. The tidal wave will generally keep going until it plays itself out. If you dissipate your energy, as a second tidal wave, you may temporarily stop the opposing tidal wave, but you lose all your energy, too. And nothing happens; just CRASH!  And then the energy feeds away to pick up again, and to come back and crash again.

How can this tidal wave be stopped without you turning yourself into an opposing tidal wave? The tidal wave is consumed with power and it’s working on old energy, building up, building up. Love is very different. Love is not a tidal wave. Clearly, if you have a wall of water, many small points can’t stop that wall of water, but— and it may be hard to understand this at first— if you break into that wall of water with ten thousand points of light, picture the wall of water broken up. It’s no longer solid. It loses its cohesiveness. You, all of you together and even you personally, are ten thousand points of light. You have the ability to address the tidal waves that come at you, whether it’s in politics, or in relationship, or in work. With light, knowing yourselves as light, manifesting that light; from my perspective, it potently reduces the power of the tidal wave. Yes, it will still sweep up onto the shore, but it doesn’t have that power behind it; it, more or less, it just comes up and drops down. It’s a very different kind of movement.

In order to greet catalyst in this way, as the ten thousand points of light, it is very important for you, number one, to know yourself as ten thousand points of light, to know that this is the essence of you.  And second, to know that the opposition is also light. No matter how much darkness there may be in that opposition, it is equally light. Which are you going to speak to— the darkness, hitting at the darkness, or the light, really seeing it, knowing it as light and addressing the light? You may try, thusly, to address the light and feel you have not succeeded, and, that you simply cannot find anything of light in that other being. I beg of you to trust: no matter how dark the other being, light is there. This is the heart of my experience. Light is always there. This is no denial of the darkness, only a deep knowing of the beauty and radiance of the light and the choice to speak to that light.

So, you may address the situation from your own fear, and it is your fear that sees only the darkness; or you may address it from the light that is within you, that can see that very distant and diminished light, inviting it forward.

We have only a few in the room here tonight. I was going to try an exercise and we won’t be able to do it, but I want to share it with you just in words. I was going to have one person be the invitee and three, or four, or five people be the inviters, with the invitee on one side of the room and the inviters on the other side of the room. I was going to ask the inviters to each take a place, and then to close their eyes, so that they could not see what the other inviters were doing.  They could not look with their eyes at the invitee, but they knew where that person would be sitting or standing. Your job is to get the invitee to come to you, as opposed to one of the other inviters. How are you going to do that? I suppose you could dangle candy or a delicious cup of tea. You could stand up and adamantly say, “Come!” You could stand and vigorously ask the person that way. You could threaten, “If you don’t come to me, you’re going to be in trouble.” You could simply sit on the floor and smile. You could think loving thoughts.

Now, suppose you were a shy giant and these people were sitting across the room, speaking to you in these ways. Now, which one of these do you think you would go to?  Maybe you would go to the one holding candy, maybe not.  Do you think you would go to the one who was yelling at you adamantly saying that, “You must come!”? Would you go to the one who just sits on the floor and doesn’t pay too much attention to you, but pulls out a toy, opens their heart and is involved in their own project, but looks up occasionally and smiles, “You’re welcome.”? But not, “You must join me.”

When we offer an invitation in this way, from an open-hearted place, without grasping and need, we experience results. The ability to do that takes your deep knowing of yourself and the place of fear in you that says, “What if I don’t succeed?”

Coming back, then, to the elections, briefly, do you see the fear in yourself, as you campaign for your candidates? “What if I don’t succeed? What if the other side wins?”  It’s not very enticing to the other side, inviting them to come and look at what you offer.  There’s so much fear. When you can truly trust your own vision, what you want to co-create, and simply unfold it and say, “Here it is. If you would like to participate, you are welcome,” then people don’t feel threatened and they’re able to come and look and see what you are offering. It all comes back to watching the arising of fear, grasping, need to control in yourself and finding the simultaneity, that which is not afraid, that which is deeply loving and able to offer without need for the other to participate.

I understand that the way the politics works in this country is that only one candidate will win and carry out his or her policies, but if enough of you envision the beautiful world of light, of well-being for all, free of fear, then that is what you will manifest. And, if enough of you envision a world where you must control and force others and win, then that is what you will manifest. It really is as simple as that.

My blessings and love to you all and thank you for being with us tonight.

The Dharma Path – Transcript – Oct. 2, 2018 #3 Part 3

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October 2, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class, Part 3

There was a song, I think in the ’60’s:

Be not too hard for life is short
And nothing is given to man.
Be not too hard when he is sold or bought,
For he must manage as best he can.

(Joan Baez, Be Not Too Hard)

In what way am I being too hard? In what way am I being too slack? What has this situation come to teach me, to bring me into better balance? When you relate to these situations in this way, it changes everything, because instead of seeing it as something bad that’s happening out there that must be fixed, you begin to relate to it as teacher. To say thank you, even while you do the work. For example, supporting the candidates of your choice, that you feel can more fully help manifest your deepest truth into this country at this time. How do I come into balance, here?

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Oct. 2, 2018 #3 Part 2

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October 2, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class, Part 2 (lightly reviewed)
The Path of Clear Light

Barbara: (reading questions) “In pure awareness, can there sometimes be no object, instead of a supramundane object?” Let’s call it objectless awareness, but there is always something. It may be light; it may be spaciousness. It may be the experience of the open heart. It may be just a very high vibration. It may be awareness aware of awareness. My own personal experience is that there’s always something.

This is different than the experience through vipassana of body and ego dissolution, where, I don’t know what to call it— Aaron, consciousness or awareness? Let’s call it consciousness, he says. There is no self. There’s no sense of an object. There’s no separation. All separation falls away. Because there’s no sense of a separate self, there’s no longer any sense of subject or object; there’s just being. No sense of being aware of an object or conscious of an object. So, I do not get that experience through pure awareness meditation. That doesn’t mean it cannot be experienced that way, just that I have not done so. I have gotten it, at times, through the deepest level of vipassana practice. Any comment on that? John, do you have any thoughts about that?

