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December 19, 2018 Wednesday Evening with Aaron, Christmas Stories
The Power of the Open Heart to Choose Love

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Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Thank you for being here with me tonight. And online, I see your faces here, but I’m to look at the camera’s blue dot. When I’m looking at the blue dot, do you see me looking into your eyes? (yes)

When we started these Christmas Stories 30 years ago it was in Barbara’s living room. By that time, that first year, already a large group of people— 15 or 20 people, sitting around Barbara’s fire. And the next year, probably closer to 30 people. So, we were squeezed in a bit, with the fire burning in the background. The group was all local. The transcripts would be laboriously written by hand. We didn’t have email. The transcripts were handwritten— no computer, either. They were Xeroxed and mailed out to those people who requested them.

This technology is amazing— here you are, right here in my living room! Such a joy to be with you, to feel your energy; to feel your open and loving hearts.

This morning, when Barbara awakened, she said, Aaron, what are you going to talk about tonight? I said, Love. What else is there to talk about? If we’re talking about Christmas stories, we’re talking about love.

Remember that what I say is from my own experience. If it does not accord with your experience, religious views, or any such, let it go. I speak truth as I know truth, but I do not try to push my truth on you. So, if my truth resonates for you at some level, use it and learn from it. If it does not thusly resonate, let it go.

In the beginning there was no beginning, there was simply energy and light. Energy and light that had been and always will be truly the ground of the universe, energy and light, but not yet manifest in any clear way. There was a strong intention from— can I call it angels? Brothers and Sisters of Light is perhaps the best term, very high and loving beings who looked at the balance of light and darkness in the universe and asked, how can light become more fully manifest? Because, with darkness, with negative polarity that breeds on fear and hatred and pain, there is suffering. With positive polarity there is love. There is ease and spaciousness.

So the idea came, to some of these Brothers and Sisters of Light, to take a heavy density planet and help— let me phrase this a bit differently—to take the potential for a heavy density planet not yet existent and create a ground of energy out of which that planet could manifest. There are many stories of creation in different of your traditions, but they all have certain likenesses. God said, “Let there be Light,” and there was Light. And then the Heaven and Earth, the lands and the waters, people and animals. And vital to this creation, free will.

Why is free will so vital? Let’s use the Garden of Eden story. This Eden, in which consciousness lived in a very high, resonant vibration, preceded the foundation of the Earth. This consciousness had no material bodies, no heavy physical/emotional/mental body, just the very fine, high spirit body, that energy. Everything was expressing in a heavenly realm, Eden. But these consciousnesses that inhabited Eden simply were. They did not choose; they received everything they needed and there was no free will choice. There was no separation, me and you, self and other. So, there was no jealousy, there was no pride. There was no anger. It was a high vibration but it could be higher. If there is no anger, there’s no joy. If there’s no selfishness, there’s no generosity. What feeds highest vibration? The intent of the Brothers and Sisters of Light, of which my teacher Ariel was one, their intention was to see how high a vibration could be created. How far could love go? How much can love set boundaries for negativity? Within the whole universe in which there was already strong negativity, how much can love dissolve to negativity?

Humans were given free will to make choices. And, in being given free will they also experienced the ego and the separated self. This was part of the experience of moving into human form at that time, the whole notion of separated self. Of course, we know there is no separated self, but people still experienced it.

The world had many highs and lows at that point, through many millennia. Moving into the experience of separated self, different religious traditions came in to teach that it was wrong to move into the separated self but sometimes with the distortion, “Oh, you’re bad— you’re moving into the separated self.” That kind of scolding doesn’t help the loving heart to emerge.

