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“Floating Non-Duality in a Ziplock Bag”; Ceasing to Judge the Darkness in Ourselves and Others; The Compassionate No; Born in Clear Light; What is Light?; Making Decisions

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Barbara: Most of us don’t really pay attention to the idea of non-duality. People have said, “Are you a Buddhist center?” No. “Are you a this, or that center?” “No. We’re a center teaching the living of non-duality.” “What does that mean?” When I asked Aaron yesterday what he was going to talk about tonight, he said it’s time to talk more about non-duality.

I’m going to tell you a little story. This goes back to 1995, 24 years ago. A woman named Karen, who was doing most of our transcribing then. She has since died of cancer, about 15 years ago, maybe. Karen and I were very interested in working with Aaron on non-duality. He started to talk to us, just the two of us, and Karen transcribed it as he spoke. We met with him regularly through several years— this conversation from which I’ll read is dated January 1995. This series of discussions was always going to be our next book, but always there’s another book that needs to come out first, and this book needs a lot of work. But it’s time to get going on this book. I love this book.

The book originally had a long title about non-duality. In the summer, Karen and I met at my cabin and Aaron would channel. Karen actually transcribed it as she sat there. Then I had a flat sailboat. After Aaron finished speaking, we would go out on the boat— just kayak paddling, not sailing— and sit on the boat with whatever pages he had dictated that day to reread and discuss them. Of course pages would blow off the boat into the water, so we put each page in a ziplock bag. The title of the book at this point is, “Floating Non-Duality in a Ziplock Bag”.

Aaron, is there anything else you want me to say? He’s going to do something a little different tonight and read part of one chapter from the book just to get it going, and then talk in a much broader way about it.

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Very happy to see you. Thank you for being here on this blustery night.

“Floating Non-Duality in a Ziplock Bag”… Non-duality does indeed float; it has a lightness to it. I consider this to be perhaps my most important or valuable book. It’s far from finished, and each year I say to Barbara, “Can we work on it?” and she says yes, and then something else comes up, and it keeps drifting back in line. So perhaps this will be the year.

I want to offer gratitude to Karen, who was so much a force behind this book with her questions.

I’m reading from the manuscript and will add some present-day thoughts:

* * * *
Barbara and Karen began with some discussion of giving/receiving as non-dual…

Now I’m reading from my own words, here, and I will expand as I speak tonight:

Aaron: I am Aaron. We cannot cover the entire history of religious ideology in 45 minutes. What I wish to do is lay a foundation upon which we will build, perhaps exploring the different religious beliefs that have exploded from this foundation.

Every telling of this story is biased. I state here my bias as a highly positively-polarized discarnate energy.

In the beginning, there was no beginning! We speak here of the Birthless!

As an aside to the reading, if it is truly Divine Source, Birthless, Unconditioned, how could it have a beginning or an end?

Of course, I was not here. I do not speak from personal experience. My understanding of it, from my present experience and my teachers, is that the infinite truly is infinite. It did not begin with a “big bang”. There has always been energy. One can conjecture that that energy was neutral in its polarity and through its increasing experience, moved toward positive polarity until it became the model of positive polarity.

Skipping ahead in the manuscript; following some discussion of “neutral,” Barbara asked:

B: I have a question about the word “neutral, Aaron. I don’t even know how to phrase the question, but something here troubles me. What you say makes sense, that if it had manifest as light then it would be dual with darkness. But if it became positive, what is the relation to negative? Did it become positive, or does it just express more of the positive aspect of its still existent neutral nature, and express less of the negative?

Aaron: I am Aaron. I understand the difficulty in clear articulation. You are correct that this needs re-phrasing. If that which is neutral offers its freewill choice to express that which is positive and to release without expression that which is negative, it is still made up of positive and negative aspects. Think of it in terms of human expression. Greed and aversion may still arise in the deeply positively polarized human. Because they are met with compassion, and are not enacted, they become powerless. The arising of anger no longer serves as catalyst for angry action or speech. It serves as catalyst for compassion. Eventually when angry energy arises, there is no contraction around it at all. It is seen with compassion and that compassion serves as part of the motivation for the service to all beings. The anger dissipates very quickly.

In one sense, we would not say that this being is only neutral. It is positively polarized. We cannot say it no longer contains negativity. If that were so, there would be a duality. It is in its essence neutral with the free will decision to enact its positivity and not to become caught in the stories of its negativity. This power of intention is very important. It is not an intention enacted through force, control or further negativity, but an intention enacted based on lovingkindness.

