Managing Director | Board of Directors, Volunteers, Oakwood Fall Retreat

by Tana Dean, Managing Director
from weekly newsletter, May 2, 2018

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As always, it’s a busy month at Deep Spring Center, serving an expanding international community, with local support in Ann Arbor, MI. Of course, the Board of Directors is always busy exploring ways to support you. This month, however, they have also been supporting our founder, Barbara Brodsky, and her husband, Hal, who suffered a major stroke in February. We are indeed fortunate to have the connection with spirit in the form of Aaron, The Mother and Jeshua, who offer their lighted spiritual guidance.

Since January, you have heard from many of the Board members, who not only give their time to serve on the Board of Directors but also lead a team to help run the center. Now we are asking you for help. We need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, some that need to be done locally, and others that can be done from a distance. Every little bit helps, so when we put out a request, please step forward. The time commitment need not be great, and it can make all the difference in the world to the running and growth of Deep Spring.

The retreat team has extended the early bird registration discount until Friday, June 1 for the Fall Oakwood Retreat. Please take advantage of this extension to get the discount. In response to those of you who were interested in a full week-long retreat, the retreat this year has been extended by one more day, running from Monday to Monday.
You are what keeps me passionate, knowing that many people are helped in so many ways through this non-profit that continues its vision, “To awaken to higher consciousness. We rest in the knowing that this is already so.” Please join with us to help us strengthen our presence in the world.

Loving Kindness,
Tana Dean
Managing Director