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Oct. 2, 2018 #3 Part 1

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October 2, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class
Q&A on Primordial Purity and All Ground, the Kayas

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Welcome to all of you out there in blue dot land. I’m calling it “blue dot land” because at the base of the camera is a bright blue electric dot, electric light dot, at which I am to gaze. I am told that means I’m looking in your eyes. It doesn’t look like your eyes; it looks like a blue dot! I’ll take their word for it.

Tonight’s class will have two parts. First, to answer some questions that have come. In the small groups there have been discussions about the All Ground. What is the All Ground? What is primordial purity? About the kayas, and how they relate to All Ground and primordial purity. So we’ll spend some time with that first, take a few minutes to stretch, and then move onto the new portion.

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The Dharma Path – Transcript Questions – Sept. 18, 2018 – #2 Part 3

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September 18, 2018 Tuesday Evening, The Dharma Path, Part III
What is the Difference Between Primordial Purity and All Ground? What is the Difference Between Consciousness and Awareness?

(question not entirely taped; paraphrasing)
Q: I’m wondering if Aaron could say a little bit more about the primordial purity and All Ground.

Aaron: She’s having difficulty understanding the difference between primordial purity and All Ground. Perhaps because there is no difference; they’re part of each other. Imagine an underground spring from a deep, clear source, totally untouched by anything above the surface. The water comes to the surface. Right here, below the surface, nothing from the external world has touched it. It’s been in a quartz crystal bed, deep underground. Deep earth waters coming up through the crystal. Feel the primordial purity of that spring water. Then it emerges through that spring opening. In that first moment, as it comes through the opening, it touches the Earth’s atmosphere. It doesn’t stay right there at the mouth of the spring; it pours over, so that one second later it’s touched the stream bed. Is the ever-perfect of the spring water still there? Yes, of course. And, has it picked up distortions? Yes.

Let’s say it tumbles out and into a muddy creek bed. It flows down a hundred yards where cattle are drinking and stirring up sediment from the bottom. Where is the pure spring water? Can you all see that the spring water exists? It cannot be lost. But, you can’t point to the muddy water where the cattle are stomping and drinking and say, “Oh, that’s the clear spring water. I’ll drink it, too.” You need to filter it. This is not about the relationship so much as knowing the interbeing of the primordial purity and the world around it.

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Sept. 18, 2018 – #2 Part 2

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September 18, 2018 Tuesday Class, the Dharma Path, Part 2
Finding the Balance Between Relative and Ultimate

Aaron: Good evening, and my love to you all. I am Aaron. Hello out there, all of you who dwell within the blue dot! (On Zoom- internet) I love this process, and to look into your faces on the screen behind me. Such a wonder that we can all be together in this way— in this, whatever it’s called, this electronic space.

As Barbara said, in the small groups we spoke a lot about what helps you to stay connected to both Dharmakaya and nirmanakaya, but with a balanced effort, not with a grasping effort. I asked Barbara to speak. It would have been better if she could have spoken about a third of the way through my talk. But once I incorporate in the body it’s challenging for her to come back, gather her thoughts and speak. So, we invite her to speak first.

One of the topics we touched upon in some of the small group meetings, were the terms “primordial purity” and “All Ground” and what they mean. Many of you have talked at length with me about these terms; for others, they’re new. Nobody is ahead of anybody else here— we’re talking about terms, semantics. You all have the experience, all of you, of that primordial purity, and you all have some conceptual understanding of what I mean by All Ground. But you see them as two separate things. How can there be anything separate?

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Sept. 18, 2018 – #2 Part 1

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September 18, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class
Coming Back to the Experience of the Dharmakaya

Barbara: Aaron has asked me to talk for a few minutes before he starts. In the groups, we talked a lot— in each group, to different degrees— but about the three kayas, and understanding the experience— not the intellectual part or terminology, but the experience of the sambhogakaya bridge. What helps us to stay on that bridge, to connect both the ultimate and relative reality. Aaron will talk more about this, but he would like me to share something.

Aaron emphasized with me this week the importance of finding some stable experience of Dharmakaya, of a heavenly realm, of light; and finding a way to come back to it without clinging to it. How could I feel the experience of it and increasingly be able stably to rest there, but not grasping at it.

Each of us will have our own different experiences with that kind of radiance and clarity. The experience I’m drawn back to is the near-death experience I had in 2004 in the ocean. My body had been slammed first, head-first into the bottom of the ocean floor, knocking me close to unconscious. A lot of pain— neck pain, back pain. Before that, the surf board had broken into my belly and my ribs, and I had broken ribs, and broken sternum bone. I was almost unconscious because of the way my head had hit, was floating in the water, trying to get to the surface, and then another wave caught me and tossed me, with my tailbone hitting the ocean floor. I immediately experienced what seemed to be a paralysis from the waist down. So, I was unconscious, and I couldn’t move my feet. I was in terrible pain. I inwardly asked for help.

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Sept. 4, 2018 #1 Part 2

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September 4, 2018 Tuesday Class, The Dharma Path, Part II
What is the Dharma Path and Where is it Taking Us?

Aaron: We continue. The three kayas— Dharmakaya, nirmanakaya, and the bridge of sambhogakaya. In the Path of Clear Light, I speak about the radiant essence that is the core of each of you. The Path of Clear Light is basically about knowing this innate radiance of your being; this fully awakened aspect of your being; this unconditionally loving aspect of your being.

Sometimes people have asked me, “Aaron, why don’t we just stay in that light and not incarnate?” But, you had a plan to grow, to evolve. In that light it’s easy always to reflect the light and rest deeply in it. But for growth, you have to step out of it into the challenge of heavy density experience. That experience can take different forms. For you here now, the form is as human.