Stay with me just a little bit more, as I read; then I’ll speak.

This All-That-Is in the ultimate sense does remain neutral. But increasingly it chose to express its positivity and to release its negativity without expression. I think it is merely a semantic question whether one will call it neutral or positive. Suffice it to say that it is neutral, expressing positivity.

There’s one more area I wanted to read. Coming back to the original talk; that was an aside in response to a question…

There was no duality within this infinite energy.

This was Source, or Infinite Creator, or God/Goddess, or Love. These are merely terms in attempt to name it; no word can capture its fullness.

Precisely because it had begun as neutral, it contained within it both positivity and negativity. One could debate philosophically whether or not negativity is contained in positivity. But certainly, both are contained in neutral. You have heard me talk of both light and relative absence of light; here all concept of duality is voided. When this energy has moved into perfect positive polarity, any negative polarity would merely manifest as a decrease in light.

This is an important point. Had this energy originally manifest as absolute light, one could then conceive of its essential nature as dualistic with darkness. Another important factor: because its first expression was as neutral, expansion, change and flexibility are part of its essence. The principles of giving and receiving not only are not contradictory; in a non-dual energy they must both exist.

We have here-in the core of the dilemma. If this energy contains all light and darkness, “good” and “evil”, positivity and negativity, giving and receiving, the human struggling to reflect only the positive becomes entrapped by its own humanness with arisings of greed, anger and various expressions of ego-based fear.

…it comes to a question (eventually) of responsibility. If my urges toward greed and hatred are “evil” (in a dualistic sense) and antithetical to God, then my work would be to smother those urges, perhaps through practices of austerity, or through strong focusing of the mind which instantly cuts off and denies fear-based arising. Doing so does not make me a more loving person nor a wiser person, only more in control. Thus, control and power are viewed as the attributes of the Divine most highly regarded by persons of this bias. Judgment is predominant.

On the other hand, we have the view of Divine as non-dual. Here one does not need to subdue the arisings of fear-based ego, but to draw those arisings more strongly into the heart of love. Just as this infinite Energy was drawn increasingly to express Itself as positive polarity until It became the perfect model of positive polarity, so is the human who embraces non-duality drawn along this path.

One more paragraph, here…

Within every religious tradition that I have ever encountered in any incarnation, this schism exists. There are those who will distort the teachings of any tradition into a statement of the dual nature of the universe and will state that “evil” must be destroyed. (And each will have its own name for evil.) There are those who will focus on the non-dual nature and simply understand that darkness must be invited into the light.

It seems to me that this schism reflects an individual bias, a psychological bias perhaps. It reflects (It may reflect) a lack of maturity. Every religion attracts both old and younger beings. Younger beings are simply more fearful and less ready to be responsible.

So, why have I chosen to pull this reading out today? Your world is becoming increasingly polarized, with many very frightened and angry people. A lot of people are pushing back from a stance of love, but still pushing, without the ability to cease judging the frightened and angry ones.

If your world is going to flourish and become the Eden that it was intended and is capable to be, there needs to be a deep understanding and— I’m looking for the correct word— sense of responsibility from each person to know that of darkness in themselves and that of love in themselves. Then, instead of hating the darkness, to cease to judge the darkness. Who do you judge? We cannot judge another; unless there are specific facts, we cannot what they did or did not do. We cannot know why they did whatever they may be accused of, or perhaps did not do it. If harm is done, then yes, the harmer must be confronted. There is never an excuse for abusing another person. But that does make the harmer evil. It does not make those who give accusation evil, if the accusations are false. As my friend Ram Dass so clearly states, we are all just walking each other home, trying to move from darkness into light, and often losing the way.

How do we listen with the wisdom heart that truly can stay connected to the power of love? How do we cease to be reactive in the world? I’m sure each of you this week have heard something on the news that you did not like to hear. You contracted, you said, “No.” You became angry at the person. Equally, there may have been something that you really liked, and you said “Yes”, but with a subtle, “I say yes to that, and no to this.” Well, it’s fine to say no to what feels unbalanced to you, but not to talk about it while expressing hatred.

A candidate that Barbara very-much likes announced his candidacy for 2020, and she was delighted. In signing her name, the request said, “Why do you support this man?” She first began to write about the negativity that she saw in the present situation, and I asked her to stop, to reflect, “Those negative words will not do any good. Can you instead focus on your vision for this country and why you feel this candidate has the potential to lead in the direction of your vision for the country?”