There were certain traditions that were very beautiful. The Buddha, the whole Buddhist tradition of the possibility of awakening, and the deeper truth: you are already awake— how do you realize that awakening? The Jewish tradition of a loving God. Not many wrathful gods but one loving God. Some traditions in, let us simply say places you have never of and traditions you have never heard of. But spiritual beliefs that were deeply based in love. But these were a minority. On Earth, for millennia, hatred and self-benefit flourished, and people turned their backs on what was for the highest good for all beings— the whole foundation of the Earth. But because there was free will, spirit could not say, “Oh no, you can’t do it that way.” Sentient beings had free will choice. Many just banged their head against a wall incessantly, trying to figure out, “Why am I not doing well? Why is my world not doing well? Why is there so much hatred, so much cruelty, so much war? Why are THEY creating war?” Not, how am I participating in this creation? So, there was a deep need for people to understand there is no me or them. When there is some kind of cruelty in the world you are all always participant in some way, even if just by ignoring the roots of it. In this way, the whole matter of free will choice became vital.

This brings us up to— let’s say it brings us up to Buddha’s time, when he saw the truth of human suffering and concluded there must be a path out of suffering. Not just a temporary path, as was taught by many teachers of his day, where if you experienced high jhana states, deep meditation states, temporarily your consciousness removed itself from the world; but you couldn’t stay there. These people got their fixes of high consciousness repeatedly, but they were not awake. Or, more succinctly, they were not aware that the awakened state was within them, that heaven was within them.

Then came the birth of the one we know as Yeshua. Many generations from the time of Buddha’s birth and awakening preceded Yeshua, much planning from high beings. But always with free will of humans. So, humans were never told, “You should do this, you should do that,” only, “Here are some options for you to consider.”

Yeshua, in his youth, had the opportunity to study with Buddhist teachers. He was, of course, born already awake. Other teachers have been born already awake, too—Yeshua was not alone in that— but Yeshua was the one that is best known. But, even if you are already awake—and all of you ARE already awake— you still have to realize it. So, it was very helpful for Yeshua to have this foundation, to realize how strong this divine essence was within him, and the power of free will to manifest this divine essence on Earth. And to help others also to realize their divinity.

We all know the stories of Yeshua’s life, the Biblical stories. For those who have not heard any of these Christmas stories before, I lived in the Essene community in which Yeshua took birth, of which his parents were a part. I was 6 years his elder and through our youth often related to him as a dear friend. He was wise; he was loving; and sometimes he tripped over his shoelaces, as all of us do.

I remember a time— this with the boy, Yeshua. He was about 7 and I was about 13, give or take a few years— I’m not good at keeping track of your linear time. Some things are just beyond my comprehension. We were walking in the fields outside our community, in the hills and fields, quite a distance away, so that it was not just our community but where our community lands merged with other lands. We heard some noises, some shouting, and quietly crept up to see what was happening, as boys will do. Staying hidden very well, and looking out under the trees, under the shrubs. We saw boys throwing stones at a dog. The dog was yelping. The boys were my age or older, so, bigger than us. Yeshua wanted to rush right in and say, “Stop that!” I was aware they would beat him up. And when I accompanied him in this way his safety was entrusted to me, to some degree, because I was older. So I held him back. “No, Yeshua, you can’t do that.”

Eventually the boys went away, leaving a very injured dog. All we could do was to go and soothe it, give it water. Hold it, love it. The dog was not vitally injured. It probably had some broken bones, some cuts. It whimpered in terror when we approached it. To this day I have no idea why they were abusing the dog in this way. But Yeshua and I sat with the dog— remember, this is a 6 or 7 year old Yeshua. He held the dog in his lap, and said, “I love you, I love you,” repeatedly, and I did the same of course, but it was his power and energy that came through.

The dog was beginning to show more signs of energy— lifting his head, drinking the water we gave him. And then Yeshua and turned to me and said, “I feel so angry at those boys! I hate those boys!” And as he said that, the dog shrunk into himself and began to tremble. Yeshua was speaking quite loudly, really focusing his anger. And I must say, 6 years older than Yeshua, but I was feeling the same thing, just not giving voice to it.