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The Dharma Path – Transcript – Sept. 4, 2018 #1 Part 1

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September 4, 2018 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class; part 1
What is the Dharma Path and Where is it Taking Us?

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Welcome to you all!

Barbara and I have been planning this program for well over a year, waiting for the technology to be available. It gives me much joy that finally we can do it, and with enormous appreciation for Tana. You (addressing Tana) are really the one who has done this. Me, I just use telepathy! But we’re going to have to work a few more years before you all are ready for that! Meanwhile, this Zoom screen will serve us.

The dharma path— what is a “dharma path”, and where is it taking us? Perhaps it is taking us just full circle to where we have always been. We offer a prayer, “May you be happy. May you have well-being. May you be free.” Everybody wants to be happy. We all want freedom. But what do these words mean? Are you happy if somebody gives you a piece of chocolate candy? But, of course, in a few seconds it’s gone. Are you happy with a loving marriage for 50 years, and then your partner is at least partially lost, seriously disabled? Where is happiness then? How do we maintain happiness? What is the relationship between freedom and happiness?

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Memorial for Frank Levey – Senior teacher at Deep Spring Center

Frank Levey - Deep Spring Center teacherApril 14, 1956 — August 6, 2018

For those in the Ann Arbor, MI area, a celebration of Frank’s life.

When: Saturday, September 22, 2018
Time: Noon
Location: First Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Ann Arbor
Address: 4001 Ann Arbor-Saline Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48103

For more information please use this link: Frank Levey

From Barbara Brodsky:

Dear friends,
Frank Levey first walked in my door in 1989, curious to attend an Aaron night. He came with a strong background in vipassana, and quickly became a regular, then joined the 3 year teacher training program. He met his wife-to-be, Larissa, in class, and I had the honor to officiate at their wedding.

Frank was a first teacher to many in our sangha, and also a beloved friend. As a teacher he was clear and spoke from his heart, offering his own dharma experiences to encourage and elucidate. As a friend, he was deeply wise and compassionate, always supportive.

He was also a fine builder and carpenter. You can see his craftsmanship in my office, which for some years was our DSC meditation hall and will serve again now as the site for the new Dharma Path program. He was a great environmental champion as well, deeply knowledgable.

Frank, you are beloved and will be missed. Go brightly into this new adventure, carrying all of our love.


Dharma Journal | August 2018 | Angels in Earthsuits — Spirits Having a Human Experience

Recorded in Barbara Brodsky’s backyard in June 2018.

Video and Transcript, the video is also closed captioned.


Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. I’m sitting here sheltered by a beautiful old apple tree. Everything arises from conditions. Barbara and Hal planted this tree over 40 years ago, just a little sprig of wood. And here it is, giving dense shade on a hot day.

Everything emerges, expresses, and then passes away. Someday in the future this tree will no longer exist. Someday in the future you will no longer exist as you are now. What will the tree have become? Undoubtedly it will have dropped seeds, and perhaps there will be a new apple tree growing. Is it separate from the original tree? It bears the seed from that tree, and yet it expresses as something different.

For you, I’m not only speaking about a transition from this life and rebirth, but moment by moment, day by day, you express as something different. Sometimes you express as the one who is frightened, angry, controlling, or confused. Sometimes you express as the one who is joyful, confident, and at ease. These are all aspects of your being.

The human has the tendency to try to get rid of that which it deems unwholesome, the angry or confused aspects of the self, and to build up what it sees as beautiful aspects of the self. That’s fine, for a while. But after a while, be it years or lifetimes, you do come to understand that you cannot get rid of anything or create anything for the characteristic will continue until the conditions for it are purified. You must go into the core of your being and begin to know who and what you originally were and still are. Zen Buddhism sometimes calls it “knowing your true face”; knowing your true essence.

Last month, I spoke of the dharma path, based on the Buddha’s idea of sila (moral awareness), pañña (wisdom), and samadhi (presence). These are a beautiful path and will lead you to awakening. But some of you have been walking this path for over 2,000 years, and there is still a somebody there trying to fix, to get rid of, or to create.

The teachings do support this idea. “Abandon the unwholesome. If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. If such abandonment created harm, I would not ask you to abandon it. But as it creates happiness, I ask you, abandon the unwholesome.” The scripture goes on to say, “Cultivate the wholesome. If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. If such cultivation created suffering, I would not ask you to cultivate it. But as it creates happiness and good for all beings, cultivate the wholesome.” This is a beautiful teaching. But, if you have been abandoning the unwholesome and cultivating the wholesome for a thousand or two thousand years, and you’re still doing it, something is a bit off balance. Perhaps there is too much of an idea of a central self who must abandon and cultivate.

We cannot get rid of that self— that’s just more abandoning. We cannot create the true self— that’s just more doing. Rather, we begin to use our practice, all of it— the sila, the pañña, and the samadhi, all together— to rest more firmly in — Ajahn Chah, a beloved Thai meditation master, called it “the one who knows”. In the Thai language, pu-ru. To rest fully in the one who knows, first you must acquaint yourself with the one who knows. And so many of you are reluctant to do that, for various reasons; perhaps afraid of failure. But I think for the most part it’s because to open fully to the one who knows means you must release at least some identification with the ego self.

You are ready to do that, or you would not be listening to this talk. But again, I don’t want to suggest a doing, to say “release identification.” Pass through the various identifications you have, that the ego has, and through meditation, open to the fullness of what you are. I have called you “angels in earthsuits”. Sometime this fall, I don’t know the date, (Sat. Oct. 27)  I will be giving an “Angels in Earthsuits” workshop, both live and online, and we’ll go deeper into this idea and into the experience of being the angel in the earthsuit. For now, I just want to remind you, you are not here as humans that occasionally have a spiritual experience but as spirit having a human experience. This line has been tossed around often in the past decade or two. I believe I first said this 30 years ago. You are spirit having a human experience. And you are here to understand the importance of this human experience and to use it, not only for the highest good of yourself, releasing and balancing old karma, not only for the highest good of all sentient beings, but literally to bring this whole Earth on which you live into transition to a higher vibrational planet; to come to know yourselves as the high vibrational being that is the essence of who and what you are. You are love, high vibration, spirit, AND you are here in human form, which must be met compassionately and tenderly.