This next election has the potential to be very, very nasty. I would ask all of you to consider not becoming polarized into, “This one is good and that one is evil,” but to simply hear that people have their own distortions, some of them based on negativity and even extreme negativity, on fear, on bigotry, on hatred, on greed. That does make them bad people, it simply makes them humans. But not the humans you want for president.

It will be very important for those of you who are able to hear the various debates and speeches, and watch anger come up in you, if it does; not to get caught up in the anger, which simply gives out more angry energy into the world, but to stay settled in this place of non-dual awareness and still use discernment as to the candidate you will support.

Let’s take it beyond an election. There is presently so much negativity in the world. My sense is that this is negative polarity, what my friend Q’uo calls “the loyal opposition”, pushing back because it so much fears the power of Light that is present in the world today; Light that is a very real, loving force. This Light is all-embracing. It does not hate anything, but from a compassionate stance it says no to negativity. Negative polarity is terrified of this force. It wants to be in control.

What you can do, each of you (and those who live in other countries, the same is true for your country): listen to the dialogues around you, and in your personal life also, and watch the arising of fear, of anger. If somebody points to you and says something that upsets you, or accuses you wrongly, watch the contraction. That which is aware of contraction is not contracted. Can you keep your heart open, acknowledging that this human (you) is still human, and when pushed it will contract. That’s okay. Your work is not to cease contracting but to not buy into the stories of that contraction and follow them up with words and actions that will do harm.

This is the heart of your vipassana practice. It’s a very powerful practice in which we sit quietly and watch the fly walking on the forehead. Unpleasant— don’t want it! Contracting. Breathing and holding space for the contraction. You don’t swat the fly. You don’t say, stoically, “I shouldn’t mind this.” You acknowledge, “This is unpleasant. I don’t want a fly walking on my forehead for this whole 45 minutes.” Then you allow yourself to gently brush it off, taking care not to harm it. If it lands again, you can brush it off again. But watch if there’s an energy that says, “Get out of here! Get out of here” Shhh; allow the mind and body to quiet down. Practice some loving kindness with the fly. Eventually he’ll go.

Perhaps somebody in the meditation hall is coughing and sneezing. They’re sitting right behind you. Anger comes up. “Didn’t this person think that she would spread germs? She’s going to make everyone sick, and her sneezing and coughing are disturbing my meditation.” Are you going to turn around and say, “Hey you, get out of here!”? No, because you are of the heart of compassion. This is your essence. It’s fine to get up and move to another seat, if the person is right behind you and sneezing on your back. Then, when you’ve moved to another seat, work with loving kindness meditation, extending loving wishes to this person that the cold may be gone, that they may feel better.

In this way you begin to do the work for which you took birth, which is to recognize that you ARE of the Light, and that darkness still remains in you because you are human. Remember that you have free will. A primary reason why you came into incarnation is to know that you could experience both positive and negative emotion, and that you have a choice what you do with those emotions, intending not to use them to harm others. When enough of you begin to practice in this way, not just in formal meditation practice but in your daily life, it will shift everything.

I have no promises for you, but I feel that the world is ready for a transition into a higher vibration, ready for a transition into a much more loving consciousness, spacious and connected. Each of you came into incarnation at this time— yes, each of you— at least in part because you were ready to do your part in this transition by doing your own work looking at the negative or uncomfortable catalyst that comes, and asking yourself how you can greet it, not with contraction and damnation, but greet it with an open heart. Each time you do this you literally change the energy of your whole world, and even of the universe.

I am not suggesting it is easy; definitely not. If it were easy, the Earth would have already made this transition into a higher density. But what happens on the Earth now, in the coming decades, is up to each of you. What happens in your own life is up to each of you. You have a choice: to live with love and light, or to live with darkness. And if you choose to live with light and love, darkness is going to come pounding on your door because it wants to be in control. Fearful thoughts will come, anger will come. You will be introduced to one catalyst after another that makes you uncomfortable. When you stay the course, holding compassion for the things that have made you uncomfortable, like all conditioned things they will go. When darkness is resolved, light remains. It really is as simple as that.

This is a topic about which I am passionate, and perhaps from the beginning was the heart of Deep Spring’s program: to learn how to relate to uncomfortable catalyst with kindness; to learn that you are fully capable of doing so, and also, to forgive yourself if at times you cannot do it. If anger comes up and you react to that anger, just let it go. No stories about how bad you are. Your work is hard. Sometimes you will slip. It’s okay.

