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Barbara: introduces herself – technical  delay in starting no beginning with introductions

Tavis: One of the things they asked me to talk about is how I join allopathic medicine and the energy work. Many people ask, how did you even get into energy work, being an allopathic physician? So I’ll talk a little about that now, and we’re supposed to talk more about it in a little bit. I’m an M.D., Internal Medicine, Board Certified with the Board of Internal Medicine, and also part of the clinical faculty for the University of Washington. So those are allopathic credentials. I’ve been in practice for almost 30 years, with Indian Health Service in the 1990s, and head of the hospital there for a while, and in private practice since 1999. I closed the private practice in 2015 in order to pursue more of a mixture of the spiritual energy work and a little bit of allopathic medicine. When we practice allopathic medicine under the standards of care through our governing bodies we can’t really use spiritual medicine or alternative medicines. They’re not standards of care, they’re not FDA approved, so I have to separate those. But there is a way for me to combine those, and I’ll talk a little bit about that later.

So that’s my introduction. The next introductions are Aaron and the spirit doctors…

Barbara: We’re getting a little bit of a late start here. We’re going to be working with a number of entities today. Well, I’m an entity, Tavis is an entity! But also Aaron, of course, and Jeshua; Three of what I consider spirit doctors, who go by the names Father John, Father Kindness, and Dr. O.; the Mother, who many of you are familiar with; and another very loving entity who presents herself more as female, Sister Love. They’ll be the prime presenters, but don’t be surprised at anyone who drops in!

I’m going to get out of the way and let Spirit speak…

Aaron: My love to you. I am Aaron. I know they said Jeshua would start, but I just want to come in, say hello and welcome you. As Barbara pointed out, many different entities will be coming in and out of Barbara’s body, so we need your help to keep the energy high. If you get up to walk out of the room for any reason, that’s fine. Don’t rush out and rush back, because that breaks the energy. Walk out gracefully, lovingly. Come back and feel the high energy in the room while you stand at the door, say thank you, and take your seat, so you’re not crashing into the energy.

Part of the reason that I came in first is that Jeshua would far prefer to sit on a stool. (They adjust the seating.) Jeshua, will this work? (Yes.)

Jeshua: My love to you all. They call me Jeshua. Thank you for being here with us today. Now we will start the program.

You are light. You are love. You ask the question, who heals? What heals? What is the nature of distortion? I want to begin the program by addressing these questions.

Let us begin with a simple prayer that I think all of you know. You know “The Lord’s Prayer,” as being my words. “When you pray, pray this way.” What did I mean by these words? Let’s take it a piece at a time, because I think this foundation is vital to your understanding of everything else we will discuss today.

“Our Father/Mother/Divine Creator, the Source of all that is, we praise Thy name.”

Now, the Divine Creator— co-Creator with you;  the source of light and love, does not need your praise. There’s no ego there. Why would it seek praise? The praise is for you. When you praise, you raise your vibration. You come up to a higher place of love and begin to know who you truly are. “We praise your name.” —whatever name you give, and each tradition gives its own name. There is one God/Goddess/Divinity, many names. I love you. I cherish you and all that you have created.

“Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done.”

In other words, may this light and love that you are be found everywhere. And may I of my own free will be a part of creating that light and love throughout all the universes, all the galaxies, everywhere. I am light, I am love; therefore I am created in Thine image, I am light and love, and I choose to be a part of the co-creation on this heavy density planet. “Thy kingdom come.” Thy will of Love everywhere and in everything. The Knowing of that love in everything. “Thy will be done.”

“Give us this day our daily bread.”

Is anybody here hungry? Do you need bread? What do you need? Do you need Light and love? What truly nourishes you? I think we can find some bread in the kitchen, if anyone needs it. But I doubt that’s what you truly need. If it is what you need, of course we’ll make sure it’s available to you. But the essence, light, high vibration, love; that is what we ask. “Give us this day our daily bread.”

“And forgive us our trespasses.”

That’s a harder one. If you know yourself to be light and always act in accordance with that light, then there are no so-called trespasses. But coming into this heavy density planet you forget who you are, and you cease to know yourself as light and as love. And then you act in antithesis to the core of your being, which is light and love. You act in service to self instead of service to all beings because you have slipped into the illusion of separation.

We ask forgiveness for that, that which shaped us, shaped us with free will and the possibility to hold to that true light or to slip into distortion. When you slip into distortion, you suffer. When you suffer and you are paying attention, it helps you learn not to slip into the distortion of separation but to hold the space of love.

We ask forgiveness, we ask compassion for ourselves and all beings who, because of the humanness and living on this heavy density planet, do slip into distortion, do transgress against the illusory other, which is really the self. Because when I harm another, I harm myself.

“and help us to forgive those who trespass against us.”

To see that they have also slipped into the illusion of separation, and out of that illusion have acted and spoken in ways that do harm. Each time we say, “I hold you in my heart,” seeing the pain that creates the distortion of separation, we forgive. And in forgiving others, we forgive ourselves.

“Lead us not into temptation.”

Lead us not into the paths that the separated ego would walk, but help us to know our innate connection with God/Goddess/All That Is.

“Deliver us from evil.”

What is evil? How can anything be evil if God has created everything? On the ultimate level, there is no evil. On the relative level, we slip into the ego self, into the stories. Deliver us from, let us say from slipping into the illusion of separation. That’s my best definition of evil: to become caught in the illusion of separation. “Deliver us from evil.”

“For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory.”

The one God/Goddess/Infinite Creator, the heart of love, it is that, the divine essence, that we adore and with which we come to know in non-duality.

That is my meaning behind that prayer. Now let us take this one step further.

Who are you and why are you here? You are love. You have always been love, even when you forget that you are love. You have the Bible story of the Garden of Eden, and some of you cry out, “Return me to Eden! Why was I evicted from the Garden? What sin did I commit, to be thusly removed?” No sin. You are always in the Garden. How could you be anywhere else?

This is part of the illusion to which you have agreed. When you first found yourself with awakening consciousness in that Garden, the first moment of “I Am”, of a self, there was the idea of separation from God. If I am, then God must be separate. This is akin to the birth of the child, who as the fetus, dwells in unity with the mother. But upon its birth it experiences itself eventually as separate from the mother. Not immediately; eventually. And it did not happen for you immediately, either.

This spark of God that you are, this spark of consciousness eventually looked around itself in this heavenly realm and said, “I am.” And then, “If I am, and I do not feel God’s presence, then I must be out of the Garden. How do I come back?” Saint Joh/n of the Cross speaks of this experience as the “Dark Night of the Soul.” The rest of the journey has all been your attempt to come home to God, to come home to your true self, to know yourself as you are.

But here’s something interesting. That which we think of as God or Divine Essence or Creator, is infinite. And if it’s infinite it includes everything, including you. It includes loving thoughts and angry thoughts. It includes joy and sorrow. It includes fear and love. You are here in incarnation to end the dualities. If something is pushed aside, is thought of as not divine, it seems to be outside of the heart of love. It is something seen as needing to be fixed, something broken. But what if everything is an expression of God/Goddess/All That Is, of love?

There are some what you might think of as beautiful expressions, and some what you might think of as contracted, negative expressions. Are they not all a part of the One?

A battery has a positive pole and a negative pole. Only one battery. It cannot be a battery unless it has a positive pole and a negative pole. That which we think of as positive lives with the intention of service to all beings, the intention of love. That which we think of as negative lives with intention of service to self, and putting the self above others. But the Self is also part of Creation. Is ego negative? Is ego evil? No, nothing is evil. Ego is a misunderstanding, caught in the delusion of separation. If everything is Divine then ego is also Divine. But now it expresses as an uncontrolled contraction, pushing itself, separating itself, instead of knowing itself as everything.

You have come into the incarnation to more fully know yourself as non-dual with All That Is; to look at the beautiful expressions that we might call positive polarity, and the, let’s call them the more unattractive expressions that we might call negative polarity, and to bring the negative back into the loving heart; not to empower the negative but to invite it back into the heart. This is why Aaron keeps telling you, when something negative arises, bring it into the heart. Fear, anger, greed, you don’t have to enact them, but don’t hate them and thereby empower them. As Aaron would tell you, they have arisen from conditions. Let them be, and return to the true self.

You have lived with the Garden of Eden myth for a long time, with the idea that you had to do something to finally fix yourself, to scour off the negative so that you could be the beautiful one that you are. You have believed that you can only reconnect to the source of love if you do a good job of scouring and finally get rid of all the negative. This applies to your emotions, to your thoughts, to your body, until people come to me and say, “Why am I sick? What did I do wrong? How do I get rid of the illness?” Rather, the question needs to be, how do you embrace everything— fear, anger, negative thoughts, body discomfort? What is the true nature of body distortion? I will speak more about this today, and others of these Brothers and Sisters of Light will speak. I wanted to simply get topics started.

What is the nature of illness? Of course, there are many grounds for illness— environmental, genetic, different causes for illness in the body. But let’s talk more about what perpetuates it and what releases it.

If you know yourself to belong in the Garden, you know you have the right to be there, the absolute right to be there. You have always been there. Come back. Why do you hold yourself apart?

You might say that I came to Earth, in the lifetime when you knew me as Jeshua, to invite you all back into the Garden. That’s where you live. You’ve always been in the Garden, but you forgot. So, wake up! Come back! Be there with me. It’s lonely there without you.

