June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020

June 19, 2020 Friday Evening, Dharma Path Intensive
On Juneteenth: Deeply Hearing and Learning from Every Being to Create a World of Deep Mutual Respect
Year 2; Intensive

Aaron: My blessings and love to you. I am Aaron. To be free is to be unlimited and accept and understand that unlimitedness.  Every race on every plane, every culture, every spiritual tradition generally begins at a lower level of consciousness and a strong belief in boundaries, in a limiting sense. It is good to have healthy boundaries, yes, but not immoveable fences. Boundaries have a flexibility, a breathability to them. They are not meant to protect you as a stone  wall, to keep everything out, to keep you in, but are meant to breathe, changing in terms of what serves the highest good.

Sometimes the heavy wall is built by the people themselves, and sometimes it is built by others afraid of those on the far side of the wall. Consider  Robert Frost’s “Good fences make good neighbors.” I’ve been very fascinated by the whole image of Trump’s wall to keep someone out, to keep someone in. A good fence enhances connection by giving each participant a place of refuge. But a fence doesn’t go up 30 feet! It has a stile so you can climb over it, greet each other, then move back into your own space, and then come out again.

Any group’s domination over another group is a way not so much of building a wall to keep them out but building a fence of fear around yourself. As long as you believe in those illusory limits—this is where I end—you can’t discover the co-connection, the co-creation of all beings to everything else. You are limiting yourself.

In your world and your universe today you are increasingly called upon to experience the co-creation of beings from all levels, beings of every sort and of different states and stages of consciousness, coming together to co-create a future in which all beings are deeply cherished and respected, each for their own part.

Your beautiful trees depend upon pollination from small insects. Is the giant tree better than the small insect that helps to pollinate it? Is it more powerful? Every being at every level plays a crucial part, and you will have to learn to treat every being at every level with loving respect as teacher, each teaching the others, each contributing. No contribution is meaningless or small.

This is the heart of humility: not to believe that you are better than or know more because you are wiser or have a certain religion or skin color or culture, but deeply hearing each other.

The traditional dharma is a beautiful path of learning that states that each voice has equal importance. So those of you walking this dharma path, involving yourself in dharma teachings, these give you a certain voice to the outside world and way of expressing the teachings of true equality of everything, a way of taking it into your own heart and of looking at the places where false pride gets into the way of true humility; where the thought, “I know,” blocks “I don’t know; please help me to understand.”

Several hundred years is a very short time in galactic terms, but throughout the history of humankind there has always been slavery. Slavery is a menace because it creates a sense of have and have-not, of better than and, therefore, lesser than. If you believe you are better than, how can you learn from another? How can you honor the true importance of every sentient being? The wonderful teachers who came to you today: nagas and owls, butterflies, ladybugs, trees and sea creatures, they each have something so beautiful and important to express.

As Earth moves into a higher density, this level of consciousness will truly know that wisdom does not come only from this or that race or culture or religion or expressed outer form; wisdom and compassion come from everywhere. This is a circular process; the more you understand that these come from everywhere and open yourselves, the more your heart will be open to learning; the more consciousness will evolve higher in an ongoing way.

The shift into higher density will not come because you have ended discrimination and slavery. It will happen because you have allowed the relaxing of the walls that you have carried for so long, so that you can learn from the ladybug, the ant, from the ocean, redwood and the wind. When your heart is truly open to everything as your teacher with a very deep, a profound sense of humility which is not a debasing of the self but an elevating of the self because the self is connected to everything, then you can learn.

You are that “all-that-is”. You are connected. You are love.

When one of the groups expressed surprise, perhaps, or discomfort that beings like myself or Yeshua would come to you, saying, “Who am I, to have these beings come and teach me?” Who am I, Aaron, that you would wonder why I would come and teach you? Yeshua would say the same thing. We are no different than you. We come with the intention to open deeply with love, to co-create a world of blossoming consciousness so that no being will ever be slave in any way—slave of its own fears, its own karma, and so forth, or slave to another being.

The world we envision and would co-create with you is one of deep, mutual respect. Mutual love and caring, mutual trust.

You celebrate what you call Juneteenth, this day of freedom when finally, there was no more bondage—but of course, there is still bondage, bondage formed by hatred, by greed. Young women, and young men too, held hostage to those who through greed would sell them sexually and in other ways. Bondage held by those filled with hate who would force their politics, their hatred on others and try to create a politics of discrimination and fear. These may seem to be subtler forms of bondage, but they are just as heavy bondage; without visible chains, but certainly with energetic chains.

So many beings have been wronged through the course of human history because of their skin color, or culture, or sexual preferences, or sex, and because of their ideas. If the Earth is going to move into a higher density, each of these forms of bondage must be seen for what they are. And enough of you must be committed to the release of such bondage, to say, first, “Never again. Never again in human history, and then never again in the history of the universe.”

This is where you come into this shift into a higher density, because as you begin to understand that all bondage must be released and the ground for that release is knowing and loving every other form of sentient life, when enough of you can do that— that tipping point of which I spoke—when enough of you can do that, the Earth is going to shift. It doesn’t have to be 50%. The tipping point is not at 51% but at a much lower point because of the power of consciousness.

The story of the Hundredth Monkey, do you know that story? Let me see a thumbs up. Most of you know the story so I won’t repeat it.

