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All Deep Spring Center teachers offer their time on a dana basis, joyfully sharing the teachings. Your free-will offerings are always appreciated.

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Principal Teachers


Barbara Brodsky

Founder and Guiding Teacher

Barbara Brodsky, founder and guiding teacher of Deep Spring Center for Meditation and Spiritual Inquiry, has been practicing meditation since 1960. An ordained Interfaith Minister, she teaches Insight/Vipassana meditation and non-dual awareness practices deriving from the Dzogchen traditions. Barbara’s teachings and channeling of Aaron from her home in Ann Arbor, Michigan, are appreciated by people of all faiths around the world. ... Read More

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John Orr

John Orr received Theravada Buddhist ordination and training for a period of eight years while living as a monk in the 1970’s in Thailand and India. His Asian teachers are Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Buddhadasa and S.N. Goenka. He has been teaching meditation and leading retreats around the country since 1980. John is the guiding teacher of the New Hope Sangha, which is a nondenominational community located in Durham, North Carolina that respects the wisdom of various spiritual traditions. He is retired from the faculty of Duke University. John has been a long time colleague of Barbara Brodsky, a student of Aaron and has been a Deep Spring Center teacher for many years.

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Aaron is a discarnate spirit who serves as a wisdom teacher from a realm beyond the Earth plane. He has been a Buddhist monk and scholar in many lifetimes, and expresses as a being of great love, compassion, wisdom, and gentle humor. In his final lifetime on Earth, he was a Vipassana meditation master in the Theravada tradition, though previously had lived many different lives following a variety of spiritual paths. ... Read More

Other Teachers

Julian Dean

Julian Dean

Julian has been a seeker all his life and began working with the Law of One Ra material in the early 1980s, when it was available in early transcript mailings. Likewise, he became a student of Aaron and Deep Spring Center in the early 1990s, when material became available through the mail. Eager to expand his learning and practice beyond his 30 years of Vipassana experience, Julian enrolled in DSC programs with their availability via Zoom. He has become further involved as a DSC Board member and collaborates on program development projects. Julian’s life experiences as a teacher and counselor serve his activities with DSC as it expands offerings to students around the world.

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Robert Jacobs

Robert Jacobs has been practicing meditation and yoga for 45 years. He lived and studied with two Spiritual Masters from the Indian yoga tradition in ashrams for over 18 years, learning the essential scriptures of the Indian tradition in conjunction with his practices. Robert’s teachings are practical, living means to achieve a direct experience of the one Truth within. His spiritual memoir Journey to the Awakened Heart, available on the Deep Spring Center website and Amazon.com, was published in 2018. He now leads Awakened Heart Yoga & Meditation in Gainesville, Florida, where he teaches courses on meditation and the Indian scriptures. Check out his website: awakenedheartyoga-meditation.com.

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Dan Muir

Dan Muir found his spiritual home at Deep Spring Center shortly after moving back to Michigan in 1999. He has been teaching since 2006, working to convey the peace, joy, and deep wisdom he has found through honest intention, an effort at clean living, and daily meditation. When he isn’t teaching the Dharma, Dan is a nurse anesthetist who shares a farm near Lansing with horses and alpaca.

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Colette Headshot 2019

Colette Simone

Colette Simone completed a Master of Music Degree and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has served as a psychologist, educator, and musician in a variety of settings. Her involvement with spiritual traditions led her to the Ra Material/Law of One, and subsequently Aaron and the Deep Spring Center in 2017. Colette evolved as a student and practitioner while being mentored by Barbara Brodsky in the mediumship process. She serves as channel for Yeshua in Deep Spring Center events and programs. She lives in Traverse City, Michigan with her beloved rescue kitties and cherished grand piano. 

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Celeste Zygmont

Celeste Zygmont

Celeste Zygmont has been involved with Deep Spring Center for nearly three decades. She was an early editor of the DSC newsletter. She took part in the teacher training program and in the Venture Fourth and Dharma Path programs, and also served on the DSC Board of Directors. She currently facilitates the Sunday and Tuesday online meditations and teaches the Dharma in service to all beings.

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