I’m going to give the body back to Barbara at this point, to let Barbara and Tavis take this wherever it will go next. Thank you.

Barbara: Thank you, Jeshua. This is Barbara. This is a little tricky part of it, and I asked Aaron and Jeshua, can I really do this? Can I really have Jeshua leave the body and me, Barbara speak soon after?  They said, “yes”. So give me one minute to ground myself here. His energy is so high it’s a little hard to come back to Barbara consciousness. But they decided Jeshua needed to talk first, and it was easier for me to talk second than later when there had been numerous other entities in the body.

I’m going to go back and sit in my chair; Jeshua can have the stool…

So we’re talking here now about the questions, what is healing, what needs to be healed, who heals. I’ve been asked to speak personally about the simultaneity of the ever-perfect and distortion. Tavis asked me to clarify: what do I mean by ever-perfect? What do I mean by distortion?

Imagine a flat ocean, no ripple anywhere on the surface. Then the wind blows, and ripples form. We could say the ripples are a distortion of the flatness. But there’s nothing negative about them; this is the nature of the ocean. More wind blows and waves form. Are the waves ever separate from the stillness of the ocean? The ocean is stillness and fluidity, stillness and movement. The waves are not separate from the ocean. Our minds and bodies move into areas of contraction, and they’re not separate from the core of radiance and stillness. They’re not bad, but the ripple is felt as a distortion.

BB here

One image gave me many years ago that I found helpful. I was down at the lake at night, sitting on my boat. It was a very clear night and the water was perfectly still. I had a brilliant flashlight. Aaron asked me to shine the flashlight down into the water. The water was very clear. In the daytime one can see the bottom. The light hit the water, and then it seemed to bend because the water has a different density than the air. So the light was straight, and then bent. He said, is the light truly bending? No, but there’s the illusion that it’s bending. This is just the play of different densities or vibrations.

If I feel loving, truly open-hearted and connected, and then something comes up that arouses anger, I personally think of anger as a distortion. I feel it as a contracting energy. Then Aaron asks, “is this other than love? Is there anything here that’s not love?” The anger is just a distortion of love. If I couldn’t love, then anger wouldn’t come. One of the conditions that gives rise to anger is that I’m capable of loving. Does that make sense to you? If I was not capable of loving, I would not care enough to move into anger. But because I want to protect, or because fear comes up based on that love, I may move into the distortion of anger. They’re not separate.

This is about the relationship of the relative and the ultimate.  I’m going to bring out these nested canisters. Some of you have seen this demonstration years ago. We have an ultimate reality (large canister) and a relative reality (small canister). Most of the time we spend our time in relative reality. We look out, peek around (pulls out a small teddy bear from the relative canister). Relative reality. Sometimes when we look out we say, “Ooo, there’s a big space out there.” Back into relative reality, “It’s too big out there.” We forget that relative reality is inside ultimate reality, and that when we’re in relative reality we’re also always in ultimate reality.

We have some profound meditation experiences that leave us in the ultimate. “Wow!” But we can’t stay there. Eventually we come back to the relative. Then we have a profound meditation experiences of the ultimate, in which we begin to see that we can come out of relative reality and really straddle them, one foot in each. We start to gain balance there, get a little bit comfortable with being in both. But we are still trying to move back and forth— relative, ultimate, relative, ultimate. When something scares us— boom! We jump back into the relative. The relative goes back into the ultimate, but we’re back into the relative, lid on, and fail to realize the simultaneous presence of the ultimate.

For me, the most powerful part of all my years of spiritual practice has been truly understanding the simultaneity of relative and ultimate. If I’m in a deep meditation in ultimate reality, I’m still in relative reality. When I lose myself in relative reality with a lid on, I’m still in ultimate reality. I can’t lose ultimate reality.

So what does this mean to my life? I want to give two short examples. Through all my childhood, teenage, and young adult years I had a very strong sense of unworthiness. I had done a lot of work with myself meditating and with therapy and so forth. I understood intellectually that I was not unworthy, but that was still the label I gave myself. If I was at a party, for example, and came in and walked up to somebody and then maybe somebody tapped their shoulder and they looked away from me— “Oh! I’m unworthy. They don’t care about me. They don’t love me. Something’s wrong with me.”

About 25 years ago I was at a month-long meditation retreat, and as I did walking meditation and saw people walking toward me, Aaron invited me, instead of looking away as was the instruction for the retreat, making no eye contact, to look up. Of course, as soon as I made eye contact with them, they looked away, because we’re told, “no eye contact”. They looked away and shame came up. And then Aaron asking the question, “is there anybody unworthy here? Can you see that this whole story just arose from conditions and has no ultimate truth?”

Gradually— good that it was a month, I needed the whole month—but gradually my heart began to open to this human that had the conditioned experience to believe myself to be unworthy and to move into shame. Finally, I said to Aaron, if I’m not unworthy I must be worthy. He said that’s just another story. No worthiness, no unworthiness. Can there be compassion for the human that still has not purified the conditions that give rise to unworthiness? The story “I’m unworthy” still occasionally arose, without believing in the story, without getting hooked into the story. Just, here is old conditioning. The relative level, “I’m unworthy!”, and the ultimate level, “No one is every unworthy, including me.” Filled with love, feeling connection, feeing joy. Moving back and forth between the two.

By the end of the month, two things had happened. I no longer believed myself to be unworthy. I did not get hooked into that story anymore. And I was filled with compassion for the human who had. I was no longer trying to fix myself because I didn’t find anything broken in myself anymore. Understanding the simultaneity of relative and ultimate with my heart, not intellect, really got me there. It’s very powerful.

For the second part of this, let’s fast-forward to a few years ago. I was experiencing extreme pain in my back. The MRI and other tests showed that I had spinal stenosis, which is a condition in which the bone has closed in around the nerves that come out from the spine, pinching those nerves, creating pain, and in my case, also some degree of paralysis. There were times when I would be standing and feel my legs gave way and collapse to the ground. It was scary.

The doctors here at UM Hospital wanted to do surgery, a 14-inch incision on my back to cut into the bone that was pinching the nerves. I had bulging discs, and they wanted to put in a metal screws to push the spinal pieces apart to relieve pressure on the discs. There was a good chance that this would work, maybe an 80% chance that I would have real relief after the surgery. There would be six months of recovery and a brace, gradually strengthening after that, 80% chance all would turn out well. There was also a 20% chance that they could nick the spinal cord and I would end up paralyzed from the waist down, based on the various pictures and tests they took, and where the nerves were in relation to the surface.

What was I going to do? I was in agonizing pain, and I couldn’t walk. Ultimate and relative. The relative reality: there is this stenosis. It’s real. I must deal with it in some way. The ultimate reality: the perfect spine is there, just like the one who has never been unworthy is there. The ever-perfect spine is there. How do I return to that ever-perfect spine? My choice was to turn to the entities at John of God’s Casa de Dom Inaçio. In meditation, they said they thought they could help me, no guarantees. For them to be able to help me, instead of relating to the spine as damaged and something that had to be fixed, I needed to meditate and know the strong perfect spine, to visualize it; to feel the places of blocked energy and invite the simultaneity of a full flow of energy; to love my spine. I needed also to do the work of asking, what does this inability to walk protect me from? In what ways am I allowing myself to shrink back from being the fullness that I am?

I can only say it’s been two years now, and they continue to work on me. I can stand up and the back is strong. I don’t walk perfectly, (demonstrating, inaudible). The best thing is there’s no pain. I still have bad balance, related to my lack of middle-ear balance, but there’s no pain, I can stand erect, and my body isn’t hunched over. I’m starting to love my spine and know the innate perfection that’s capable gradually of expressing itself. It’s not going to be instant, because the physical body is the heavy density part of this, and it takes time to shift itself from distortion into perfection. But the body is capable of expressing that innate perfection.

These two experiences, with unworthiness and with my body, have taught me so much about what heals, how we heal, how we support healing or block healing. It’s been amazing. I’m fully convinced now that, I won’t say that everything can heal— I suppose I’m not convinced that if my arm ended up being cut off, I could grow a new arm. I probably could but I don’t believe it yet, so I probably can’t because I don’t believe it! I’m not going to invite an accidental amputation of a limb in order to learn that. I pass. I’ll trust that I could do it if it I had to, and not push it.

The process is just not becoming self-identified with the illness. Ask the question, what does this illness protect me from? If I was not experiencing this, what might I be experiencing? For example with my deafness, I found very early on the part of me that did not want to hear the screams of the world, the cries of agony of the world. I found past-life connections. I’m not saying that I became deaf because I did not want to hear the screams of the world; I became deaf because the nerves were oxygen-starved during childbirth, for whatever reasons. There was a genetic predisposition to this happening. I became deaf for many reasons. But the deeper healing is that while the ears still don’t hear, there’s nothing karmically holding me to being deaf anymore. I still feel that eventually I’m going to hear.

What blocks healing? What is healing? Returning to the ever-perfect. Okay, enough from me. I’m going to pass this to Tavis.

Tavis: I’m honored that I’ve been asked to speak about the allopathic medicine and the energy that I use. Often people ask, how did I even start using energy being trained as an MD? I’m also Native, and 20 years ago I apprenticed with a Medicine person, in a very strict, traditional Native training for what we call a Ceremonial Elder. People of the non-Native communities often refer to that as a shaman path. We don’t use that term. It was during this journey that I became connected to my higher self and began to learn about spiritual healing. I was fortunate about a decade ago to undergo treatment by my helpers to eradicate some health issues that, as an MD physician I would never have believed was possible. And so that began the journey of learning from these helpers how to help others to learn in similar ways.

