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Board of Directors


The Deep Spring Center International Board of Directors meets online monthly normally the last Sunday of the month from 8:00 pm-10:00 pm eastern via video conference.

Any Sangha member may attend the Board meeting as an observer. The first half-hour of the meeting is reserved for comments from the Sangha. If a Sangha member wants to speak, we ask that it be for no more than 5 minutes. If you’d like an item added to a Board meeting agenda, please submit that item in writing to the Managing Director – [email protected] – or any Board member at least 10 days before the scheduled Board meeting.

The Board of Directors welcomes your comments, concerns and feedback. Please email them at [email protected] or write to them in care of Deep Spring Center. If you’d like to communicate with a specific board member directly, please contact the office for more information. 

2020 Board meetings:

November 22, 2020 | Sunday | 8:00 pm – 10:00 pm eastern

Board of Directors – January 2020

Tavis Taylor, M.D., President and Treasurer
Mary Bruey, Vice President and Assistant Treasurer – Video Production Team and Retreat Team
Isabelle Mook-Jodouin, Secretary – Archives Team Leader
Roann Altman – Media Communications Team Leader
Patricia Polanski, Zoom Team Leader
Colette Simone, Newsletter Team Leader

Barbara Brodsky, ex-officio

Board Minutes – 2020

June – no meeting
July – no meeting

Board of Directors Bios

Tavis Taylor, M. D., President

Dr. Tavis Taylor, M.D. has enjoyed 27 years of intense Internal Medicine practice in a variety of settings. He has provided care in very rural sites where he was the only doctor in Alaska, Hawaii, migrant clinic California, tribal clinics in WA and Oklahoma. He spent 7 years with the Pima Tohono O’odham tribe outside of Phoenix, AZ in the 1990s, leaving there in 1999 as their CMO (chief medical officer) and member of the governing board to return to his home town, Bremerton, WA. Here, he was with Kitsap Internal Medicine until 2008 when he decided to open a the solo practice, which he closed in October 2015 in order to broaden his scope of practice.

Since completing his Internal Medicine Residency and position as Chief Resident, Dr. Taylor has enjoyed maintaining a Clinical Instructor Faculty position with the University of Washington School of Medicine teaching medical students and residents.

Dr. Taylor has been a single parent raising his two children here in Kitsap County and enjoys his extended family and community here. Now that his children are going off to college and other pursuits, he can indulge in a more flexible schedule to include travel and assisting under served communities.

Part of his journey has included developing a spiritual awareness and practice that now includes healing modalities not in allopathic medicine, often referred to an Energy Healing. He treats patients at request with these complimentary practices, and by invitation has started providing international energy healing clinics and workshops. His goal is to one day teach allopathic physicians and students these concepts to add to their treatment regimens.

Mary Bruey, Vice President
Mary Bruey – I met Deep Spring in 2013 at a church where Barbara was channeling a being called “The Mother”.  At that moment, I knew I was going to be involved with anything that she was involved in. It was a while before I met Barbara when she was not channeling. I started going to every class that was available to me, despite an hour drive, and in the meantime, I offered to assist in any way that was needed.  At that time, a secretary was needed for the board and leadership was needed for retreats.  I happily jumped in.  Eventually, things changed and I became VP.  I am 
very happy to serve Deep Spring and credit Deep Spring with personal growth that is beyond my imagination!
Robert Lee, Treasurer

Robert Lee – After 5 years in the Navy, I started my working career as a nuclear engineer writing computer programs.  In 1980 I moved to California and worked as a consultant to companies with a focus on teambuilding.  At this point I also turned my attention to spiritual pursuits  

I found Deep Spring in 2001 and have attended several retreats and classes.

 With Aaron and others help, I started channeling spiritual beings (by writing) in 2008 and I spent the next 10 years working thru my past lives (40+) letting each one resolve its karma using my emotional body.  Recently I have started coaching others who want to contact a spiritual being.

Isabelle Mook-Jodouin, Secretary

Isabelle Mook-Jodouin has been Secretary of the Deep Spring Board of Directors since the summer of 2016. She discovered Deep Spring’s work through the Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues in 2013, and has enjoyed many hours pouring over transcripts in the archives. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and their two feline friends, and does administrative work for her public health unit.

Roann Altman

Roann Altman has been learning with Barbara Brodsky since 1998, when they first met through a mutual friend. A long-time spiritual seeker who believes strongly in our ability to continue learning throughout our lives, Roann embraced the teachings. She later joined the Deep Spring Center board of directors in 2015 to help transmit the wisdom that comes through Barbara from her deep practice of Vipassana meditation and spiritual inquiry.

Pat Polanski

Patricia (Pat) Polanski has been curious about the human experience for most of her life. This curiosity has been a predominant catalyst for her career trajectory. Pat worked in the public child mental health systems in Ohio and North Carolina for 15 years and then entered academia to teach mental health counseling at the University of Dayton for 20 years. The exploration of the lessons contained within her own human experience has been guided by Vipassana meditation and Pure Awareness practices, along with her own personal therapy. Pat resides in Dayton, Ohio with her spouse, Kristy Dillon, and works part-time as a psychotherapist. She is also a jazz pianist and currently performs in a duo with bassist, Mark Sisson.

Colette Simone

Colette Simone
I have worked as a psychologist, educator, and musician in a variety of settings, including positions at Genesys Regional Medical Center, Oakland University, Michigan State University College of Human Medicine, and Interlochen Center for the Arts. I am retired from clinical work and am now exploring ways to be of service blending all the skills I have developed over the years with the rich spiritual foundation of Deep Spring Center. No words can adequately express my deep love and gratitude for Barbara and Aaron and this community of love and wisdom which they have nurtured and guided for these many years. I am committed to serve this wonderful and loving Center of Light that is now my spiritual home.