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cloudy-55721299832113GLM2016 New Year Message from Aaron
channeled by Barbara Brodsky

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Aaron: Welcome to 2016, the Year of Light!
My blessings and love to you on this New Year, 2016. I am Aaron.

When you read a book, the pages form an unfolding script so there is always an expectation of what the next page will bring. But each page is fresh, and truly, everything is possible, regardless of the previous flow of events. Everything arises from conditions, and conditions are innumerable. Some have been enhanced, made bold, so to speak.

Those are the ones that have caught your attention and been the base for new arising. An anger-filled relationship; a body steeped in pain; hurtful experiences that have led to a belief in unworthiness of the self; a world filled with hatred and turmoil: these are some of the contents of the past pages that have so held attention that you have not looked to see what else is written. Thus, some of you stumble in darkness, back turned to the light. You have only seen the conditions within the shadow.

Please make a choice with me as the year turns, to turn also, to the light. This is the light within yourself and throughout the world. Together let us declare this, “The year of Light!” This doesn’t mean we pretend darkness does not exist, but that we cease to fixate on it. Instead, continually ask, “Right here, in this painful moment, where is love? Right here with this anger, can I find the open heart? Right here, with pain, can I find something that is not painful? Right here, trembling with fear, can I find that within that is not afraid?” Where is love in this moment? Where is Light?

It is only in this way that each being can begin to know and strengthen the Love and Light within the self. When you know the truth that you ARE Light, you become a force for Light in the world, and help bring the world out of darkness. You are ready to do this, or you would not be reading these words.Light and love are everywhere, if you will look deeply. Let us invite them forth and cease the fixation on darkness, which fixation strengthens that low vibration and shadow. Be the Light that you truly are! I walk beside you, always available to help. So please join me to welcome 2016, the year of Light!