Now does this mean that I don’t use allopathic medicine or I don’t believe in it anymore? No, I sincerely believe that allopathic medicine with our procedures and our medications are very helpful. And the other modalities— chiropractic, naturopath, massage, various and sundry of other modalities are helpful as well. And at any point in our healing path, some components are going to be helpful to us and some components are not.

But overall what we need for healing is healing of our spiritual and our emotional and psychological self, because those are tied inherently and deeply with our physical body and our energy centers that are there. We can attempt to heal just physically, but often some of those illnesses will come back because we haven’t done the other work of the spiritual, emotional, and psychological healing. So learning how to combine these many aspects, is what we’re using now. I’m using the term “we” because I’m working with a very high energy group of healers we call the Brothers and Sisters of Light. And why do they need someone like myself or Barbara, other people, to channel or facilitate this healing? It was explained to me to consider a fiberoptic cable. It’s wound with insulation, and when you get fully-insulated fiberoptic cable, you get a very clear message, like when you’re looking at your TV. If your cable is working well, you’re happy because the insulation is all intact. But if you get a little nick in it, it doesn’t work so well and your picture is all jumbled up. And you make all these calls to Infinity, or Xfinity— probably we should call Infinity, but we’re calling Xfinity! But what they explained is, those of us in 3rd density form that help facilitate these healings and can channel, we are creating that connection, and creating sort of that insulation. We’re able to help facilitate that message in a much clearer aspect than if it was just coming without one of us to help ground that and pass it on to the individual that we’re working with. The spirit realm needs a 3rd density being to optimally connect to another 3rd density being.

So using that channeled connection is a teamwork approach and a process that’s not only the healers’ and myself, but the patient’s. The patient is integrally involved in this. It’s not miracle healing. We’re not going to put you on a table, wave our hands and say, “Ah, you’re cured! You’re thinking.” This takes work.” Yes, it takes more work than taking a pill every day. You need to work on your psychological, your mental, your emotional issues. We give specified meditation healings, imagery done specifically for whatever process we’re trying to help you heal. And this involves you in this intricate process. And as we go forward this evening, the other spirit doctors and Aaron are going to talk more in depth about what those processes are, and why it’s so important. But this is how I am melding the allopathic and spiritual. I’m fortunate enough to have almost 30 years of medical practice and a broad understanding of diseases and illnesses, and I can use this information in combination with the help from the healing entities to directly affect what is going on in the physical body in a much more direct way. And this is what patients have said that have had some other types of energy healing, is that we’re being very direct. And this direct approach is quite beneficial in addition to the processes they’re doing which we call “the homework”: their meditation and their working on their other issues.

I think this is where we’re going to take a break, now…


Part 2

Tavis: I’ve been asked to give a few examples of what our healing process looks like.

A gentleman came who has bad diabetes and vascular disease, meaning he had a lot of arteries that were blocked. He had stents in the arteries in his legs to help the blood flow, but even those stents were blocked, and his vascular surgeon said there was nothing more he could do, he gave him an exercise program. But every time the gentleman walked, he had a significant amount of pain. So he came saying that he was tired of physicians and surgeons anyway, even if they could do anything for him, and wanted a different approach.

We began to work. After the first session he came back in a week. I said, “How’s your neuropathy? “which is nerve pain in the hands and feet of diabetics. He said, “They don’t hurt anymore, and I actually forgot about them.” It’s interesting that nerve pain actually responds really well to energy work, and I think that’s because of the electrical components of it. His legs, he had 5 days of pain-free walking, and then he started to get some pain again the next couple of days. So we did some more work, another treatment, and gave him homework. We taught him how to do meditation healing with some imagery to help keep the vessels in his legs open and the nerves healthy. And after 6 weeks of weekly sessions he could walk without pain. He had no neuropathy in his hands or his feet. And he actually had pulses in his feet, which he did not have pulses when we started. So that was very exciting.

We had another woman come in that had a neurogenic bladder, which meant that she couldn’t urinate without using a catheter, the bladder wouldn’t contract. She would hold up to 700cc of urine in her bladder; normal is around 30cc. 100cc is okay, but when you get much above that it can become a problem with infections and such. So she was catheterizing on a regular basis to get rid of the urine.

When I worked with her, it felt like something was going on in her back. So we did a treatment, and then she came back the next week, and she said, “I can urinate, and I think I’m getting rid of almost all my urine.” I said, “Just to be safe, catheterize at night. We’ll get some studies.” I wanted to look at her back. So we got an MRI of her back, and we got an ultrasound of her bladder, something we call a PVR, post-void residual, looking at how much urine is left after one urinates. When I saw her the following week, the MRI showed that she had a disc pinching on her nerve, something that the radiologist was calling cauda equina which typically needs surgery to correct or else you can develop paralysis from below the point where it’s pinching on the nerve. Her post-void residual was now down to 100cc from 700cc. Subsequently she can urinate on her own, she doesn’t need to use the catheter anymore. And we prevented her from needing surgery to release the impingement on the spinal cord.

Another person recently developed a number of kidney stones. Most of them passed but one got stuck, which is not uncommon if it is large. Urine backs up and causes the kidney to swell, we call this hydronephrosis. After a month this person decided that they needed more assistance because they weren’t going to be able to clear the stone. I said, you’ll need to see the urologist, which will take you a week, and you’ll need to undergo a procedure, or you can let me try and work on you now.

So I worked on him; it doesn’t take long, 5 minutes. The next day he called saying he was passing fragments of stone. He happened to be an ultrasound tech. He checked the ultrasound. The stone was gone that had been stuck in the ureter. Two weeks later the hydronephrosis was gone. All this without requirement of anesthesia and lithotripsy and other procedures they would have had to do to get rid of that stone.

And we have many other illnesses and health issues that have improved: Dysarthria from stroke, her speech therapist called in the other speech therapist in the clinic to listen, she was amazed. We had a kid that was having facial tics and couldn’t focus in school. That’s gone, and he’s doing well in school. Just a myriad of disease and illness processes that are improving. And people are feeling lighter and happier because they’re also healing their spiritual and emotional selves. So it’s very exciting.

Q: Do they also do spiritual or emotional work to help with these conditions?

Tavis: Yes. Part of their homework is to work on their own spiritual and emotional issues as well as the imagery that we give with the meditation healing.

Q: How do you determine what the emotional blockages are?

Tavis: We’re going to go through this with the other spirit doctors that are going to come in, who are going to address these blockages in more detail. So we’ll answer that in a little bit.

So I’m going to turn this over to Aaron…

Aaron: My blessings and love to you all. I am Aaron. Let’s step back a bit, into intellect and philosophy, to use it as a foundation.

Jeshua said, come back to the Garden. Come back to knowing your innate perfection. The seeming distortions which are real on the relative level are nonexistent on the ultimate level. But because you hold onto them— Barbara used the example of her feelings of shame and unworthiness. There was a strong self-identification with these. She had to be willing to ask, when I am not being the one who is unworthy, who am I? What if I’m not unworthy? And to regard the fear, “what does unworthiness protect me from?”

If one believes oneself to be unworthy or limited in other ways, does not understand one’s unlimitedness, one then has an excuse. “I can’t do it. I can’t change the suffering in the world or in myself or in my community. I’m small. I’m helpless.” But you are huge. You can do anything.

What if you try and you cannot do it? That’s part of the fear. For some, it’s more frightening to think of letting people down than not trying at all, or it can be more frightening. The opposite side of it: what if I can do it? What if I really am that powerful? But because you have deep intention to live your lives without harm and with love, and because you have not yet fully resolved the negative emotions— they still arise— there’s fear of your power. If you are infinite, unlimited, and anger comes up, you could blow up the world with that anger, or at least that’s the fear. You see that fear of their power in little children, and then they start to become rational and realize, “I can’t really blow up the world.” But at some level there’s fear of knowing your power.

As Jeshua reminded you, you came into the incarnation to co-create a universe of love, a higher vibration. Quite literally, to help shift this heavier density Earth into a higher vibration. What do I mean by higher or lower vibration? I think this experience becomes more accessible when you think about contraction versus spaciousness.

I’d like you all to clench your fists, make yourself tight. Make yourself small. Can you feel that energy can’t easily flow when you’re contracted like that? Tension. You may contract with the thoughts like, “I can’t do anything.” Or with anger held down, tight. (pause) Now I’d ask you to bring your hands together. Breathe deep, fill the chest, open the chest, the pelvis. Say thank you, thank you. Can you feel how that changes your energy? Can you feel the spaciousness in thank you? Can you feel it?

Years ago, I gave a number of sequential classes, that you can probably find on the Archives, on energy. Let’s talk about this briefly.

Contracted. I put something in the hand and the hand closes around it. And then I give it back, and the hand opens. That’s a natural and balanced contraction. The breath comes in, and then flows out, the chest contracting and expanding; a balanced contraction. Balanced contractions are healthy. As a human, your whole life is filled with these balanced contractions.

When the contraction becomes unbalanced, tight, contracted, it is a cause for distortion. For many people, the whole body is contracted most of the time. The opposite, not to contract at all, to just stay spacious, well you can’t live that way. To breathe, to chew, to give and take, there must be some degree of contraction. How do we invite balance?

