July Semi-Annual Fundraiser – 2018

Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry
serves an international community and depends on donations to support our mission.

A mid-year fundraiser to raise funds for video development.

For two years Deep Spring Center has been recording workshops, Evenings with Aaron and a monthly Dharma Journal. Your donation will support the purchase of video equipment, and the technical costs, of producing and editing the videos. The video library will grow, making these teachings available to a world-wide market. 

Our goal: $7,000 

Donate to the July Semi-Annual Fundraiser – 2018: CLICK HERE

To send a check, please make it out to:
Deep Spring Center
6655 Jackson Rd., Unit 565
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Notation: July Semi-Annual Fundraiser

we want to say Thank You for your generosity and offer these gifts for your support:
1. For any donation amount:

Receive this ebook – The Awakened Heart by Barbara Brodsky and Aaron*
Download link will be emailed to you after your donation is received.

Description: Approximately 1300 years ago, the Buddhist Indian monk/poet, Shantideva, wrote The Way of the Bodhisattva, elucidating an important part of the Buddhist path. The Awakened Heart is not commentary on the poem, but uses it as background.

In Aaron’s words: For many years you have heard me talk about making space for the heavy emotions. A primary emphasis of my teaching has been that it is not bad to feel emotions, that when certain conditions are present, certain emotions will arise. … I teach people to make more space around the emotion. … If you don’t want those emotions to arise you must begin to look deeply at the conditions out of which they arise, primarily the conditions of fear, of the illusion of separation-separation from other beings and separation from the divine. … Through a series of practices and exercises, one could more deeply open to that highest aspect of the self which does not choose to invite in the conditions which give rise to such painful emotion. This is not a “getting rid of” anything, rather we note that side by side there is the tense and frightened human and there is the innately loving, open-hearted human. You have a choice: you can enact your fear or you can choose to note your fear, to observe that the loving Awakened Heart is always present, to nurture it and to enact that loving heart. You always have a choice.

2. For donations of $100+:

Presence, Kindness, and Freedom by Barbara BrodskyA copy of Presence Kindness and Freedom  ($15.95). 
(Please note that international shipping will require an additional fee, this includes Canada)

3. for your monthly donation or annual one-time donation of $250 or more:

Presence, Kindness, and Freedom by Barbara BrodskyPresence Kindness and Freedom  ($15.95) and receive free registration to all Evenings with Aaron LIVE streaming
plus  an on-demand video to watch anytime.
(Please note that international shipping will require an additional fee, this includes Canada)

*Aaron is channeled by Barbara Brodsky

Thank You for your generosity.

Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning “gift” or “giving.” It is closely related to the virtue of generosity and is expressed in many forms—the offering and sharing of our time, energy, knowledge/expertise, material items and financial resources. Dana is a purely volitional act of giving in which we develop our ability to let go, convey our compassion and caring, demonstrate our commitment, and acknowledge our interdependence and connectedness.