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Awakening Your Heart of Divine Love

Excerpted from Evenings with Aaron, April 15, 2020 (not yet published).

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Love: I greet you with so much Love. You define the distinction between conditioned and unconditioned, relative and ultimate. Everything in the conditioned realm arises out of conditions, and ceases when the conditions cease. But what remains when everything conditioned has died away? What remains?

What was there at the beginning?

Love—simply Love.

Say it with me: “I am love.” Louder: “I AM LOVE.” Of course you are.

Don’t try to figure out who or what I am. People have asked me if I am God. What is God? I am simply, Love. 

You might think of me as part of the creative force of the Universe.

Here was a universe like a blank slate, and the intention to shape it, to invite it into a universe of love. If you were in a dark room and wanted to light up the room (a vast assembly hall) and had one candle, one light—Love had a million small candles, and passed them out to everybody who came by. Can you imagine the growing radiance of that hall as each person took a lit candle and stepped back to the far ends of the room?

Love stood alone at the beginning, with the idea that there would be light, and to each who came, saying, “I will take part,” Love gave a candle. Each light that you hold is an expression of the Divine Light, lit from that candle of the Divine, the heart of Divine Love. Do you want one? Take it! Take it! Take it! More, more, more—take them! Light it up!

Let your hearts fill with the power of love.

Why did Love do this? For the joy of seeing love spread; for the joy of your companionship. It was lonely to be the single candle bearer. Love can express itself infinitely. But to do that, it needs those who will take the heart of love, of joy, of light, and take responsibility for lighting up their own hearts. Each of you stepped forth to do this.

At this point you were expanding Love, but you were still in what your metaphor calls the Garden of Eden, still experiencing yourself as part of the Divine, which you are, but fully contained within the Divine, so that you could not express your own free will. There was no illusion of self and others.

Truly there is no self or other, but that is an understanding into which you must grow.

If Love is to spread out, it needs mature beings, not infants, to bring forth love. The infant does not distinguish between itself and its mother. It takes further maturation to create a separation. It’s only an idea of separation; there is no real separation. But in order for that infant to grow into a mature being, it must first move into the idea of a separate self before it comes back into knowing itself as part of the Divine Self, inseparable from the Divine Self.

Each of you at a certain point—figuratively—stepped out of the Garden of Eden and took that ‘I Am’ out into the universe. Then, you looked over your shoulder, and said, “What happened? I seem to be out of the Garden of Eden. Am I alone? What happened to me?”

Now you have been working your way back, knowing the non-separation of a self and The Divine, that you are that divinity and you can carry the torch of Love out into the universe.

It was frightening to suddenly find yourself out of the Garden and seemingly on your own. It was the first experience of fear, that sense of separation from God/Goddess/Divinity. And with that fear came all the reactivity, all the stories of separation, of good and bad, all the dualities.

Since that time, you have been spinning around, coming closer and closer to a realization of the awakened heart, to knowing yourself. “I am love.” No duality. “I am love.”

We’ll move on, step by step.

I love you.

You are Love, eternally.

You are Love.

That is all you have ever been.

You are Love.