Are you ready to let go of the myriad stories? “Poor me, why did this happen to me?” “I’m not good enough. I should have done it better. They shouldn’t blame me.” I should, they should, I want, I don’t want. Fine. What has all of that thinking gained you? Anything? The harder you try to push away the human in which you have expressed, to deny it in some way, the less you can ground yourself in the angel. That may sound odd, but only by opening to the fullness of your being can you truly come face to face with this one who knows; and learn to rest in the experience of the one who knows. Emotions will still arise— grief, confusion, anger, denial, grasping, hatred. They will still arise. You’re still here in a human body. If you step on a nail, your foot is going to bleed. You are here in a human body.

But, as I see it, the vital focus of this lifetime is to come to know yourself and all beings as part of each other, and as expression of the one who knows. Let’s call it The One Who Knows, in capital letters, and the one who thinks she knows, in small letters. But where do they merge? At a certain point you stop being the small-letter one who strives after certainty and simply are The One Who Knows.

Here is a leaf from the tree above me. Is it separate from the tree in any way? It has drifted down. I’m going to crumble it up and grind it into the dirt. It will decay there. Its energy will seep into the earth, feed the roots of this tree. Is it separate from the tree? Can anything ever be separate? What do you gain by living with this illusion of separation?

So, you are angels in earthsuits, each come into the incarnation to truly know this angel aspect of yourself; to take care of the human; to use the wisdom and power and the body of the human to co-create what is for the highest good of all on this Earth, without fear of the enormity of the power you have. I think this is the key to it, that at some level many of you, as you grow, have become aware of the enormity of power, but you have not yet fully resolved the ego and the negative emotions. So, there is fear that if you own this power, you could do harm, because you know you have not resolved the negative emotions. This is also a vital part of the dharma path.

In order to fully resolve the negative emotions, we must be willing to acknowledge. We cannot transcend what we do not accept. You must also be willing to acknowledge your power in order to transcend it as personal power and offer it as THE power, the power that can fully transmute negativity on this Earth, and fully transform this Earth, and assist its transition to a higher density planet.

Why do you want it to be a higher density planet? Each of you has been in situations where there was a lot of negativity and fear, a lot of darkness. Was it pleasant? Each of you has been in situations where there was a lot of love, laughter, joy, high vibration, ease. And yes, it was pleasant. The more you open into that high vibrational space, the more you can support that for yourself and others.

Last month you had a glimpse of Barbara’s very small garden here. You saw the high energy of the plants, so surrounded with love. Some of you may have read the book Findhorn, or read about the Findhorn experiment, in which plants were nurtured with love and grew beautifully. Well, this is Barbara’s own small Findhorn. All of you have the opportunity to truly create a Garden of Eden here on Earth. And I’m not just talking about flowers and trees and vegetables.

Recently, a dozen boys and their soccer coach were trapped in a cave, deep underground in Thailand. It was a situation  from which it was almost impossible to envision that they could be released. Rains were flowing, monsoon rains. The only way out was by swimming underground, underwater, through narrow passages. I saw something beautiful happen on the Earth. So often the news shows the negative and plays out the negative. But in this situation, the news demonstrated the love and courage. And around the Earth, literally hundreds of thousands of people came together energetically, envisioning these boys released, offering their energy and love and courage to the boys and to the rescuers. And they were all freed, one man having lost his life. While we lament that one death, it’s quite amazing what this whole world was able to do because they came together with love. If there had been several hundred thousand people saying, “It can’t be done. It can’t be done. They’re as good as dead,” they would never have gotten out. Your energy carried them through.

You have some very unpleasant situations on your Earth, places of terrorism, places where harm is being done. Are you ready to move into knowing yourself as The One Who Knows, and claiming your power, so that all together you can transmit love around the whole Earth? Can transform the Earth and bring it into the higher vibration that is your birthright? This Earth is the Eden that you were promised. But it’s up to you personally to co-create that Eden, starting from within the self.

If it were not possible, I would not ask you to do it. Thank you.

Dharma Journal | July 2018 | The Dharma Path — Resting in Your Presence

Recorded in Barbara Brodsky’s backyard in June 2018.

Video and Transcript, the video is also closed captioned.



Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. Welcome to our summer garden, where Barbara has enjoyed some hours meditating, reading, and relaxing this summer, and contemplating dharma truths such as impermanence.

My topic today is the path of the dharma, dharma path, which is the title of the new two-year class that we will begin in the fall. Many of watching this are already registered. Registration is full. There is a waitlist. We’re trying to understand how we can bring everyone in who wishes to participate, so if interested, please simply sign on to the waitlist. Then hold your heart open with the possibility.

What is this “dharma path”? I want to begin by reading you one verse from the Dhammapada, a beautiful Buddhist scripture, Dhammapada— dharma and dhamma being equal terms in two different languages.

Dhammapada, verse 178:

Better than ruling the whole world, better than going to heaven, better than lordship over the universe, is an irreversible commitment to the Way.

The way of what? To what are you committing? You are committing to know who you are beyond this human body and the small ego. To know the deepest truth of yourself and hold your heart open to that truth. To live that truth, not just think about it.

Twenty-five hundred years ago the Buddha suggested the idea of three segments to practice: sila (moral awareness), pañña (wisdom or more accurately, insight), samadhi (mindfulness, presence, concentration). I cannot improve on that. But I can bring it into this century. What do these teachings mean today, and how can we find true liberation through these teachings?