We watched the dog, and the dog’s reaction to our anger and hatred. Yeshua said to me, after a few minutes— my name was Nathaniel in that lifetime— he said, “Nathaniel, we must stop hating.” I said, “How do I do that?” He said, “My mother tells me to find the love within myself, when I am angry.” So, we held hands with the dog between us. I said, “I can focus on the dog and find love. I can focus on you and find love. But if I focus on those boys, I feel hatred and anger again.” He said, “Let us just focus on each other and the dog. I love you, I love you…”

And then— wisdom from a child— after a few minutes of this, he said, “Nathaniel, if they were so cruel to the dog, they must have been subjected to cruelty themselves. I see how I can love them.” Very powerful wisdom, there. “They must have been subjected to cruelty. I see how I can love them.” This is the root of compassion. This is the compassion that he came to teach us, this wisdom from the as yet still very young child. But he remembered who he was, as many of you as humans are trying to remember. He remembered the divine realm from which he came, the realm of love from which he came. So, in this way he was able to consciously choose to let go of the anger and hatred out of his free will choice.

And this is what is so vital for all of you. All of you in this world have things you would attack with anger and with hatred, be it in politics— people whose views are different from your own. Politics— I will not name names, but there is one figure that brings up a lot of negativity for many of you! You are love, and you have come to make the free will choice not to engage in hatred, in negativity, in condemnation of others. But this does NOT mean that you allow others to do harm.

The place of strength in you knows how to say no to negativity, the place of love, for you are love. If anger says no, it’s just more anger. But when love says no, it’s beyond anything, in its power. This does not mean you can’t be killed, right there saying no. But when enough humans say no to hatred, fear, and negativity of all sorts, this world is going to move back into the Eden that it was created to be, but an awakened Eden. One in which you understand your power of manifestation through free will; your ability to choose darkness or light, love or fear. And to bring forth and manifest light and love. It’s up to you.

Now we’re going to fast-forward many years: Yeshua as the young man just barely beginning his ministry. I had the grace to walk with him at times. I was not one of his group of innermost disciples; I was an old friend. But when he was near I loved to go out and walk with him for a few days or weeks.

We were walking through a wilderness area when in the distance we heard crying. Moving off the main path toward the sound, real cries of misery and pain. We came upon a group of lepers. Some large group of very brutal people had come in and stoned them. This was sometimes done to lepers. People were afraid of them, afraid of catching the leprosy. So, people who had learned cruelty— not innately cruel but who had learned cruelty, who wanted to feel big and bold, they would go in with rocks to a group of lepers and stone them.

We followed this path— Yeshua, myself, 2 or 3, maybe 4 others— and came upon the leper colony. People were bleeding from the wounds of these stones. It brought up so much rage for me. I said to Yeshua, “I just want to stone them back! I HATE this kind of cruelty!” Yeshua turned to me and took my hands and said, “Nathaniel, do you remember the boys who stoned that dog, when we were young?” Yes, I remembered. “Nathaniel, did we go after the boys and stone them back?” And I understood it was not just because they were bigger than us. It was because we both understood that love was the way, not hatred. And that we were here on this earth to enhance the power of love, and to shift consciousness literally into a higher vibration through the power of love; that each human comes with that sacred task. Each human will be confronted by the stone-throwers, in whatever form, and each human is offered free will choice: hatred or compassion.

Yeshua said to me, “Let us see how we can help these people.” Remember, this was now mature Yeshua, not a 6 year old. Even the 6 year old’s loving energy had been able to help the dog, who eventually was able to get up and follow us home. Yeshua did not choose to do obviously miracles. In other words, I think he had the power then to just cure people who had been wounded by these stones, and even who had leprosy. But his work was not to make himself some kind of god who could come along and fix people, but to help people to know their own divinity and their own power to heal themselves and their world. Their own power to love.

So, he simply walked around. We found cloth and bandages, washed wounds. I’m sure when he washed a wound, there was a lot of healing energy in it. The wound did not miraculously disappear, but some of the pain went. We slept there overnight, after everybody had been treated, not just those who had been stoned, but he also examined the wounds of those with leprosy. We slept there. People offered us breakfast. Many people who had been wounded came out and said thank you to us for helping them. And we moved on.