There is no duality. And as soon as you react from a place of duality, you heighten the duality and the tensions between polarities. This is your work: to reduce this tension between polarities until, gradually, much opens up into positive polarity. Of course, there’s going to remain some negative polarity, at least for now. But as the Earth transitions into higher consciousness, most of this negativity will resolve itself. I cannot tell you how long it will take. It will take as long as it takes. Each choice you make with your own free will to hold space for the negative without condemnation, to say no to the negative with compassion, and to make compassionate, wise, loving choices for yourself and your communities, this is what will affect this transition.

I’m going to keep this talk relatively short tonight. I’ve been talking for half an hour now. I want to leave us some time for questions and answers. And I want to get those who are here, live, home before the temperature drops, as it’s expected to, and this rainy sleet turns to ice. So, we’ll keep it a relatively short evening. I’m sure I could find more to say in this opening talk, but have spoken the heart of it.

I’m going to open the floor now to questions, both in the room and online.

Reviewed carefully to here. Only lightly reviewed beyond. There may be some transcribing or typographical errors in the pages beyond this point,

Q: (inaudible) suffering a lot from negativity; how do I help him without judging?

Aaron: When you say from negativity at work, do you mean other people at work who are attacking him in some ways?

Q: He is encountering the same situation three times. (inaudible, maybe “he is not”) succeeding at becoming the principal at school.

Aaron: He has been passed over as school principal… I think he has to look at his own attitudes as well as that of others, to look deeply at whether there is any ego or pride that says, “I should be the one.” And probably there is, because one wants to be chosen as the principal. To hear from others why they feel he is not presently suitable for this role. To ask, “What can I do to improve myself? What weaknesses do you see in me? Not just so I can become principal, but so I can become a more loving, clear, wise person. What weaknesses do you see that I don’t see?” And he has to listen to them.

Then, if he feels what is told to him is not valid, then it’s likely there’s an external something negative going on. But, let him at least start with the supposition that this comes as a teacher. “Thank you for my being passed over. What do I need to learn?” If there are antagonistic people on the choosing committee, who are always negative to him, it would be useful for him to approach them and say, “Can we try to hear and understand each other, because I feel there’s a lot of friction between us.” Again, “Not so I can fix you, but so I can attend to any flaws in myself. What about me makes you feel antagonistic to me? What kinds of changes can I inact?” But, keeping in mind it may simply be these people want power, and they see him as a person who is not going to wrest (?meaning take away?) power. It may be that he needs to move to a different job.

We cannot change others, we can only learn how to respond more kindly and compassionately to others, and make sure that we are clear. I feel for his dilemma. I know it must be painful. But I think that looking at it in these ways may at least help him resolve any karma within himself, so that when he asks the universe, “I want to move up to a higher position because I think I have the capacity to do this well, for the highest good. I invite this to happen if it is not just ego,” and, as he says that and invites it, then to ask within himself, with his own discernment, “Are there any tangles within myself that need to be untangled, to be released?”

So he can work on both fronts: to try to talk to the others, to hear the others, to release anything that does not sound true to him. Not to say, “Oh, this is what they’re saying about me,” and take that attack into himself, if it sounds indirect, but be willing to listen and to learn, if there’s something to be learned. And then to ask spirit, to state his highest intention to serve as the principal, for the highest good of the teachers and student body, and that he has some ideas he would like to enact. And if this is truly for the highest good, he chooses to invite this. Okay?

Other questions?… No rush M, take your time. M is filling double shoes tonight. Tana could not make it in because of the weather, and apparently those who usually come and sign could not come in… No rush, M, no rush…

Q: This might be premature, but I was hoping that Aaron could talk about how resting in clear light is useful. How is it involved in saying no to negativity and responding kindly?

Aaron: I understand the question— thank you, Q. When you rest in clear light your whole energy field is open, with very little contraction. We know that contraction blocks energy and light. When something scares you and you close up, it’s very hard to hear the other person, if they have an opposing view. But when you rest in a spacious energy and truly listen you don’t take it so personally. Fear doesn’t come up. You’re not so quick to jump to “my opinion over your opinion” but truly to hear.

Resting in light, as we do this practice, is really resting in non-contraction. That strong light opens the energy field so there is non-contraction. Energy can flow through you smoothly. You open out and embrace everything. Your energy field connects with everything.