What I teach, and what I will be teaching in this class, is grounded in Buddhism but I am not teaching it as Buddhism. No ‘isms’ here; just bringing the deepest aspect of yourself into practice and into your pure being.

Let’s unfold this sila/ pañña /samadhi, starting with sila, moral awareness. On a relative level this means to honor the commitment to do no harm to others or to yourself. Notice there is still the word “other”. There is still a thinking from the relative plane of self and other, of doing no harm. Once we are well-grounded in sila, and most of you watching this already are, we move out of the relative and onto the ultimate. But you cannot reach the ultimate level of understanding without the wisdom and presence parts of this tripod.

When we come to a place of knowing that everything is part of the self, there is no longer a self or other. No one to do harm, no one to be harmed. And yet, we must understand that harm still does happen, because you are not completely free, because most of you, at least, still move into the ego self at times and oppose it to the will of others rather than resting in compassion and saying no from that compassionate heart. As long as there’s an ego there, there’s going to be harm.

To find the egoless place you must meditate, which is still a relative practice, a doing, until you come to the place of resting in pure presence, resting in spaciousness, resting in love. Resting in that pure presence, you directly experience that no-self, no-other, and then move out of the karmic field in which harming can happen. But of course, being humans, you slip back into it again.

Then we work with the wisdom practices. At first these are the early teachings. Every conditioned thing is impermanent. Whatever has the nature to arise has the nature to cease and is not me or mine. You begin to see how objects arise out of conditions and pass away; how the impulse to harm something arises out of conditions and passes away. With a strong commitment to do no harm— I’m smiling at the butterflies clustered over the lavender!— with a strong commitment to do no harm, as presence, mindfulness meditation, concentration, as these deepen, you begin to find that which is empty of a self, right there with the ego itself, and to begin to act more from that place; to speak, to think more from that egoless core of being. You begin to know this is who you are.

Then sila deepens. We enter the shift of moving from the relative, heavy vibration human into the true high vibrational spirit cloaked in flesh. That is what you truly are. The identification shifts.

Last week Barbara had a beautiful meditation, and she has given me permission to share it with you. She had an appointment with a well-trusted acupuncturist and was lying on his table, with needles at the various points on her body, knowing she had perhaps an hour just to be there, present, and to meditate. She had been feeling quite overwhelmed with many things in her life. Of course, with Hal, whose condition, a stroke— leads to the need to help him have the proper care; to organize the proper care. Then there is her own time spent with him. She is very busy with the remodeling she is just beginning in the house; the previous weeks, spending many hours a day, with some support, clearing out endless boxes of old books, old things, finding homes for that which needed homes. Recycling the rest. Fifty years of accumulation; a huge task. Hours are spent with trying to understand the home finances and paying Hal’s now $12,000 a month nursing home bill. Worrying, where the money will come from, month after month? She seeks to support her own health, trying to get the proper exercise, to eat properly; failing a good part of the time but not condemning herself, just persisting.

So she was feeling overwhelmed. As she lay on the table, she could feel the places where the body was holding all of this sense of being overwhelmed, all of the contraction. She asked for help. At least she’s getting that much of it; she remembers that she can ask for help! Jeshua came in very quickly. He invited her, “You are still here in the human body, and at the end of this session you will return to the human body. But for now, come with me. Come through this transition portal.”

He took her hand—energetically, I should say— and literally led her— not pulled her but invited her through what would be the transition experience, a simple transition experience. Moving from the heavy density plane into a plane of light. There was briefly a period of fear and of darkness, for Barbara. Then, sensing Jeshua’s touch and presence, and mine also, holding the commitment to move beyond the edges of that darkness and into the place where light and darkness become one, – not separate, no duality – moving into the light. Her energy field expanded, opened; joy arose. Where she rested was so flooded with light, with happiness.

After a few minutes resting there, Jeshua invited her to turn around, literally, and look back at the Barbara lying on the table, filled with feelings of being overwhelmed, with contraction, with fear, with worry, with doubt. As she looked at that Barbara, she saw that all of these myriad contractions, all of these thoughts, that these were all simply conditioned objects, arisen from conditions, impermanent, not of the nature of a self, and that she did not need to identify with them. But she knew that she would need to return to the body and take care of these fear-based contractions held in that body.

She rested there in the spaciousness for about 10 or 15 minutes. And then Jeshua invited her, “Now it is time to return to the body. Look at each piece of contraction literally as a conditioned object, and know it to be impermanent. Right there with that particular contraction, where is spaciousness? Right there with grief, where is love? Right there with fear, where is the one who knows the deep inner clarity and love?

So, she spent the rest of the hour lying on the table, back in the body, looking at each place where the body had contracted with this or that catalyst, and holding the intention, I should not say to release it, that’s too much a doing, but to move into the place where contraction was not. To move into the innate spaciousness of being.

By the end of the hour she had let go of all — let phrase that differently; that’s also too much of a doing— the identification had shifted itself to the spacious awakened spirit that she is, able to approach with compassion the human that she also is right now, and to touch the places of fear with loving compassion, with patience.

Lying there, she recited to herself again St. Theresa’s prayer, that I’ve shared with you before.

Be not perplexed.
Be not afraid.
Everything passes.
God does not change.
Patience wins all things.
She who has God lacks nothing.
God alone suffices.

Each of you, as for Barbara, must explore what God means in this context. For Barbara, God is Love. It’s as simple as that. Love wins all things. Love alone suffices. The power of love suffices.

She emerged from that room feeling infinitely lighter and more at ease, with readiness to return to the work of her current life; not viewing it as burden but as teacher. How do I bring love more to this, and to that, and to that? Where is the love that is already there? How do I bring the already awake self to this challenge that life presents me now? This, my dear ones, is the dharma path.

For those who are not in the class, and as I said, registration is quite limited, my talks every other week will be available in some way. Not yet understood how, but they will become available. I hope that many of you will choose to follow these talks and join us on this two year journey.