Think of a river carrying logs. The logs are flowing smoothly down the river, sometimes crashing into each other, but mostly flowing smoothly. But there is a dam, so as the logs flow down river, eventually they tighten against each other. There will be a lot of contraction, hyper movement. Then the logs become so impacted that they stop; they can’t go anywhere. Logjam. You might think that the remedy would be to push harder, to break up the logjam, but the more logs you push into it, the more it becomes jammed. If you remove some logs, gradually there’s space again.

When negative emotion arises, emotions like fear, grasping, or anger, and the body contracts, and then you think, “I should fix it,” that “I should” is just like putting more logs into the network, contracting and contracting and contracting.

What brings spaciousness? A favorite teaching of mine: that which we do not love comes as teacher. We begin to see the contraction around the emotional, mental or physical issues. If we remember, “This has not come to harm me; this has come as teacher— thank you,” just that change of energy allows the heart to open, “Thank you,” opens the whole system. It allows the energy to flow again.

We’re here today primarily talking about physical healing, but also emotional and mental. When you fight with whatever distortion has arisen, try to get rid of it or to fix it, you pull the whole body into a contracted state. Friction occurs. Eventually with that friction, the body will wear itself out. If you do not contract around unpleasant catalyst but remind yourself just to stop and say, “Thank you, teacher. This too has come because I have come into the incarnation to learn to practice love. Thank you, teacher. I will hold my heart open, even to this,” then you don’t contract around it. Then the body does not deepen into that particular distortion and become more and more ill.

I want to be careful here. I am not suggesting for those of you who have some ongoing ailment that you are making yourself sick, only that you are following the habitual tendencies of the human. And if you will remember that what you came here to practice is love, spaciousness, cultivation of an open heart rather than fear, and ask yourself, “Right here with fear, where is love? Right here with pain, where is release from pain?”, this to me is the path to healing.

There are many causes of dis-ease, physical, mental and emotional. There is one clear path to healing in all of these situations, and that is to remember the power of love. It is normal for the human when something hurts to think, “I need to fix it.” But can you feel how just with the word “fix” you begin to contract? How about, “I choose to love it.”? Is that different? Which has more contraction, “I need to fix it” or “I choose to love it”? With “I choose to love it” you also have the intention to release it. You’re not loving it and hanging onto it, you’re loving it and letting it go. But you are not trying to fix anything.

The interesting thing is, when you give energy to fixing, you are giving energy to the distortion. This re-energizes the distortion. It keeps it going. Barbara mentioned her back. The primary learning for her of the first 6 months of back pain was, every time her back froze up with pain, to stop and breathe, feeling the expansion of the pelvis, opening. She was invited to learn the anatomy of that part of her back, a combination of muscles, nerves, and so forth called the lumbar plexus. The stenosis was in the lumbar spine. She began, with mindfulness, to watch the small contractions, not just pain in the spine but to observe what was painful. The whole spine? The whole lumbar spine? No. Where was the pain? The nerves being pinched. Well, when she breathed and made more space in the pelvis, the nerves were not as pinched. Then gradually it could open. She became more adept at identifying the specific areas of pain rather than just, “Oh, my back hurts.” Then, not, “Fix my back that hurts,” but, like holding a child that’s crying, “Oh…”, comforting her back in that way. Loving her back, not trying to fix it. This is what promotes healing.

Your body is a wonderful tool for learning because it’s so responsive. As soon as you close up there’s going to be pain. As soon as you try to fix there’s going to be even more pain. As soon as you breathe and open, pain will recede. So I think you learn faster from the physical body than the emotional and mental bodies. “Thank you.” But that doesn’t mean you want to perpetuate the pain, only to choose. I choose to release this, to release my whole long-term relationship with it; to see any karma that’s holding this to me. I choose to live without this kind of pain and without suffering. It is possible. But keep in mind, whatever you do not love comes as teacher. It is not there for you to fight but to pay attention to. “Thank you, what have you come to teach me?”

Let us move on here. We have karmic, environmental, physical, emotional, mental causes for dis-ease or distortion. We have many supports for healing. Love is the primary one. Knowing your innate spaciousness. Let’s move on to the question, what blocks healing? I’m going to pass this to Tavis.

Tavis, I am going to stay in the body at this point, so that if you want one of the other entities to come in, they’re very available.

Tavis:  We’re going to discuss blocks to healing. The basic understanding is, whenever we have these blocks it interferes with the energy and the love and light that’s flowing through us to help us heal. I’m going to name a block and ask that Aaron or Father John or Dr. O or anyone else who wants to chime in can discuss it in further detail.

One of the first ones on the list is self-doubt.

Aaron: I am Aaron and I am asking who would like to comment…

Father John: I am Father John. I am happy to be here with you. Barbara has been practicing with us, not having to go back to Barbara-consciousness,  but being able to let us move the body back and forth between us. We will do that for as much as we are able. And I am not as practiced in speaking through her body, so if I drop the voice, please let me know.

What is self-doubt? It’s not knowing the divine self. It’s identifying with the small self. I personally find that this self-identification with limitedness is a primary block to healing.

Tavis: I agree, that when we do not believe in our own ability to be healthy or to heal, we block the way to healthiness.

FJ: Then the next question is, what supports this self-doubt? What cements it in place? And this goes back to what Jeshua said, about the belief, “I must scour all the negativity off myself before I am able to return to connection to the Divine. I am not capable of that so I will keep myself small.” So my question then is, and this is not just a spiritual question but is also a psychological question; we see this kind of belief in one’s own limitedness, one’s refusal to acknowledge the divinity of the self in both what I would call healthy and unhealthy individuals. Those who have a healthy physical body seem to be able to maintain that body even with this denial of the radiance of the self. So I wonder and would like to dialog with you about what you think is happening, because this is one of my challenges. I see people come to me as a spirit doctor, seeking healing who hold onto the sense of limited self and self-doubt, and then I can work with them to help move them spiritually through the self-doubt and into embracing the self. Then the physical healing can follow. But I see those who do not seem to have this attachment to a limited self, and yet the body does not seem to heal. I have some thoughts about this, but I wonder what you have seen of this.

Tavis: Along with the self-doubt and absence of divinity for oneself I think is linked unworthiness and shame. I agree, I don’t totally understand why some people are ill without the concept of their own divinity, yet others appear healthy. Perhaps that is where a difference is. They appear healthy but maybe are not as healthy as we see them.

FJ: I understand what you’re saying, Tavis. We need to keep in mind that each lifetime is just like that, (snapping fingers) and that the belief in one’s limitedness, the belief in… the feelings of unworthiness, all of this may not present in this lifetime. And yet, because they have presented in past lifetimes, the body moves into the ailments. We cannot just say we need to get past feelings of limitedness and unworthiness and so forth in this lifetime to heal. However, most people do not have access to the past lifetimes.

So what I personally find most helpful when somebody who does not seem to have much self-doubt or self-negation, feelings of unworthiness, but they’re moving into a limited space, the body is expressing dis-ease…

— One moment please. I am not nearly as articulate as Aaron. I need help to find the right words…

Aaron: I am Aaron. I understand what Father John is saying; let me see if I can articulate it.

We’re talking about the soul that is constantly growing from one lifetime to another. It moves into a negative physical pattern in one lifetime, that may present the human an opportunity not to move into the habitual patterns of shame or unworthiness or fear, but to love oneself with that physical pattern. That can present a very strong pathway to healing in this lifetime, and karmically can shift the whole karmic habit, when something unpleasant or challenging arises, of closing down into limitation. So that the person may move into increasing physical discomfort, even die, and yet there is profound healing because they no longer believe themselves to be the one that is impotent, incapable, limited. They know the wholeness of the self, and with that base in the next lifetime will not have the need to create such disease— I don’t want to use “create” because that can be interpreted to mean your fault, you created it. They may not have the need to participate in such disease. If the body still has certain karma that has it pick up certain patterns of cancer or heart disease or Alzheimer’s or whatever, it will do so. But there’s much more power to drop that off and heal from it because the karma that perpetuated this from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime has passed, has been liberated.

Tavis: So you are saying they can heal the mental/emotional karmic issues without actually recognizing their divinity, and move on in the next lifetime with better physical health.

Aaron: Not quite. Let me bring Father John back.

FJ: I am Father John. In Lifetime A, our human expressed the physical distortions, and then the fear and hatred of the distortions, the sense of shame that he could not heal it, and such. And then he passed away from Lifetime A. In Lifetime B he came into a body that had certain similar conditions, with an intention of allowing the arising of certain similar distortions, to see if the heart could stay more open to the self and not move into the ideas of shame and unworthiness. There was intention to know the wholeness of the self.

The mental body heals. The karma heals. Even the emotional body heals, but the human may still die of that ailment. In the next lifetime, that ailment may come up again because they have not fully resolved the conditions out of which that ailment arises. Of course there are some that are beyond conscious control, the genetic and environmental conditions. But if in Lifetime C, as that ailment begins to express, instead of an attitude of either fear, “Look what’s happening to me,” or an attitude of, “It’s not fair, I’m helpless,” or “I must fix it,” if instead they say, “Oh, this is arising, and I can hold this with love, knowing that it is here for a reason, and I do not have to be afraid,” if they can do that, that is the ground for healing it.