Here is a similar result to another story I told years ago. About 10 days later, coming back, we passed near this leper colony, and so climbed up into the hills just to see how they were doing. They came running to us and said, “You worked miracles!” They showed us how new skin was forming over the leprosy wounds, new growth in the fingers. And Yeshua said, “No, I did not do that; your love did that. Your knowledge of your own innate perfection and your ability to heal. If you believe you are inherently wounded, you will continue to enact those wounds. If you believe the power of love in yourself, then everything is possible. Continue to believe in yourselves. Don’t put me on a pedestal as healer.”

This, let’s call it Christ or awakened consciousness, this is in you. This is what he taught, continuously. Not, “I am a living Christ above all others,” but, “I model what you are so you can see what you are.” You are also awakened. You are also love. You also have the power to heal yourselves and to heal this world, to choose love over hatred, light over darkness and negativity. Your choice.

I never returned to that leper colony. I imagine that immense healing continued there, and, as new lepers found the colony, they were taught how also to release some of the disease and heal themselves. And at least to heal the self-hatred that they were lepers.

I want to focus on this primary message that he brought. We are all divine. We are all sons and daughters of the living and loving God, the Divine Creator. We are all sons and daughters of Love. And it is up to each being to embrace that deep truth of themselves and live it as fully as possible, or, out of fear, to deny it.

So often you deny it. Why? I think it’s because of fear of your power. I’ve said this to many of you before. What if you are truly powerful enough to heal the world? To part the seas? What if you truly had that power? But, you have not fully resolved your negative emotions. The conditions that give rise to negative emotion have not yet fully been purified. So, you don’t know what to do with fear, with anger, with ideas of separation, with pride, with greed.

How can you fully invite your power if you have not yet resolved this— I don’t want to call it this negativity, but the seeds for negativity in yourself? Because you are human, these seeds are not burden but are gift. How could you choose love if you only experienced love? If you never experienced fear, how could you choose love? If you never experienced anger at another, how could you choose compassion? By being born into a world in which you do experience negativity, in each of you, when the negative arises you have an option how you are going to relate to it: with love or with continuance and deepening of the negativity. Fear says “negativity”— throw the stones back at them! And love says no. I repeat, compassion is strong— you don’t just say, “Keep throwing stones,” you find ways to stop them from throwing stones. But not through hatred.

Let me think of one more illustrative story, here… Two stories come to mind. Let’s see if we can include them both.

Another time when I was walking with him, with this time a bit larger a group, 8 or 10 people. We were sleeping at night when brigands came into our sleeping area. They stole everything we had, even our sandals (leaving us barefoot), our cloaks, whatever food and water we had. We were awakened by them, of course, but they had knives, so Yeshua said, “Just let them take what they wish.”

When they were gone, we built up the fire as best we could. We had our undergarments, of course, so we were not naked, but close to it. He said, “Trust all will be well. Do not be afraid.” He asked us to imagine these men, to see if we could bring, each of us, one or another face to mind. We had a close glimpse of their faces because they literally came and tore our blankets and shawls away from us, pushed us, knocked us over, punched us. The same thing: he said, “If we go after them with anger, it will just be more anger. Each of you, imagine the one who assaulted you, and really picture that man. Then envision him as a child being hit, being beaten, perhaps starving; told he was not good, was unlovable. Keep this in your heart until you can really see that child that became the man that attacked you and see if you can offer loving wishes to that child, compassion to that child.”

So, we all did this for an hour or two. I suppose the men (were) thinking we were barefoot, we could not make progress quickly, and because they were a greater sized band than we were, that we would not go after them. But after an hour of meditation with Yeshua, he said, “Now, let us walk on down the road.” It was not yet dawn, that very early light of first dawn. So, we walked, and we walked.

We smelled wood smoke. We walked softly. We approached the area where they were. We knew them to be ignorant, people who had been trained in fear. Yeshua had told us his plan. He said, “We’re going to surround them (but pre-dawn they could not really see us), back deep into the brush, and project our voices out, knowing their religious beliefs, ‘I am this or that deity. You have done wrong. You have beaten others, stolen from others.’” Voices coming from all sides of them. We were a smaller band than them, but we had learned to project our voices well.