My blessings and love to you. Thank you for being with me today.

One Year Anniversary of Sunday Online Meditation

The One Year Anniversary of WHAT?
by Celeste Zygmont
DSC newsletter, Aug. 7, 2018

My name is Celeste Zygmont, and I’m living way out here near Austin, Texas (Deep Spring Center is located in Ann Arbor, MI). It’s been 105 degrees (Fahrenheit!) the past few days. You can’t touch the metal of cars with your hand, and you can’t walk barefoot on the street. Who would have thought I’d end up here? Not me, but here I am.

I met Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spirituality in the early ‘90s and right away knew I wanted more. Aaron would give his talks, and something inside of me would say, “I know this.” But search as I might through my own memories, I could find nothing related to what I was hearing. So listen I did and practiced and started going to retreats. It’s been an adventuresome road through life and into mind, continually re-applying the teachings I’ve learned these past 25 years.

So now I’m in Texas. Although I go on weeklong retreats twice a year, I yearn for my Deep Spring Sangha to be closer. But how? Then one day I was at a Deep Spring Board meeting. We were all gathered together through the online conferencing program called Zoom. That’s when it hit me. What if we had an online meditation group and meditated using Zoom every Sunday morning?!

I got help setting it up, and – Shazam! – the first-ever Sunday Online Meditation was born. I am happy to announce that this first online meditation took place one year ago. Since then, we’ve met week after week. And now it’s been one year, one year of my heart feeling humanly connected to my dear ones all over the U.S. and sometimes even farther.

We chant and feel the togetherness of our energies. I like reaching out, way out, energetically, and offering any benefit that might come as a result of our meditation to be for the good of all beings. Ah. Then we begin an hour of meditation. Except for meditation at retreats, it’s the deepest meditation I know. For the most part, my family respects this time.

Over the course of this year, it has worked out that a core group of us has formed to meditate this way. We represent the states of Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. What a bond we’ve created between us, just by silently meditating together. We all look forward to it each week. And we say goodbye with smiles and warm hearts.

Now here’s the good part. You are invited to meditate, too! How beneficial it can be for you. Imagine the growth of the heart that is possible! Especially if you feel isolated where you live, please consider committing to this heart time with us.

To sign up, go to the Deep Spring website on the Sunday Online Meditation page. Or try this link: Thank you so very much. I look forward to meditating with you soon!


Semi Annual Fundraiser 2018 – From Aaron channeled by Barbara Brodsky

From Aaron, channeled by Barbara Brodsky

Almost thirty years ago, Barbara became conscious of me in the room when she entered for her morning meditation. When she asked me, “Who are you and why are you here?” I told her I was her guide and was there to help her understand suffering and move past it. A few months later, I was speaking to many more people through Barbara. I was again asked: Why are you here? Are you also our guide? “For a few, I am a guide,” I replied. “For most of you, I am a teacher, perhaps one of many in this lifetime. You will find your own guides, learn to hear them, and connect to your own deepest wisdom through your Higher Selves. I am here to help you understand that you are spirit, that you have come into the incarnation to raise yourselves and this earth to a higher vibration, to be a ground for Love. In following that path, you can literally change the entire universe and end suffering on this and all heavier vibrational planes.”

My teaching first was brought out into the wider world through my book, Presence, Kindness and Freedom. If you are present in each moment and with lovingkindness, you will find freedom and help others also to find freedom. It is as simple as that: simple but not easy but requiring dedicated practice. Many of you have done this practice for years and deepened into it. When enough of you have moved into less fear, reactivity, and contraction and can live from the spaciousness of Love and the open heart, your earth will be on a path toward peace that was the original vision for this earth, by those angelic beings who helped to ground it in Loving Energy. (See the Earth History transcripts in the archives for more on this concept.)

I have always emphasized meditation practice that supports such presence. But I do not teach to make you into meditators, but to help you and all beings find true freedom from old fear and reactivity, to help you know yourselves as spirit, “angels in earthsuits” as I have called you, truly here on a divine mission to bring love where there has been fear and bring light where there has been only darkness.

That book and other books that followed were first steps. Through the years we have taught ten here, two dozen there, going ever deeper. Because of distances, many of you could join me only once a year. It has made progress seem slow, but we do not measure progress in time, but by the opening of the heart and deepening of wisdom.

Now many of you have the foundation, and we have the technical tools, to move ahead, through our upcoming two-year program. Through advances in technology that have finally caught up to my intentions, we may offer the deepest teaching to all who are ready, regardless of location: a teaching of love, of service and of liberation, grounded in dharma principles. For those not enrolled in the class, the contents will be made available to a wider audience through the Deep Spring Center transcript and video archives.

This technology needs your golden coins to pay for the equipment and the expertise of paid editors and our truly essential Managing Director. I do not wish finances to stand in the way of people’s participation. It would be lovely if you were all completely telepathic and we had no need for technology, but such is not yet the case! Please give as you are able to support Deep Spring Center, which in turn supports this movement to the Light and true liberation for all beings. Imagine it, and it will be so!

I thank you. You are ever in my heart,
With love, Aaron

From Tavis Taylor, M.D., President, Board of Directors

From the July Semi Annual Fundraiser for 2018

Dear Friends Hello!

It is summer in the northern hemisphere and Deep Spring Center is avidly planning our fall and winter programs. Since 2016 we have been expanding our reach to provide our message of unconditional love and compassion for all of life world wide thanks to ever expanding digital technology.

With new video and editing equipment and software programs, our super techs, Tana and Bill, have set up methods of video and live stream productions of classes, workshops, meetings and meditations to allow access by anyone in the world who has internet access. We have received warm thanks from those living in places such as China, Malaysia and Dubai-a long way from Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. I think this is very exciting to be able to reach out world wide and share these vital concepts.