How many lifetimes or how many times in one lifetime do you repeat that particular ailment before you can finally say, “Oh, okay. I don’t want this but here it is again. And this time I release it completely. Now it can heal.”? You know the potential for healing, so that one can simply take care of it without fear. If you get a splinter in the finger, are you afraid? You just say, even with a big splinter, “Oh, it will have to be removed.” That’s all. Not, “What did I do wrong, that I have a splinter?” Just, “Here is a splinter.”

Tavis: You touched on fear as a component of illness. It is a block. Can you talk about fear of power, fear of change, fear that blocks healing?

FJ: Fear is a contracting emotion. Aaron talked about contracting and expansion. When there is contraction, no energy can move, nothing can heal. Aaron may be better suited to respond to this part of it. But I know that what you teach here at Deep Spring is the mindfulness that recognizes the contraction of fear without becoming caught in self-identity with fear. It arose out of conditions— Aaron, am I saying this right? Yes— it arose out of conditions, it’s impermanent, it will pass. I don’t have to believe that this fear makes me bad. I don’t have to contract my body. Rather, if you learn that you have some very frightening disease. “What am I going to do?!” Fear. And then you look at your options. I can continue to be afraid. I can try to push away and deny the fear, which doesn’t really get rid of it in any way, just buries it. Or I can open my heart both to the physical ailment and to the fear. When I hold my heart deeply open to both the ailment and the fear that arose with the ailment and say Aaron’s, “Thank you. What have you come to teach me?”, then always that learning will be accessible. As the energy field opens and you begin to see the simultaneity, as Aaron spoke of it, of the ever-healed and the distortion, you can more consciously say, “I choose to live in the ever-healed, not to be self-identified with the distortion but to take care of the distortion, as is appropriate with traditional or energy medicine, with surgery, with massage, with whatever is best suited to help support the release of that distortion.” But there’s no contraction because there’s no longer self-identification of fear. Fear is also seen as arisen from conditions and not as the self. Only then can the body heal.

Now what I find, when I work with healing, with those who come to me for healing, is that most of them have carried the same or related distortion through many lifetimes.  In other words, one may have bad knees and in another lifetime, painful hips, but they’re part of the same distortion. I can support, I can help to re-grow the cartilage in the knees, for example, but that doesn’t release the real distortion. The distortion is the whole idea, “I cannot get up and run! It’s not safe to be big and bold in the world. I must live myself as limited.” But when we challenge people spiritually to explore “who” is limited, what is this whole idea of limitation, what does it protect you from, and begin to invite them to heal the karma that cemented the idea of keeping the self small and in place, to look at the emotional body and what keeps that small – and we’ll talk more about this – when I invite people to begin to look at these questions, then there’s access. Anything I do to help re-grow the cartilage in the knee maintains itself rather than falling away 6 months later.

Many years ago when she first came to the casa and asked for help to hear, the incorporated entity asked Barbara, “Why do you wish to hear?”  She reflected in meditation, then was asked, “what do you choose not to hear?” It was only when she had done her deep work with these questions, work which she thought she had already done but not as deep as needed, only then were they able to begin work with the actual ear and related nerves. Meanwhile, at the Casa she was offered support to go deep and find the answers within.

This gets us back to what blocks healing.

Tavis: Let’s talk about anger— anger against the illness, anger about things in our environment, people, careers…

FJ: Dr. O will come in…

Dr. O: What a joyful thing to join all of you here in this way! One of my specialties is, was, in a past lifetime, parasitology and the eradication of certain kinds of parasites. Now in my present work as a spirit doctor, I’m more aware that when there are parasites in the body, it’s more often a result of very low movement of energy in the body, which is caused by the contractions of held anger. I’m not saying held by anger— anger will arise— but held anger, identification with the anger.

Parasites and also bacteria thrive when there’s not a smooth flow of energy in the body. When the body is open, energy flowing, anger comes— ahhh, (as Aaron’s words) breathing in, I am aware of the anger. Breathing out, I hold space for the anger. The anger arose and it will pass, and it is not who I am, so I can let go of it. Not fear it, but acknowledge, right now it’s here. Right here with anger, where is that which is not angry? But for the one who does not choose to move in that direction, my experience as I attempt to support healing in that person is that as I literally release bacteria and parasites from the body, and the person feels movement, the movement startles them and frightens them so they close up again, thus creating the ground for the regrowth of the parasites and bacteria.

So for healing, the emotional and mental bodies must come along with the physical. One must do the work on the emotional and spirit level. You are not here to be free of parasites and bacteria, although that’s certain a more pleasant way to live! You are here to learn love, starting with yourself.

Tavis: Would you agree that this low energy body with poor energy movement contributes to other illnesses, such as autoimmune and cancers?

Dr. O: Absolutely. So I’m speaking here from my specialty in a recent past lifetime, but also in many lifetimes before that, working with medicine, and of course a much less technically learned medicine, in those days. Not really even aware of the anatomy of the body, at sometimes. But from my present perspective, any blockage of energy in the body deeply supports all kinds of ailments.

However, the reverse is not true. For the person who has understood this and deeply opened the body, found that there is not absence of fear but an openhearted relationship with fear and negative emotion, for this person autoimmune diseases, parasites, bacteria, joint ailments – these can still arise. It doesn’t mean that they’re not allowing the energy to open, only that the body needs time to heal. And if we’re talking about somebody who’s 90, they may not have the time. If we’re talking about somebody who has an autoimmune disease who is 30, then certainly it can heal.

Tavis: We see very little parasite infections in America these days.

Dr. O: That is a blessing.

Tavis: Right. Many bacterial infections that are treated with medicines, but they could be prevented or better treated with addressing the mental/spiritual/emotional issues we are discussing. We see much more autoimmune and cancer these days.

Dr. O: The autoimmune is a fascinating area. Why is the body eating itself? There’s something very deep there about the body’s attacking itself, and I think this is very much geared toward shame, unworthiness, and other emotions. I would conjecture that there is more autoimmune ailment in this country than in other parts of the world. That’s a conjecture; I have never explored that. Have you?

Tavis: I have not, but it is interesting.

Dr. O: I’m thinking of countries where there is almost no sense of unworthiness and very little autoimmune disease. And this would be a very interesting study for somebody, to look at the correlation between self-negative emotion and autoimmune disease.

I’d like to bring in Father Kindness…

FK: I come here with a sense of wonder, and I understand there are many people there on that screen?

Tavis: On the other side, all over the world!

FK: All over? Not just on the screen?

Tavis: They aren’t in the screen; they are in their homes in other states and countries.

FK: (to people on screen) Can you feel my energy? Can you feel me when I offer love to you? I don’t know if we can hear you back; some of you answer me: can you feel my loving energy expressed toward you? … (The screen program at this event does not allow Father Kindness to see the faces of people connected remotely; the tech monitor asks them to wave if they can feel his energy.)

Tavis: She can see the people in their homes and they are waving, “Yes!”

FK: (Father Kindness walks over to the screen? There is laughter.) I love you! I love you!  (The remote connectors are laughing with joy.) So this is a wonderful tool.

Coming back to the question, bacteria thrive in certain kinds of acidic conditions, well not just acid conditions, but there are certain kinds of conditions in which bacteria most thrive. Stagnation is a condition, lack of energy flow, imbalanced acid or alkaline conditions. When the body is out of balance, this imbalance is related to contraction and expansion, to Aaron’s held contraction, or even held expansion, but in either extreme, not being able to take anything in. If you don’t contract, you don’t breathe in, you can’t take anything in. Expansion in a forced way is also a form of armoring; can you see that?

Bacteria, my sense is that bacteria is going to become a greatly increased problem in the Earth in the coming decades because of the overuse of antibiotics. It’s simply giving these bugs an opportunity to expand themselves and take over, and then you keep needing stronger antibiotics.

Most bacteria infection can be healed with energy, with, when I say light, I don’t mean the lamp, but— I would like you all to try this with me. Hold up your hands. “I am love. I am loved.” Draw it into yourselves. Bring the hands down to the crown chakra. Then reach up again. “I invite light and love into my body.” Touch the crown chakra gently, and you may also want to touch the third eye or the heart chakra. Actually, keep one hand on the crown chakra and bring the energy down to the sacral chakra, below the navel. If you can, using two fingers, the thumb and the little finger, one on the solar plexus and one on the sacral chakra. Little finger on the sacral chakra, thumb on the solar plexus, and one finger at the crown. “I invite light. I am light. I am love.

(pause while they do)

Thank you.”

Can you feel the energy begin to move down into the body? So many of you, especially those with strong spiritual practice, live with open upper chakras and ignore lower chakras. The lower chakras, because they’re ignored and pushed aside, create contraction and the whole gut contracts, creating a ground, a supportive environment for bacteria through the whole body. These are simple things that can be taught to school children, and children can be taught how to heal themselves. But nobody is doing that. I hope there are more people like you doing this kind of work with allopathic medicine and energetic medicine.

Tavis: It is my deepest hope to be able to teach doctors in the future these methods.

FK: So Aaron is asking Tavis and our participants, we had envisioned four sections of an hour, but we are far over with the late start. Aaron is asking us, are you all able to go on for another 10-15 minutes, then take a break, and then just have three sections? Is this okay for you? (yes) So let us continue this dialogue for another 10-15 minutes, take a break, and then move into Part 3.

Tavis: Another block is something we call secondary gain: when someone has an illness that prevents them from doing something they don’t want to, or obtain some type of treatment (ie more attention from friends or family; identifying as a victim “poor me, I cant do such n such or I should be treated a certain way) because they are ill, and they don’t really want to heal, but ask for help.

