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The Vibration of Love is Protection from COVID-19

Excerpted from Evenings with Aaron, April 15, 2020 (not yet published).

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Aaron: You are coming back into the knowledge that you are Light, you are Love. You have the power that is inherent in that ‘I am’ and that grounding yourself in love.

Those of you, most of you, probably, who practice vipassana have practice watching heavy emotion arise and noting it, “Here is anger. Here is fear. Here is sadness. Here is confusion.”

That which is aware of fear is not afraid. That which is aware of anger is not angry.

You are that, you are that awareness, that awakened light.

And still, anger, and fear, and grief, and so forth do arise. If the conditions have not yet been purified, they will arise. So you are all practicing becoming more adept at holding space for heavy emotion without creating self-identification with it.

This is your present work.

We’ve been talking for the past month about COVID-19, a virus that has long existed on the Earth.

As the Earth spun down into a lower density—a lower vibration—it became a place where COVID-19 could get a grip. Before, it had no purchase, with a higher vibration. But increasingly, as the vibration became lower, it was able to grab hold. It is a parasite. It will seek to sustain itself. This is what a parasite does.

Every living being seeks a way to live. So, this virus was advantageous. When it saw a way to get in, it got in. Then, having strengthened itself, it has kept moving in, more and more. It is not a demon; it is simply a parasite.

If you don’t want to be bitten by mosquitoes who would feed off of you, you wear a long-sleeved shirt or put on bug repellent. In effect, you say, “No, you may not eat me.”

The way to say no to COVID-19 virus is by raising your own vibration into more attunement with love.

It’s as simple as that.

And it does not take a majority of the Earth to do this.

Ten percent would be ideal, but even five percent can shift this.

The Earth itself is becoming less comfortable for the coronavirus.

By staying home, you are removing some of the pollutants that have been destroying the Earth and lowering its vibration. So, the Earth itself is coming back into health and a higher vibration. And in that vibration, the virus can no longer survive. It all goes together.

So, each of you is doing your work with heavy emotions. When fear, anger, helplessness, loneliness, confusion arise, you are holding yourself compassionately in your heart. You and your neighbors are able to choose not to hate this virus but to compassionately say, “No. You did not come to destroy us,” and to raise your own vibration.