In this world of oppositionality, so often when somebody—even those who claim to be for the highest good— hear something that upsets them, they contract and say, “No!” Each time there’s that contraction it becomes a push back. How do you say no without pushing? When you ground yourself in this light, in spaciousness, state your highest value as that of the highest good of all beings and harm to none. Then you are able to say a different form of no. It’s how Gandhi spoke, for example, or Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. In these non-violent movements where people were foresworn not to enact violence, for some it was easier than for others. This is why some of the movements were more successful than others. It’s one thing to sit on your hands and say, “No, I won’t fight back,” when your energy field is in a turmoil, and it’s another to truly feel open.

I don’t know if this described the actuality, but it seems to me it does to some extent. In the movie Gandhi, he looks up at the end and sees the man holding the gun toward him. He doesn’t try to throw something at the man. He knows there’s nothing he can do that will stop the gun. He just draws his palms together in prayer, says, “OMMM…” and he’s shot. He dies in peace and with non-contraction.

The one who shot him, he will have to be karmically responsible for having shot. If Gandhi had reacted with violence, he probably could not have saved his life, but he would have destroyed everything he had been teaching. The same is true for those who, under Dr. King, worked with passive resistance and non-violence. Many of them were truly learning not to hate those who metaphorically and actually slung mud and worse at them. How do you not hate somebody who’s throwing rocks or rotten tomatoes at you? We can assume if you are in a situation of being the one who receives that violence, there are two reasons for it. One is for your own learning, to see that you CAN hold the space, can look into the other’s eyes and not react. And one is the power of what happens when you do so.

Barbara tells a story of a sit-in in a small southern town, in a restaurant. Four of them— she and a young white man, and a middle-aged black couple. They went in and sat. The four people the week before had been injured, beaten, so they knew they could be beaten, they could even be killed. But they were willing to accept that possibility to make a clear statement of their own truth. This is the principle known as Satyagraha, or “soul force.” It is the core of Gandhi’s work.

They could hear the angry crowd around them, as it had been the week before. The doors to the restaurant were closed, at this point. No one else was there except the manager. They meditated for half an hour; eventually they all four felt ready and got up. There were no words exchanged. They knew they needed to walk out the door. They knew they needed to hold a unified space of love, and this did not mean there would be no fear; it meant they would not be reactive to fear. They had found that within their hearts which was truly compassionate to the fears of those outside, not reactive to those fears.

She described how they held hands and walked out the door. There was a crowd— not a huge crowd, 100 people— with rocks and bricks and sticks, rotten fruit and whatever, yelling very nasty words, hate-filled words. She describes walking out the door and looking in people’s eyes. Many of them turned away; they could not meet her eyes and she didn’t force them, she moved on to someone else. Each of the four of them were doing this. Not accusing, not afraid; just holding the power of love, truly, “Thy will be done— whatever is for the highest good,” and walking out. The crowd simply parted in front of them, people stepping back, people dropping their rocks and bricks. They got into the car parked in the front and drove away. And that did it— the next group the next weekend was able to come in and sit at the restaurant.

This is how it works, one inch at a time, one group of people or one person being able to overcome the fear in their hearts; not to be reactive to fear, which is a skill that comes from your meditation practice. Not to be reactive to fear but to acknowledge the fear. “Breathing in, I am terrified; breathing out, I hold space for the terror.” That’s fine.

If each of you commit to do this, this world is going to shift into a higher consciousness very quickly. This is your work. Q, I’m not sure if that answered your question.

Q: I have another one. Is resting in clear light part of being human?

Aaron: Of course! The fetus was born from clear light. Either while still in the womb or with the first opening to the external world—pressure of the womb against you, the light, the noise— you contract and startle, so you slip out of that clear light. For many beings, you have slipped out while still in utero because you hear angry voices through the womb. You feel sensations that are uncomfortable. But those who have practiced with this have learned even in utero to do clear light practice. So, some people are born radiant with that clear light. Eventually they contract with the catalysts of the world.

Now, your original question was, how does the practice help? As you practice this, as a meditation and become more stable in holding the clear light, you are much better able to respond with love, with wisdom, with compassion, to uncomfortable catalyst. The light becomes a stable ground. It’s part of you. It’s not something you manifest— it is your essence; returning home! I pause.