There’s an energetic wave of rising consciousness, and it becomes the new norm long before it’s 50%. So consciousness evolves. First there’s a backlash, people are afraid and are fighting back. But when you regard that backlash with an open heart, not condemning the one who is reacting; hearing their fear, but with that firm, compassionate, “No. You are afraid, but you may not enact that fear to harm others.” Embracing them with love, supporting them, reassuring them; then change is possible.

It only takes a few, and you are far more than a few now worldwide.

Barbara while reviewing; with perfect synchronicity this came from the Ram Dass site this morning:

You and I are not only here in terms of the work we’re doing on ourselves. We are here in terms of the role we’re playing within the systems of which we are a part, if you look at the way change affects people that are unconscious.

Change generates fear, fear generates contractions, contraction generates prejudice, bigotry, and ultimately violence. You can watch the whole thing happen, and you can see it happen in society after society after society.

The antidote for that is a consciousness that does not respond to change with fear. That’s as close to the beginning of that sequence as I can get.


The question is no longer if this transition will happen but simply how much chaos there will be before it happens, and how you can more deeply reduce that chaos and suffering as the process moves through, by holding those who push back, with love, and still saying no; by knowing the power of love in yourself through your own inner work and watching the one in you who is afraid, who would hold yourself in bondage out of fear.

When you release yourself from the slavery of fear and open your heart, you invite that throughout the world. It is happening; it will happen; it has already happened. It needs only to more fully manifest. So please trust; and trust your part in the process.

I do not suggest that it will be easy. It is hard work and needs constant vigilance from you. Vigilance—to hold a vigil. A mindfulness vigil watching the expressions of fear and negativity in yourself, and say, “Shhh…. no—go and sit quietly. You may not control this situation.”

As you become increasingly able to hold space for your own fear, your own negative thoughts, to co-create with your beautiful guides and all forms of support, that process increasingly will flow.

“All shall be well. And all shall be well. And all manner of thing shall be well.”

Thank you and I am happy to speak to questions.

Q: I’m not sure if this is part of my awareness, but there is an anonymous source called QAnon, and they seem to be driving.

Aaron: I don’t understand, Q; can you elaborate?

Q: Anonymous source called QAnon, and they seem to be driving people to believe that Trump is saving the world from pedophiles. It’s a conspiracy theory. I am just really wondering if that’s just part of this negativity that is trying to keep things terrible.

Aaron: There will always be negativity. The question is not whether negativity is present but how you relate to it. You do not have to allow the negative statements as truth in any way in order to hold your heart open to those who are espousing such negativity. It’s a voice of fear. The major question we keep returning to is, how do I relate to fear in myself and in the world? In what ways to I give power to fear or cease to give power to fear?

Fear is of the nature that if you fight back against it, it fights harder. If you ignore it, it also fights, of course. But when you listen respectfully and then simply say, “No, this is not how I see it. I hear you, but I have a different experience. And I will not live my life based on what you are saying,” this may not address the core voice of that fear, but all the others who are observing this tennis match back and forth—those of more neutral polarity who are just watching to see what’s happening, who are in touch with both the fear in themselves and the love in themselves—these are the ones that you are speaking to. Not the ones who are negative and are so caught in negativity that they cannot hear you, but the mass of people who are watching this interplay, and who will be increasingly drawn to your clarity and centeredness, to your refusal to be caught in hate and respond with hate.

Here, in this great realm of more or less neutral—let’s call it not the positive out there and the negative out there, but the 45% to 55%, the mass of beings in the center range. These are the people that will watch and learn and find a new way of coming back into their own hearts, increasingly opening their hearts to their own fear and releasing it. This is the core of the transition.

(added during review; Aaron asked me to google Q Anon. He points out that there is great fear and negativity here, but also, without intention for it, they are serving the light by making preposterous claims. Strong negativity will go along  with such claims, but those who are  closer to center will be moved  toward center.)

Q: Your statement of being a slave to fear speaks deeply to me. Thank you.

Q: A couple of evenings ago, watching two juvenile birds at the birdbath inspired a poem. (Aaron asks permission to read it.)

I am That:

The juvenile bluebird standing stiffly in the center of the birdbath.

The young starling watching in amazement before jumping in and splashing exuberantly,

As much as saying, “Here, I’ll show you so you can enjoy it, too.”

Exiting the bath,

Making space for the willing to learn, “I can do that, too.”

Bluebird to follow suit, again and again.
We teach, and we learn.

Aaron: Very beautiful. Thank you, a wonderful image.

Q: If we go deeply into our minds and imagine injustice and give light and love, will that provide healing?

Aaron: It will support healing; it will not provide healing. You cannot force healing, you can only open the door to healing. But yes, it will support healing.

Are there further questions?

It’s coming up to 9 o’clock. Let us end here. We’ll make time tomorrow for further questions…

That’s all. My blessings and love to you. I wish you a good night. I would like to strongly suggest, as you meditate tonight or go to bed, to go back to the guided meditation, to inviting your guidance in whatever form. To asking the deepest questions of your heart and asking support. See what comes.

There are so many of us so delighted to help support you. We thank you deeply for inviting us to come and speak to you, whether in this way through a medium or through yourselves. You don’t need a medium to hear our voice—you are the medium. You have the clarity and love to hear what needs to be heard, and to create this transformation.

I love you. Good night.

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