FK: The human organism is one complete physical/emotional/mental/spiritual construct. Your medical technology is quite advanced, in many ways. Your psychology, in terms of intellectual understanding, is advanced. Most of you— I can’t speak for the whole world, but people do come to me from all over the world for healing— many of you are very young, spiritually. When I say that, Aaron says I’m not saying what I mean. Aaron, how would you phrase it?… Many of you have aspired to mature spiritually but you’re stuck in certain misunderstandings about the self, such as the— I am channeling Aaron here— misunderstandings about the self, such as the need to limit the self. All that Aaron and Jeshua were talking about, the whole Garden of Eden idea. Until you fully embrace the knowledge that you are limitless, divine beings and that it’s safe to be that, you’re going to keep the self small, and then you’re going to keep stepping back from the possible physical healing, for the reasons you’ve stated.

So the aspect that most needs to be attended to here is the fear of being unlimited, powerful, and radiant. What is the fear about? I think as a physician, one thing you can begin to ask people is the question that Aaron often asks, “Is there anything this illness is protecting you from. Acknowledging that you do not want it— and I’m not suggesting you do want it, but if you simply relax and consider, is there anything that you feel you might be getting out of this illness?” And some people will be afraid to even think that way. They have a need to be the victim. Well, until they’re ready, they can’t heal. But when they are ready to consider this question, and begin to heal the causes that allow the disease to develop, then for many people you can release the ailment very quickly.

Aaron, I wish you to talk about this, please…

Aaron: I am Aaron. So let us go into the karmic causes, here. There are two levels of karma that I regularly see. One is karma that still has deep roots. One is karma that’s more based just on old habit. If it has deep roots, it’s hard for people to get past that karma right now. You do not yet have the kinds of support necessary, What I have seen as support, that addresses body, mind and spirit, is what is needed. Shamans of past generations were geared to heal both the spirit and physical body. Now there’s spirit healing; there’s physical healing. They are regarded as separate.  We need more trained shamans who have medical background like you do, and who have deep spiritual understandings and the ability to bring the two together. Then there are those who have released the deeper roots. A different kind of support will be most helpful. I will discuss this further, or another entity will do so.

FJ: For those who are still stuck, then, in the old karma, this is what I see as a new and very powerful area of medicine. For those who have released the self-identification with the karma and are more, simply acting, or the body is acting, picking up the distortions out of old habit, then a trained physician without a strong spiritual background— you have the spiritual background, but even those who don’t can begin to understand the distinction in the body, what’s holding this distortion in place. When they see it’s more superficial, they can begin to ask that question: are you ready to let this go? I can support you but I will not force you to let it go. If you want to hold onto it, that’s your right. But if you come to me as a doctor, I assume you intend to let it go, and I will support you.

 I know Aaron uses the practice of the Four Empowerments and Seven Branch Prayer, which are in his books. Aaron, what are the books? Path of Natural Light, Parts I and II. They’re also on the Deep Spring website archives. These are wonderful supports to releasing old habitual tendencies that do not have deep roots.

So then let’s go back to— Aaron and I are passing the body back and forth a bit. Aaron, do you want to come back in again? He says no, to continue. I am Father Kindness.

If the ailments have deep roots, you cannot force somebody to let go of an ailment even though they say they want to be free of it. You can only present them with alternatives. You must be very gentle not to lead them to believe, “This is your fault.” Only, to help them understand, “You are still getting something out of this, so that you’re holding it to you.” I think here is a place where some mixture of psychology and spirituality, perhaps through meditation, and traditional medicine, can work together. I know that Barbara and Aaron work with vipassana practice and having people look at what is arising in their experience; the body pain and distortions, and ask, what is it? From where has it arisen? Is there any attachment to it? What would it mean to let go of it? Working gently, not with an “I should,” but gently releasing, until one starts to understand the structure of the karma. Not necessarily seeing past lives, but understanding the structure of the present karma.

All of these different areas of medicine and spirituality can benefit by working together in ways that your present-day culture mostly has not yet considered. You have such advanced technical knowledge, in some ways, but the shamans of cultures long ago who had trust in their own inner vision, and could see just as well as an MRI can see, could understand and bring together the spirituality, the release of karma, to heal in ways that present medicine cannot heal.

Tavis: Is ancestral baggage the same as karma?

FK: No. Aaron, will you talk to this, please?

Aaron: I am Aaron. Father Kindness and I have been passing the body back and forth a bit. I hope we do not confuse you. But it really doesn’t matter which of us is speaking; just know that a loving entity is speaking. But I am Aaron.

When I think of ancestral baggage I think of literally the karma one has taken on from one’s physical ancestors, both family and of a wider group— cultural group, religious group, even human karma. The personal karma is different. For example, as I meet, counseling and working with people, there is a generation today, many of whom experienced the Holocaust from one side, one perspective or another. Many who experienced it, not personally but had parents and grandparents who experienced it, are carrying some of that “personal baggage” from it and in healing it through finding forgiveness for the places of fear and hatred in their own hearts, healing that in themselves. They don’t have to be thinking of the situation of the Holocaust, but they are helping to free the anger and fear and hatred of their ancestors. Those from the other perspective, who were among those who were doing such great harm, may experience the same thing. There’s often enormous shame and guilt in the incarnate self, without any real understanding of where it came from. It’s not personal karma, but they came to the incarnation with the intention to help to heal, to free some of the ancestors who are very much trapped in the terrible things they did and the self-remorse and self-hatred over those things.

Tavis: Can one heal, then, these longstanding ancestral issues by addressing one’s own guilt, shame…

Aaron: Absolutely. And this is the best place to release it. When you release it for yourself, you release it for everyone. So this is very powerful.

I would suggest we pause, here, Tavis…

Tavis: One last question: impatience around healing.

Aaron: Impatience around healing is really fear and contraction. It’s more of the same. When we come back, Father John will speak more to that.

Thank you all…


Continuing talk about parasites; start not recorded. On-line questions, not recorded.

Tavis: … I want to address a comment from the online community and acknowledge there are some communities in this country and other countries who live in endemic areas for parasites and have more infections with this type of disease. Third world communities in the USA with poor living conditions and inadequate public health programs are at greater risk than the general population in the U.S. Americans, when they travel, can bring back parasites too, that are often missed by physicians because we are not accustomed to looking for them.

My original comment was addressing more prevalent processes affecting most of the U.S. population. U.S. physicians are seeing more autoimmune and cancer processes than parasitic infections. My apologies for being national-centric and not including the rest of the world, however my scope of practice is limited to the U.S.

Barbara: A couple with a child who was about 3 came back from Brazil where they had been living. The child developed some scabs on her head. They were treating it as an insect bite. It didn’t heal, but was spreading. Aaron says Dr. O would know, but we don’t need the details. I’m not channeling Aaron, he’s just speaking through me. Something had bitten and laid larvae within, creating worms. In the hospital when it was identified, most of the doctors there had never seen this before, but apparently, it’s very common in South American countries. Aaron is saying, and then the US doctors wanted to treat it with surgery. Dr. O said to the family, no, what you need to do is to put some kind of sticky material on top that will deprive it of air, then remove the sticky material and it will pulled the worm out. No big surgery needed on this child’s head.

Tavis: Do we have other questions?

Q: My question is, you mentioned not giving energy to the distortion, but also doing what’s practical for the body in the world of reality.

Barbara: To give energy to the distortion is to approach the distortion with fear. Not, “Oh no, what’s happening? How do I fix it? How do I get rid of it?”, but, “Ah, this is present in me, and it’s not wholesome for me, so I choose to release it. To release it I will do this or that medical practice or diet,” or whatever it may be. But it’s a very gentle, I’m focusing on that which is already whole and returning to the wholeness, knowing that to return to the wholeness I release the distortion. But Aaron is saying, using the idea of a big splinter, not “Oh! I must go to the hospital! What will they do? They’ll have to make a huge cut in my hand!” Just, “Oh, here is a big splinter. Okay, I already see it out, and then I may go to the hospital.” And instead of making a huge incision, they just make a very tiny cut because the body is already releasing it.

Q: Thank you.

Tavis: One comment on that. Many times, we use imagery of the body as it should be, as its healthy self, so it can remember how to get to that healthy self. If all it’s known while it’s been ill is this ill part, it sees that as its normal self. So, we give it imagery of its healed self, and that helps as well.

Barbara: This question was brought up to me, for you, really, during the break. How do you treat something in both allopathic and energy medicine, if somebody comes to you with, I don’t know what— cancer, a broken arm, arthritis. These are very different things and I realize you can’t give one answer.

Tavis: I have to separate allopathic medicine from energy medicine practice by standards of care in America. In a primary care clinic, I only practice allopathic medicine. In the energy clinic, I use the same skills from the allopathic medicine, taking a history, understanding the pathology of the illness, the progress of the illness, etc. I use that with the other modalities of assessing psychological, mental, emotional issues that tie into the chakra energy centers, which directly affect the physical body.

The patient is given homework to address these issues on their own or with a mental health expert. Then we address the physical with light and love, divine energy. We do treatments and give them homework.

Barbara: What does bringing in light and love look like from your perspective?

Tavis: We can all do that now!

Barbara: Let’s!