They became terrified. “What shall we do?”

Our voices continued, Yeshua leading us: “Take all that you have stolen. Take it into the next village and give it to the poor. And do not thusly steal again.”

“Yes, we’ll do it! We’ll do it!”

“Reflect on how you obtain your needs in this life: in honest and loving ways, or by cruelty and hatred? Reflect and remember that you have the potential for your needs to be met without stealing and brutality.”

So they packed up everything. They took it into the next village. They did not have the courage to see anybody— they simply left it there. We saw people come out and take the things, the food, the robes. We didn’t need them. We would be okay without them.

I thought we were done. But Yeshua said, “We have one more step, here.” The men moved out, and we followed them very silently. And the next night, in the middle of the night, we surrounded them again. And with our voices, we said, “You have done good! You have been wise! You have given back what you have stolen, and good will come to you.” We had found some good food and some robes— a few things, not a lot, but some hardy soup and other things. We said, “Do not leave your encampment now, but when light comes, go down the road a mile and you will find your reward for acting in love. Remember this and do not harm others again.” And at daybreak they crept out and down the road and they found the food. “Oh, the gods are rewarding us! It is truly better to give than to steal!”

It was hard not to laugh. Was it okay to deceive them? They could not have been deceived if they were not caught in a negative consciousness. It was their own negativity that allowed them to be deceived. And of course, our deceit did no harm.

It’s very powerful to change hatred and fear, negativity and greed, into loving kindness and generosity, in yourself and in others. This is what your whole world is learning. There are so many pockets of “brigands” killing and maiming others, stealing from others. You’re going to have to be imaginative, here. How are you going to go after them— encircle them and say, “No, you may not do this,” with a compassionate no and not with hatred? Your internet makes the world small. How can you go out and encircle those who do harm, in this ever-smaller world, and truly say no to negativity? Use your imaginations. Listen to your loving heart.

The practice also begins individually with each of you. Think of one person in your life who is a difficult person— maybe a neighbor with whom you have some conflict, a parent or an in-law, a difficult child, somebody in your workplace. Think of one person and envision them as having been mistreated as a child. Try to imagine what made them be the difficult person that they are. Then, looking deeply at them, try to envision the essence of divine love that is their core, and ask yourself, how can I best invite this? Maybe you will want to bring that person a small gift or invite them out for tea or lunch. The difficult neighbors; invite them over for lunch. The people at the workplace, take them out for coffee. Talk to them about their life. You only know them at the workplace— find out who they are. Ask, “What brings you real joy?” Find that from them. “What do you love?”

See what you have in common. Build on that. And if there’s this little voice inside you that says, “But I hate this person! I hate this person!”— Remember, “I resolve not to enact hatred.” Right there with hatred is love. Without denying the negative feelings, can I find that which is truly loving? Perhaps this person brought cookies for the office and is truly a wonderful baker. Tell them how wonderful the cookies were. Ask them if they would share a special recipe. Begin to look for a spark of light in them. That spark of light is in everybody. In this way, practice love, not hatred, to invite a world that evermore fully shines out with love and not with hatred.

This is what you came for. This is why you took birth. These problematic relatives and neighbors, they are not problems, they are teachers. They are wonderful opportunities. You don’t have to like them, but try to love them and appreciate what they came to teach you. No, you don’t have to make them your best friend, but open your heart and watch where the heart is closed. Perhaps above all things Yeshua taught me the value of the open heart, and that each of us carries that open heart, and the power of that heart to love, to compassion, to forgiveness.

I said there were two stories. I’ll end with this one, and, if the energy is available for it, Yeshua will come in and talk for just a few minutes.