Our present projects will video new classes and discussions, plus we will also resurrect some of the older archived videos which have valuable messages people have requested. It is our plan to be able to offer several different levels of topics, so each person may progress at their own speed through these integral spiritual concepts.

People who have been a part of Deep Spring Center for many years have different learning needs than someone who has just started with Barbara Brodsky and Aaron. We want to be able to offer information to each of you at your level and let you progress onward at your own pace when you are ready.

In this manner, more experienced students are not bored with repetitive information and newer students can revisit information they want as often as needed before moving on. We have found that it can take several times hearing the same message before one truly understands it. Creating videos one can access independently will aid in learning for all students.

In order to continue to produce these programs for world wide dissemination, we need funding. It takes time to record, edit, upload, maintain and store the video programs. We have to pay for these activities. We are asking you, our friends and students, to help fund this video project so we can continue to share these programs with everyone. Reviewing the fall and winter schedule, we will need $7,000 to share these programs with you.

During this semi-annual funding drive every donor with be gifted a free digital download to the ebook, The Awakened Heart by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron. For those donors who donate $100 or more, the first 100 will receive an autographed copy of Presence, Kindness, and Freedom by Aaron. For those who donate monthly or donate $250+ per year will receive Presence, Kindness and Freedom plus automatic registration to live streaming with Evenings with Aaron and the private video link to watch anytime.

Presence, Kindness, and Freedom by Barbara BrodskyPresence Kindness and Freedom is an excellent book. I recommend it to every patient I work with. Aaron has outlined most of our human emotions and how to effectively learn to use them for growth and healing. Every one of us can use this as a guideline. I typically recommend reading the whole book, from beginning to end to get a basic understanding of the concepts. Then, go back to the beginning and spend time on each chapter, work within yourself for each emotion, learn how to address these necessary emotions and challenges in our everyday lives in a spiritually constructive manner.

You can donate by sending a check made out to Deep Spring Center, 6655 Jackson Road, Unit 565, Ann Arbor MI 48103 or online at: We are very excited about these worthwhile video projects and hope you will assist us in developing these so you may share in the learning from wherever you are in our beautiful, but struggling world. Please introduce yourselves at so we might learn a bit about you.

Love and light,
Tavis Taylor, M.D. President, Deep Spring Center

Dana Books by Aaron and Barbara Brodsky


♥ Aaron* – channeled through Barbara Brodsky
The printed version of this book is Presence Kindness and Freedom.

online version

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ Christmas Stories, A Collection of Memories from Aaron* –  channeled through Barbara Brodsky
Aaron’s inspiring memories from the past life in which he was a “simple shepherd” who knew and loved that teacher we call Jesus. Each year at Christmas Aaron has shared memories with us as “teaching stories.”

online version

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ No Chain at All – by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky
This book grew out of the weekly advanced class with Aaron. It’s very much the heart of what he’s been teaching. While you can just read through it, the book is really a workbook which invites your participation.

Aaron: I find the expression of this law of dependent origination to be one of Buddhism’s most valuable contributions to the planet. It is called “The Chain of Becoming.” Teachings speak of the way we have each become caught in this chain, moving blindly from one incarnation to another, never able to find freedom from suffering. This is real, on one plane. Yet on another level, there is no chain at all, nor has there ever been. You are free. You have always been free. In the coming months we will explore these truths and come to see that they are not contradictory …

online version

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ The Awakened Heart – Barbara Brodsky and Aaron*
Approximately 1300 years ago, the Buddhist Indian monk/poet, Shantideva, wrote The Way of the Bodhisattva, elucidating an important part of the Buddhist path. The Awakened Heart is not commentary on the poem, but uses it as background.

In Aaron’s words: For many years you have heard me talk about making space for the heavy emotions. A primary emphasis of my teaching has been that it is not bad to feel emotions, that when certain conditions are present, certain emotions will arise. … I teach people to make more space around the emotion. … If you don’t want those emotions to arise you must begin to look deeply at the conditions out of which they arise, primarily the conditions of fear, of the illusion of separation-separation from other beings and separation from the divine. … Through a series of practices and exercises, one could more deeply open to that highest aspect of the self which does not choose to invite in the conditions which give rise to such painful emotion. This is not a “getting rid of” anything, rather we note that side by side there is the tense and frightened human and there is the innately loving, open-hearted human. You have a choice: you can enact your fear or you can choose to note your fear, to observe that the loving Awakened Heart is always present, to nurture it and to enact that loving heart. You always have a choice.

online version

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ The Path of Natural Light: Part One by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky

These are complete transcripts of the 1993-1994 Wednesday night classes on relative versus ultimate reality, and light/energy work. From the book: I see our work then as finding that balance between relative and ultimate-the horizontal plane of healing and the vertical plane of knowing there was never anybody that needed to heal. With wisdom and pure awareness, that sense of self dissolves … the whole notion of fragmentation was an illusion, but it is the illusion of the relative reality, and the suffering within that illusion must be attended. The human manifestation needs healing … In past months we have been discussing the light body, the perfect, unwrinkled sheet of paper, the illusory wrinkles and how the physical, emotional and mental bodies reflect those wrinkles … We move ahead with this caution: what I teach is not escape from your humanness, but deeper embracing of that humanness, wrinkles and all … again, I remind you, you are not getting rid of. There was nothing there to get rid of. Rather, you are freeing yourself of the delusion that there was something that needed to be gotten rid of.

online version: Part 1
PDF: Part 1

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ The Path of Natural Light: Part Two by Aaron*, channeled through Barbara Brodsky

online version: Part 2
PDF: Part 2

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

♥ Seven Days: A Journey Into Awareness, Days One to Three (Part One) by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron*
There have been many requests for a book from Aaron about meditation. This book offers in-depth material on meditation practice with specific “how-to” instruction. In November 1996, Barbara and Aaron offered a three day workshop/retreat in Mexico City. In April 1997 they returned to lead a four day silent residential meditation retreat. This book contains the transcripts of all of the talks and instruction, offered by both Aaron and Barbara, of those seven days. The first days deal more with spiritual inquiry and basic instruction in vipassana or insight meditation. There is a progressive deepening of instruction. There is also considerable discussion of working with heavy emotions and the various painful catalysts of our lives, with specific instruction offered for meditation with heavy mind states, resistance, restlessness, physical pain and other difficult states of mind and body.

online version

Suggested donation $5 when downloading or reading online. 

