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Dharma Path – Transcript – April 2, 2019, #6

April 2, 2019 Tuesday Dharma Path Class
Working with Chakras; Guided Chakra Exercises

Barbara: We have a sense of where you are with the practices we’ve been doing. I want to start with some time for questions. Aaron will incorporate when needed. Do you have questions about the homework you’ve been doing? I know that some of you are not getting the light practices, and some of you are, and that’s okay. No practice is meant for everybody. Aaron is going to bring some new things in tonight that he thinks will help. Read more

Dharma Path – Transcript – April 16, 2019, #7

April 16, 2019 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class
Pure Awareness Instruction; Skandhas; Discussion: Do We Need Eyes Open to Do Pure Awareness?; Introduction to Working with the Elements; Q&A on Chakras

Barbara: I’m going to assume it would be beneficial for you to hear basic instructions again, even if you’ve done it before. People seem to be away, out enjoying spring. Meditating under the trees, I hope. Read more

Dharma Path Transcript – March 19, 2019, Class #5

March 19, 2019 Tuesday Evening, Dharma Path Class
“Floating Non-Duality”; Q&A on Clear Light

Barbara: A number of people, both in the small group meetings and by email, said they sort of get this light practice, they sort of don’t. They’re wondering what the reason for it is. I’m kind of quoting people, “Are we expected to just walk around in a cloud of light all the time?” — It would be nice! Read more

One Year Anniversary of Sunday Online Meditation

The One Year Anniversary of WHAT?
by Celeste Zygmont
DSC newsletter, Aug. 7, 2018

My name is Celeste Zygmont, and I’m living way out here near Austin, Texas (Deep Spring Center is located in Ann Arbor, MI). It’s been 105 degrees (Fahrenheit!) the past few days. You can’t touch the metal of cars with your hand, and you can’t walk barefoot on the street. Who would have thought I’d end up here? Not me, but here I am.

I met Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spirituality in the early ‘90s and right away knew I wanted more. Aaron would give his talks, and something inside of me would say, “I know this.” But search as I might through my own memories, I could find nothing related to what I was hearing. So listen I did and practiced and started going to retreats. It’s been an adventuresome road through life and into mind, continually re-applying the teachings I’ve learned these past 25 years.

So now I’m in Texas. Although I go on weeklong retreats twice a year, I yearn for my Deep Spring Sangha to be closer. But how? Then one day I was at a Deep Spring Board meeting. We were all gathered together through the online conferencing program called Zoom. That’s when it hit me. What if we had an online meditation group and meditated using Zoom every Sunday morning?!

I got help setting it up, and – Shazam! – the first-ever Sunday Online Meditation was born. I am happy to announce that this first online meditation took place one year ago. Since then, we’ve met week after week. And now it’s been one year, one year of my heart feeling humanly connected to my dear ones all over the U.S. and sometimes even farther.

We chant and feel the togetherness of our energies. I like reaching out, way out, energetically, and offering any benefit that might come as a result of our meditation to be for the good of all beings. Ah. Then we begin an hour of meditation. Except for meditation at retreats, it’s the deepest meditation I know. For the most part, my family respects this time.

Over the course of this year, it has worked out that a core group of us has formed to meditate this way. We represent the states of Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. What a bond we’ve created between us, just by silently meditating together. We all look forward to it each week. And we say goodbye with smiles and warm hearts.

Now here’s the good part. You are invited to meditate, too! How beneficial it can be for you. Imagine the growth of the heart that is possible! Especially if you feel isolated where you live, please consider committing to this heart time with us.

To sign up, go to the Deep Spring website on the Sunday Online Meditation page. Or try this link: Thank you so very much. I look forward to meditating with you soon!


Rudolph Steiner House, Ann Arbor, MI

DSC teacher Dorothyann shares her thoughts about the 2018 March retreat

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Deep Spring Center’s annual March Retreat with basic instruction in Vipassana Meditation was held at the Steiner House in Ann Arbor this year.

The event drew seventeen folks from all directions. Responding to our online promotion, they came from Traverse City, Cadillac, Alpena, Midland, Grand Blanc, Sterling Heights, Pinckney, Westland, Toledo, Dayton to join local Ann Arbor retreatants in a weekend exploring the four foundations of mindfulness as well as the four noble truths of Buddhist teaching. Read more