This brings us to the end of his life. We were still dear friends. I was not one of his innermost circle of disciples; that was not my role. But, as a friend, he confided in me at times. So, we were together, and he said to me, “Nathaniel, I am afraid of what is coming. This fear is within me. Am I strong enough, do I have enough love, to fulfill what I came to do?” And I said to him, “Yeshua, remember that dog. We thought he was dead and he came back to life. Remember those robbers and how we helped shift them from a path of brutality to others to opening to the possibility of their own divinity.” I reminded him of a number of other examples. I said, “All of our lives together, this is what you have been teaching me. Remember it for yourself: you are love.” And he looked at me and took my hands, and said, “Yes, we are love. And yet it’s still so hard.” Tears were coming down his face. “It is still so hard.”

I want you to realize that he also felt fear and confusion, and other human emotions. He was human. We each have that same core of divinity that Yeshua had. He was more fully realized than most of us. But this divine essence is within all of us.

What he did, we can do, which is to learn and walk the path of love, of forgiveness, of the open heart. And this is literally why you came into incarnation— each of us being given the opportunity by our own free will choice to help raise the vibrational frequency of this Earth, and support the transition of this entire 3rd density Earth into a higher vibration, into an Eden, a place of love. Are you going to do it, or are you going to say it’s too hard? It is very hard.

This one, this instrument whose body I so lovingly use, she has the very hard pain of the major stroke of her husband this year, and that he is now in a nursing home unable to fully use his body, with aphasia and unable to speak clearly. After 50 years of literally sharing a life, day by day, hour by hour, for the first time, really, in all these 54 years she has had to live alone, separate from him. Much grief, much fear: what will become of me? And frequently crying, and saying, “I can’t do it. It’s too hard.” I have lovingly reminded her: this is a teacher. How can you open your heart to this teacher, knowing the grief as real, knowing the sense of loss as real? But also, opening your heart to both what you and Hal can learn and teach others through continuing to hold your heart open to the possibility of love and healing. By healing, I don’t mean Hal is suddenly going to get up out of his nursing home bed and dance out the door, although that could happen. Not likely, but it could.

The important thing, that I’ve told both of them repeatedly is, to remember that love continues. The body is always going to age. Eventually the body is going to die. On this plane, love continues. On any plane where you find yourself, love continues. You cannot lose this love for your beloved because your beloved one is never far from you. You cannot lose that person. He or she lives in your heart. But, if you despair and say, “How can I continue?” then you cannot feel that love in your heart, you cannot keep that person alive in your heart. This is just one more opportunity to remember you are here to learn love. And, you did not come to fail, you came to succeed! You can do it. You are love.

That said— Yeshua, you are here, I can feel your energy. Do you wish to speak? He says yes, he will speak briefly, probably not too long.

(Yeshua incorporates)

Yeshua: Amazing! I laugh. I think of what you call the Sermon on the Mount, with a small group of disciples— hundreds, but still a small group. Well, what if we could have streamed that all over the earth? Would it have made a difference? (laughing)

So, I thank Aaron for these beautiful stories. They touch my own memories, too. Aaron, my beloved brother Nathaniel, of that lifetime, I cherish these memories.

I’m here to speak about something a bit different. You think of Christmas Day as my birth, the birth of the one you called Jesus, the Christ, Yeshua, Yeshua ben Joseph. But this is not the true meaning. It is not ME that was born that day but rather all of you, your souls awakening into that awareness of your own divine consciousness. Each of you growing yourself from the small seed that is not sprouted, into sprouting and growing and opening into the beautiful rose bush or giant redwood. The rose is in the seed. Some of you are still seeds; some of you have sprouted; some of you are beginning to blossom or even fully blossomed.

On this day that you celebrate in commemoration of my birth, let it be a birthday party for yourselves, for the seed, the sprout, to grow and grow; to radiate out, growing out and out and out! Spreading that light and love in the world.

If enough of you determine to do that, not to shrink yourselves back into the sprout, and further back into the protected seed, but to know, “I am love. I am the expression of the Divine here on earth. God created man in his image. I am that image,” what could happen? This doesn’t mean that you have 5 fingers and God has 5 fingers— 8 fingers and 2 thumbs. It means you are the expression of Divine consciousness on earth, the expression of love. What is God, Goddess? What is it to you? Love is the closest I can come to that. You are love.