Tavis: So, sit with palms up, feet uncrossed. I want you to take deep breaths. And as you take a deep breath in, you’ll imagine light coming in through your head to your chest. And when you breathe out, you’re going to see that light going everywhere, sort of like a sunburst going out your feet, out your hands, out your head. We call that “expanding your aura”. We want this divine love and light to go everywhere throughout your body. So, breathe in the light, breathe out, and push it everywhere. Breathe in the light, and push it out everywhere.

Once that light is going everywhere it allows the helpers and myself to work on your aura. I don’t actually touch your body during this process; we work on your aura and your energy centers. And we go through and help expand the aura, and then we concentrate on certain chakras and certain areas that need to be addressed.

The problems that we work on during the treatment are the problems that have come to us by the patient. I don’t do what people sometimes ask, which is a scanning of the body and picking out things that might be a problem. This is a teamwork, a partnership, that these problems we are working on need to be something that the patient is willing to work on as well.

So, keep breathing in the light and pushing it around. Many people say they feel a warmth and a tingling. This is that divine light and love moving through our system. This light energy can be used for healing, and we use it as imagery for areas we are intending to heal, such as for Barbara’s spine. You’ll (we will) imagine this light going into the discs and seeing them as normal. We imagine the light going into the vertebrae and we see them as normal. We imagine light going down the nerves and seeing them fully lit up and normal. We insulate around the nerves with the myelin sheath, is so important, seeing each as intact and whole. Everything is imaged as working as it should be. And we give the images twice a day so the body learns what normal should be, what healthy should be, instead of the illness that it’s had.

Does anyone want to comment on how they felt moving the light and energy around?

Q: Heat.

Q: I’m not sure where I was…

Tavis: That’s okay. You went into that healing space. That’s good. So we use this light and love to expand the body’s energy and use it for healing.

Q: Recently there was a pain patient who decided to end her life rather than continue with the pain. She had a brain tumor. She made headlines because she went to Oregon, I think, for the license to commit suicide. And I understood that. I have been in a situation where the pain was so great that I knew that if it lasted for too much longer I might have made the same choice. How do you as a patient— I mean, you’re sort of out of your mind. How do you work with that kind of pain and not contract? First you have to stop the pain, someone has to stop the pain in order to even think clearly enough to say, okay, what’s going on, what’s happening? What can I do for myself? So what do you do in those kind of instances?

Tavis: With my practice, we’re usually able to impact the pain, either decrease it or entirely eliminate it for a short period of time. And this motivates the patient and gives them hope that they can learn to work with it and eventually heal it.

Barbara: Father John will come in….

FJ: I am Father John. Pain is a statement that something is unbalanced in the body, something is moving into or holding a distortion. You are mammals. When there is pain and contraction and distortion, the habitual pattern for the mammal is to contract around the pain. The more you contract, the more you enhance the pain.

Doing any kind of work that limits the pain so the body may rest and remember a pain-free state or a lessened pain state, as you said, allows the body to recharge itself. To consider the possibility not just of fixing the pain, fighting with the pain, surviving the pain, but resting in a pain-free state.

So many of these skills have been lost in your traditional medicines. For thousands of years, shamans and other medical professionals understood how to support the body moving into a pain-free state so it could heal. It cannot heal with that degree of pain.

I think the only answer is going to be the eventual blending of the enormous knowledge that the allopathic medical professionals have and the understanding on the spiritual level. When the body is experiencing that kind of pain, it’s making a clear statement: Help! Help! Doing more surgery or whatever kind of treatments, or simply putting it on narcotic painkillers, doesn’t help the body.

From my perspective, I like Tavis’ kind of meditation. Aaron, do you want to lead this or shall I?

Aaron: I am Aaron. I would invite you to reflect on a situation that’s painful for you. Not specifically physical pain but also fear, sadness, grief, emotional pain, feelings of unworthiness or shame. These feelings have arisen because of conditions.

Close your eyes and join me. I’m going to bring you to a special waterfall that has very powerful, clear and pure healing energy. Let us walk through a beautiful wooded path. There are places where it’s shady and areas of sunshine. In those groves of sunshine fly hundreds of butterflies of all colors, so beautiful. Orchids growing on the trees. There are a rich, sweet smell and a gentle breeze.

We walk down this wooded path to where you can hear the waterfall tumbling over the rocks and into a shallow pool. Sit with me here on a bench that overlooks the waterfall and reflect on what it is you would invite the water to help you release. Physical pain, shame, grief, anger, perhaps even the sense of something darkly negative that is attaching onto you, something of the self, or something that is attached.

Whatever it is that you have been carrying, reflect on your intention to release it. Let’s use several examples, like severe back or neck pain, a feeling of shame or unworthiness, grief, or simply a sense of darkness and enclosing negativity. I turn to you gently as we sit on this bench. “This belongs to you, and you may hold it for as long as you wish to hold it. I will not take it from you, but I will support you in every way, if you hold the intention to release it.”

The first step, to hold this literally in your arms, in your heart. The very specific body pain, grief, anger, shame. Speak to it. “I have carried you around for what seems like an eternity. I have wanted to be free of you, and yet you seem to get stronger and stronger, hold ever more of my attention. There is a heaviness with you, so I can no longer see and know the light that I am. I may have welcomed you at first, because you served as diversion from something even heavier and more painful. Now I am ready to consider the possibility to release the hold you have on me. To set you free and you to set me free.”

Continue to speak to this guest from your heart. And pause and thank it, because in some ways it has given something to you. It has given you that diversion or sense of protection in some way. Speak to it from your heart. “It is time now for you to go. I no longer invite you to be a part of my life.” Pain, darkness, fear, anger, shame, confusion; whichever is most predominant. “I am ready to release you.” And I am going to walk this body down to this beautiful cleansing waterfall.

As I wade in and stand under the heaviest spray, letting it touch the crown of my head and wash over me and through me, in this process I release whatever is ready to be released.

No hurry, here. You must proceed gently. But when you are ready, take my hand, I will be with you, and your own highest self will take your other hand. Feel our love, feel our energy as we walk beside you. The painful body part, the painful emotion; we walk down the hill with it and gently step into the shallow water at the base of the falls.

Pause and speak again to this heavy weight that has been so attached to you, with as much love as you can offer it, saying, “Thank you for what you have taught me. And now I set you free and ask that you set me free.” And with that, we step under the flow of the water, not such a hard flow as to cause pain but definitely a strong and forceful spray. Breathing it in, feeling it coming into the crown chakra and through the body. Feel what flows over the shoulders and back. Invite this purifying water to wash away whatever has been held, has created pain, and is no longer useful. “I release it.”

Feel the possibility to be free of shame, of feelings of unworthiness or doubt. Feel the possibility to be free of the ongoing pain in the body, to allow this holy water to wash it away, the chakras and energy field are opening, the body releasing the contraction that has held this pain in place. Feel the possibility of fear or grief washing away.

Watch any little contraction that comes, saying, “Is it safe? Maybe I still need it.” Shh, it is safe or you would not be here. So, we let it go. It is safe. Letting the water flow through the place of pain, whether it is emotional pain in the heart, physical pain in the body, or even a sense of darkness from negative entities that have held onto you and led you further into fear and darkness. Deep breath, and with the exhale, “I release.” Breathing in, bring more of this water into you, and breathing out, releasing. And again…

If there is fear of such release, hold that in your arms, in your heart, and know the possibility to release the fear that blocks the release of the physical or emotional distortion. I hold your hand with so much love; you are safe. You have made the decision; now let fear go. Let pain go. Let contraction go. You do not need to hold it anymore; let it go.

Feel the body becoming lighter, both in weight, in the higher vibration, and in literally in terms of light, more and more light coming through as the density opens. You are light. Everything else flowing away, washing down the river and out to the see.

And now, together we’ll step out from under the flow of the waterfall. And just there, one step away, is a patch of brilliant sunlight bursting through the trees. Let it touch your head, your shoulders. The water was chilly. Feel the heat of that sunbeam warming you. And suddenly several beautiful butterflies land on your arms and shoulders: blue; orange; yellow!  Feel the joy and lightness, the gratitude to have let go of this burden.

And now, still holding my hand and that of your guide, let us climb the hill together. Back up through the trees, up to the plateau above in the sunshine. Rest there for as long as is useful, offering thanks for the release of this weight you have borne for so long. Know that you can come back to this waterfall as often as you wish. Know that I will always be here, happy to accompany you under the waterfall, to support your journey, and your own guide also. Each time you come, a little more darkness can wash off and a little more light emerge as you gradually release the contracted distortions and open to the true self.


I would end this with the bell but it is not in my reach.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Stretch; short break

 Aaron: I am Aaron. I think it would be useful to hear from those online who have questions as well as those in the room, in terms of more universal questions rather than, “What do I do with this pain in my neck?”

Tavis: I just need to qualify that the spirit doctors have decided that we will not address personal disease processes that are unique to one individual, i.e., this is not the format for a personal consultation.

Q: Tavis, thanks for all this, it’s wonderful. You were describing the exercise where we bring the light down into our heart and then push it out all over the body, and mind, I guess. So what I noticed was that in my own mind there was a concentration of energy that wasn’t receptive to the light. It would just stay there. It was like a contraction of energy. What do you say is a useful strategy in a situation like that, where something’s not responding when you’re giving it light?