A few of you may be asking, what do I mean by light? It has to do a lot with contraction and spaciousness. When something threatens you, you feel how you close up, you contract. When you contract, your energy can’t flow. The light that is the essence of your heart, the love, gets closed in behind (karma?). It can’t open. When you practice in meditation, watching the fly walk on the forehead or whatever other catalyst may come— the neighbor’s lawnmower, the ache in the back, the restless mind— and greet it with kindness and know it as arising out of conditions, impermanent, not self, you relax and open your energy field again. And then you come into touch with the light from which you are born, which is the essence of you. It is impossible for the human to stay fully open to that light 24/7, so be gentle with yourself. Whatever you can do is perfect, and it will increase gradually. No force, no “I should”.

Let’s have one more question… Again I invite any question, and if not, we’ll end here… I hope I’ve merely opened a door that we’ll continue to explore here on Wednesday nights and through the Dharma Path class, as we brought it up in my talk last night. This whole question of living the non-duality that you are, living the light.

Once more: any questions?
“What do we do with confusion, when we can’t decide which is the right decision or answer?”

Most people try to force an answer, and that doesn’t work. The most skillful approach, to me, is simply to sit with the experience of confusion. How does it feel? What’s uncomfortable about it is not the confusion but the wanting an answer, wanting this “can’t decide” to go away, wanting certainty. But there’s never certainty. And as long as you are contracted, grasping at an answer, you cannot find the deepest answer in your heart. So, if you stop and rest in meditation, and note the experience, “confusion, confusion, unpleasant,” where do you feel it in the body? Does it center maybe in the solar plexus, or the throat? Where is it centered? Can you feel the contraction with confusion? Breathing in, I am aware of that contraction. Breathing out, I hold space for the contraction.

Eventually, confusion becomes deeply known simply as an object arisen from conditions, not yet resolved. There’s no longer such a personal self-identity with it; it’s just confusion. At that point you’ve allowed spaciousness and energy to come back. Then you can ask, in your meditation: “I choose the most loving option, here, and I’m not sure what that is.” You can ask for guidance. You can simply meditate for minutes or hours or days until you have some degree of clarity. And also to be able to forgive yourself if you have not chosen wisely, and you see that harm has resulted. Then you simply come back. You ask for forgiveness from the harm. You learn from it. And, you try again.

Not easy, I know, but very doable if you will be patient with yourself and spacious with the experience of confusion, rather than trying to fix it and get rid of it. Okay? You’re welcome.

Who has a question?…
Q: (tape paused)… hold the space in quiet meditation or in nature, but when relating with other people, for example, while working, contractions come quicker, like it is protecting me from something. Like it was protecting me from something when I close up.

Aaron: You must recognize the distinction between armoring and shielding. When it’s raining, you put up an umbrella. When the rain ceases, you fold up the umbrella. But if you run into a sealed room, slam and lock the doors and refuse to come out because it might still be raining, that’s armoring. You can’t connect in any way with the world. Fear leads to armoring. Compassion and loving kindness lead to shielding.

Second part. We call meditation practice “practice” for a reason. You’re not engaged with other people. You sit there relaxed. And then the fly walks on your forehead, or you have the hiccups, or the neighbor’s lawnmower or snowplow is running. Contraction comes. Breathing in, I am aware of the contraction. Breathing out, I hold space for the contraction. So you release self-identity with the contraction. You leave it be.

I think most of you have heard the story of Milarepa and the demons who came, and his saying to them, “Sit by my fire, have tea.” He didn’t get up with a stick and try and chase them away. And he did not get into a dialogue with them. But, “Just stay there until you’re ready to leave.” Thus we do with contraction and any kind of negative thought: just serving it tea and leaving it be, and knowing it is arisen from conditions and will go.

As you become increasingly stable with this in your meditation practice, it becomes easier and easier to take it out into the world. Some situations will still be very hard, but you’ll find that the practice does support your staying open, but with appropriate shielding, in the world. Does that answer your question?

I very much love that we have people out there from 3 continents, I guess? From all over the world. This delights me, to see the interest in these teachings of love! I’m glad I’m able to share with you in this way. I’m grateful to those who make it happen.

So, I think this is enough. I don’t want those who are here live to get caught in an ice storm, which I think will start— it has not started, but it will start very soon. So I think it’s important we get these people safely home.

My blessings and love to you. And I apologize for not giving you another half hour here, but safety is paramount.

Go in peace and joy. I love you. Know that you are loved, and that you are Love, able to receive love and to give love. And that this is your truth, your essence. All else is simply ripples on the surface and not the core of your being. That is all.