God/Goddess/Divine Creator gave us the seeds to plant, to blossom into each soul, each consciousness. I use the word soul, but we could call it anything. In Buddhism, we don’t talk about souls, simply consciousness. Whatever your tradition, what is the essence of you when the mind/body/emotions, when they dissolve? What remains? Who and what are you?

Aaron reminded you that you cannot lose your loved ones. What is the essence of that loved one? What is your essence? What is your neighbor’s essence, with whom you have a hard time? Can you see this spark of God, spark of Divinity, in everything and everyone and treat everyone as if it is God?

Of course, there is brutality and hatred in the world. Even the most brutal and hate-filled person may treat their own beloved infant with kindness, may treat their own beloved mother or father with kindness. Your work is to find that small seed of kindness in everyone and ask how to water and cast sunshine on it in such a way that the sprout can begin to grow, that it can flower. If you fail to realize that that seed and sprout are within, can you nourish it? They may not make it easy to nourish; they may throw rotten tomatoes at you, or far worse. Then, as Aaron pointed out, we say no with kindness. We may have to trick them into kindness— that’s okay.

Someone asked me, telling this story that Aaron told, “So, is it okay to be deceptive?” We did not say, “We are this or that,” we just spoke. It was them that deceived themselves. If they wanted to believe we were something other than just a group of men out there, that very group they had just robbed, that was up to them. It was their fear that made us into something other than a group of men. So, I did not deceive them; Nathaniel did not deceive them. Rather, we said, “You may not do that. You will suffer.” Well, this is true. If you keep stealing and bruising others in painful ways, you will suffer. Karmically, you will suffer the results. If you wish to resolve this negative habit, then take these goods to the town and give them to the poor. Nothing deceptive, there. They created in their mind the idea that we were something supernatural. We did not say we were. How do you say no to negativity with honesty and authenticity? If you speak with love, eventually you will be heard. But it is very hard.

Yes, I came to Nathaniel and told him, near the end of that life, “I must do this, must return to Jerusalem. And I fear I will be put to death, will experience something very painful.” I understood where I was going. I had been training for the crucifixion and the resurrection through my whole life. I understood where I was going and what I had undertaken to do. And yet, the human said, “I’m terrified!” Each of you will face death in your lifetime— this is the nature of human experience. You were born and you will die. It’s up to you whether you will be terrified of death, or whether you will use this incarnation to awaken into a deeper truth of who you are, a truth of the divine consciousness that expresses and manifests through you and can never be destroyed. In this way, the essence that you are can never be destroyed, even though the body will die and the personal consciousness, the ego self will die. But love continues.

This, to me, is what the celebration of my birth is about. It is about the awakening in each of you to know the truth of who you are, and to choose of your own free will to manifest love, increasingly, in this world, no matter how hard that is. Remember that I walk with you every step. If you think of me as Yeshua, divine being, that is who walks with you. If you think of me simply as Yeshua ben Joseph, a man born 2,000 years ago, the loving essence of that spirit walks with you. And your own guides, Aaron, and so many loving beings are walking with you. Why would we support all of you coming into incarnation on Earth and then turn our backs on you and leave you alone? We are with you and supporting you.

You have to ask. If you say, “Well, I don’t believe there’s anything there,” that’s fine. Could you just amend that a bit to say, “In case there IS something there, I’m willing to say, ‘Help me.’ Whatever is there— I don’t know what it is—but, help me.” You don’t have to believe anything special. Just, “Whatever is the power of love in the universe, help me to bring forth increasing love.” Just that. And if you do that it will bring enormous joy into my own heart.

I leave you with my blessings and with my love. Celebrate this season with joy. Celebrate yourselves. Celebrate love. Don’t worry about who I am or whether I’m real. Love is within you. Are you real? Celebrate love within yourself, and the power of the human experience to manifest love. That’s all you need to know.

I rejoice in the loving energy in each of you. I love you.