Tavis: You continue to surround it with light and love. Typically, what will happen is that it will start to contract upon itself and dissipate. Another way is, you see the light as sort of like a laser, and you laser from the inside out, so that you make little pockets of light shining through, and then it can dissipate easier. But probably the core of the issue is, what is that darkness that’s not wanting to see the light? Looking at that, understanding what it is, and learning to heal that component, which would be under our spiritual/psychological/emotional component, that’s going to help heal that probably the best. Does that make sense to you?

Q: Yes. I actually didn’t think of asking it what it was. So that’s good advice, thank you.

Tavis: Let me know if it works.

Aaron: I am Aaron. I see this as a big cube of ice. It’s not going to melt like ice, but as we keep bringing light and offering heat to it, gradually it dissolves. There will always be small areas of blockage in any body. We don’t try to get rid of the blockage, which is just a way of creating more ice, pushing with force, but rather we hold the blockage with love. We hold it in the light. We trust that there’s nothing there but frozen water, and that as it’s held within the loving heart, it will dissolve. So never any force; but gentle perseverance, trusting the power of love.

Q: I want to ask about denial, the power of denial, and invalidation. These thoughts often go together in patients as well as in their doctors. I’ve been healing with a chronic illness that about 2 million people have, which is routinely dismissed. I think the mirror image of that in patients, who are mostly female, is self-invalidation. And so, I’d like to understand how we deal with our own self-invalidation and the denial of illness, both by ourselves and our caregivers. Thank you.

Father John: I am Father John. One can become caught. There may be invalidation by others, on the one side, “You’re crazy, there’s nothing wrong with you,” and to be caught in that invalidation, but also with a deep knowing, “there is something that’s happening that’s imbalanced in my body and it does need care”. Trusting that. But as reaction to message, holding onto the distortion, almost as reaction to the push of “you’re crazy; nothing is wrong,”  building a self-identity on the distortion. So, the caregiver, physician, whoever it may be, is saying, “You’re crazy, there’s nothing wrong,” and that can push you back into holding onto it as a reaction.

It’s important, when somebody is trying to invalidate your experience, to ask, what am I learning here? If somebody is invalidating my experience, and I am the authority on my experience, how can I more fully trust my experience? Because I cannot heal what somebody else invalidates so I cease to trust myself, and I cannot heal what I am hanging onto to try to prove to somebody that it’s real.

The balance, here, is knowing that you are the authority on your own experience, and simultaneously knowing every mundane experience is impermanent. You are the final authority on whether and when it will pass on. I know that can sound harsh to some of you who have suffered from chronic conditions. But, I am quoting the Buddha here: “You are what you think. With your thoughts you make the world.” If you believe this chronic condition is self, you will cement it in place. If you believe you must perpetuate it to say no to somebody who’s telling you, “You’re just making it up,” and it keeps getting it worse so they’ll finally believe you, you’re still cementing it in place.

Come to the balanced place of love, that says, “It doesn’t matter what they say. I know this is my experience, and I know it’s temporary. And I choose to release it.” Then, with the various supports like that offered by Tavis, that of your medical doctors, whoever— I don’t want to say specifically Tavis; that of your allopathic medical doctors, that of your spirit energy doctors, with the various kinds of support you have, once you’ve made the decision it’s time to let it go, then take it under the waterfall; let it go. I’m not trying to make it less than it is. I realize for some of you the chronic conditions have seemed to have held on fiercely for decades. But you still can let it go. Start the process, at least.

People come to me asking to heal, praying to heal, and yet still not ready to allow healing. What does this ailment protect you from? What might happen when it releases, that frightens you? This is your work, the first steps of the healing. If you are carrying a heavy burden, I may offer to take it, but you have free will. I cannot take it from you until you are ready to hand it to me. At some level, some people want me to force them to relinquish it and I will not do that. It would violate your free will.

Are there other questions?

from Zoom:

Q: This is for Tavis. You mentioned help from the spirit world in healing, and that is the title of my newly published book. I’m a physician, like you are, an allopathic physician, and have been to see John of God eight times to study his work, and also to assist him. I was also part of a Discovery Channel documentary on John of God.

We have a trance healer, one of few in the world, and when we go back in recent history, we have in England the use of attunement, which comes from a Harry Edwards work. What do you believe is the best way to ask the spirit world for help and healing?

Tavis: Part of the component of healing that is important is that people believe in whatever practitioner or healer they’re going to seek help from. So if that needs to be a full-trance channeler like John of God, then that’s going to work well for them. I did read your book (“Spiritual Healing, Help from the Spirit World” by Douglas E Busby) but I don’t remember who Dr. Edwards was. For someone like myself, I’m fully conscious when I’m working with the entities and the patient. So it just depends, I think, partially upon what the patient feels is going to work for them, as well as the skill and experience of the practitioner.

Q: Is there any suggestion from the spirit world that Barbara can give us?

Aaron: I am Aaron. We are here! I know you can’t see me. I’m presently connected to this body; my consciousness now is within this body, and also outside of it, but I’m not this body. I come as a friend, as a guide or teacher. Each of you has many guides. The whole spirit plane is available to you. You did not come alone. You came connected with your guides and with the promise that they would walk this journey with you. Then you slam the door in our faces and say, “You’re not real!” Well, if you want to believe we’re not real, how can you hear us? How can we help you?

You ask, “What is the best way to ask the spirit world for help and healing?” The first step is to open to the possibility that we are real and available, and to open a relationship with your own guides as the beginning of the process.  You don’t have to believe we are real. There just needs to be that, what is it from Coleridge, the “willing suspension of disbelief”. Just willing to consider the possibility, “Whether they are real or not, I open myself to the possibility that there is help beyond that of this mundane world.”

My dear ones, if you will meditate with some degree of regularity and reach the point in your meditation where there is, not zero self-identification but reduced self-identification with the physical and mental body, doors will open. Who are you when you’re no longer the physical body, when you’re no longer the mind, no longer the emotions? What remains? Gradually as the body quiets down in meditation, and the mind quiets down, something vast opens, a much deeper sense of who you are. Beginning to get even a glimmer of your true self gives you a ground for trust, that if you exist as spirit, other things exist as spirit, and that spirit is accessible, just as your own higher self is accessible. Positively polarized spirit deeply respects your free will. We will never force ourselves on you. But when you say, “Help me,” and you mean it, “I am open to this help,” we can come in and help you.

I see from the people that Barbara brings to the Casa that the ones who heal most deeply are the ones who are willing to consider the stories of the ego as stories that have arisen from conditions, and not to believe those stories. This is the old “Don’t believe everything you think.” Who am I when I’m not lost in these thoughts? I am Love. You start to know the power of the loving heart, the awakened self.

There are so many loving entities, who are all there to help you; and also present to help the “healer”, because when one such as Tavis comes in, whether he’s working with allopathic or energy medicine, when he comes in and says, “I am going to do this,” from the ego, nothing can happen. But when he comes in knowing he is co-creating with your own higher selves, with so many other spirits, with his own highest guidance for the highest good and with love, then everything can happen. This is why he sometimes speaks of his work as  derived from “we”.

So much of this work is beginning to distinguish ego for what it is, a construct that can be a useful tool in the incarnation if you don’t become its slave. As you begin to understand that it’s arisen to be used as a tool and then be laid aside, then you can co-create and the ego self can become a tool toward the healing rather than a block to the healing. I pause.

Tavis: I want to emphasize that part of my practice, which I didn’t really talk about, is empowering the patient to learn to heal themselves. I don’t want somebody coming back to me repeatedly for “me” to heal them, because I’m not the one that’s healing them. I’m going to teach them how to heal themselves. I can’t heal them. And that’s a critical part of my practice, is teaching people how to do that for themselves.

Q: Thank you for a wonderful answer, both of you.

Father John: I am Father John. As a spirit doctor, whenever I work to support the healing, to co-create healing for a person, I will never violate their free will, which includes their decision to hold onto the illness for now. But as soon as they even open the least bit, to say, “Maybe I’m ready,” I’m right there to help.

Think of the baby who dreams to walk but still holds on. It sees the adults walking around unsupported. “I want to do that, but I’m afraid.” The parent doesn’t pull away all the support. The parent just keeps holding the baby’s hand. The baby will take the lead. The baby at some point will release the hand and take two or three steps and plop down, maybe even cry. Stand up again, take the hand, take two or three more steps, release the hand, and this time it walks across the room.

My job as one who supports healing is to keep my hand out for as long as needed, encouraging you to let go of the hand when you are ready, and to know your own power to walk alone; to be the divine essence that you are. Thank you.

Aaron is asking, do we need to stop? It is after 9, I know some people must be tired.

The Mother: Well, I have not had a chance to speak tonight. (laughing and smiling) These men have been busy talking! Of course, I do love them all! I am the one you call the Mother, and I just want to greet you with so much love. To remind you, you are whole and radiant and beautiful and I love you. And I am always with you. And if the “healing” and work and meditation and all of it becomes too hard, just come and rest in my embrace and let me love you. Thank you.

So, shall we close? Are we finished?

I thank you all on behalf of all the Brothers and Sisters of Light, and I was teasing when I spoke about the men, because of course they come in a masculine form but they are no more masculine than I am feminine. We are all both masculine and feminine together. (smiling) But I like to hug you and they like to talk! That’s fine too; there is a place for each.

Thank you to all of you out there for being with us tonight. We love you very much. I will release the body to Barbara…

Barbara: Swing around in such a way that those online can see us… (The people online and present say good night to each other.) This is Barbara. I love you all! Thank you!

(session ends)