*Aaron is a discarnate spirit that speaks through Barbara Brodsky

Letter From Barbara Brodsky – 2018 Oakwood Fall Retreat

Dear friends

As you may know, our Oakwood retreat is just five months away. That may seem like a long time, but many people need that much time to clear calendars for a week, and Oakwood planning for the retreat committee and teachers begins now.

I realize that some of you may have hesitated to register, as you wondered if John and I would show up, given John’s illness during Oakwood 2017 and my busy life during these past two months since Hal’s stroke. John’s health is much improved, as is Hal’s. I want to reassure you that both John and I plan to be at Oakwood, with deepened dharma drawn from this challenging year. For both of us, this year would not have been endurable without our practices. But we both go past enduring and do continue to find real happiness. This is the fruit of practice, what Aaron calls “The Dharma Path.”

Since January in Brazil, Aaron has been talking enthusiastically to me about his planned direction of teaching, the new year-long course we will begin in September live and on-line (more about that separately), and Aaron’s intention to bring some of the content to Oakwood. Aaron says:

“I might call this course ‘The Spiritual Path’— what it is, why we are drawn to it, in fact, came into incarnation to walk it, and how we may live it. Our two-part focus is waking up and living with love. You learn to use the challenges of daily life as the grist for the mill, to help you wake up. Everything is included—spiritual fatigue, pain, heavy emotion, feelings of shame or unworthiness, feeling out of control, helplessness, anger, confusion, fear, grief. It is all part of practice and of the human experience, all fodder for awakening. Our meditation practices are a vital core … .”

What is this spiritual path? It does ride like a roller coaster at times, with its ups and downs. I’ve been on this roller coaster quite a bit since Hal’s stroke. It may seem to be a simplistic statement, but I am learning to relax and know that it will go up and down, and to let go of trying to hold it steady. Many practitioners reach a point where practice seems to become stagnant or feels too hard and they withdraw or give up, just at the point where new support and dedication are most important.

A retreat is one of the best ways I know to rejuvenate our commitment and practice, and Oakwood is a beautiful venue for a retreat. I am personally very excited about the new course that Aaron and I will offer starting in the fall, and about this retreat, as ways to deepen our practice and support our opening hearts. This year our Oakwood retreat gives us an extra day, too. Aaron, The Mother, John and I look forward to this added time with you and look forward to seeing you there.

With love, Barbara

Retreat Information and Registration



Managing Director | Board of Directors, Volunteers, Oakwood Fall Retreat

by Tana Dean, Managing Director
from weekly newsletter, May 2, 2018

As always, it’s a busy month at Deep Spring Center, serving an expanding international community, with local support in Ann Arbor, MI. Of course, the Board of Directors is always busy exploring ways to support you. This month, however, they have also been supporting our founder, Barbara Brodsky, and her husband, Hal, who suffered a major stroke in February. We are indeed fortunate to have the connection with spirit in the form of Aaron, The Mother and Jeshua, who offer their lighted spiritual guidance.

Since January, you have heard from many of the Board members, who not only give their time to serve on the Board of Directors but also lead a team to help run the center. Now we are asking you for help. We need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, some that need to be done locally, and others that can be done from a distance. Every little bit helps, so when we put out a request, please step forward. The time commitment need not be great, and it can make all the difference in the world to the running and growth of Deep Spring.

The retreat team has extended the early bird registration discount until Friday, June 1 for the Fall Oakwood Retreat. Please take advantage of this extension to get the discount. In response to those of you who were interested in a full week-long retreat, the retreat this year has been extended by one more day, running from Monday to Monday.
You are what keeps me passionate, knowing that many people are helped in so many ways through this non-profit that continues its vision, “To awaken to higher consciousness. We rest in the knowing that this is already so.” Please join with us to help us strengthen our presence in the world.

Loving Kindness,
Tana Dean
Managing Director

Steiner Spring Retreat | March 9-11, 2018 | Ruth Essig

Ruth shares her experience at this lovely, intimate retreat held in the spring at Steiner House on Geddes Rd. in Ann Arbor, MI…

I wanted to share what an extraordinary weekend it was at the retreat. The Steiner House was an excellent space that accommodated all our needs so well for meditation, separate groups, individual rooms, and food (yum!). It was a small intimate gathering in a safe space that felt supportive of individual inquiry. I’ve learned to trust where I’m guided to be and I’m so grateful for the teachings, healing energy, and sense of community that was nurtured over the weekend.

I am so grateful that my curiosity led me to the Oakwood retreat and now to Ann Arbor, as it’s made my life, inner and outer, richer.

Thanks, Mary, for your feedback on the weather. It had been snowing at home the day we were driving downstate and I was concerned about road conditions, but it was a mostly sunny, balmy day with dry roads. Buds were popping out on trees and bushes there and spring flowers coming up. Yeahhhh!

Tricia joined me on the weekend and this was her first introduction to meditation instruction/teachings and we were talking so much on the drive home that I missed the turn-off to get on 10 to Midland, so we were almost to the Houghton Lake exit before realizing we’d gone too far north on 75!! It was a good hour and a bit out of the way, but also such stimulating conversation that it was well worth it!

Well, that’s it from up north Michigan! I trust that all is well with everyone and look forward to our continued interaction.

Thank you for your loving presence, gassho.

With metta,