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November 13, 2016 Sunday, Yeshua

There Is No Original Sin (At the NC retreat, Jeshua asked to incorporate in response to a question from someone in a small group meeting struggling with feelings of unworthiness and despair over original sin and a belief that she should suffer because of that sin)

Yeshua: I am the one you have called Jeshua. I came in love for all beings. I did not suggest ever that people should suffer, or that people must suffer to reach a higher plane. My dear brother and friend Siddartha Gautama also did not say that people should suffer, only that suffering is inevitable until you awaken and understand that nature of suffering. But why should you continue to suffer? I came to teach you love. Some of those who brought my teachings into a religion created the idea of sin. I did not come to save people from their sins. I came to remind all of you, that you already are awakened, that you also are the Christ. The word “Christ” means “awakened one,” and I came to remind you that you are that Awakened One; not to be a model put up on a pedestal, but to take your hands and walk with you and support you knowing your own truth of love. How could it be otherwise? You are love.\

The rest of it is, as Aaron would say, mental objects, just ideas in your head, ideas that have been so deeply ingrained, that you have somehow a stain on you and you must do something special to eradicate that stain. You have all been in mud puddles, yes. You’re splashed all over with it. Get in the shower. It rinses right off. But if you think it has seeped into the skin so that you must use a scouring pad to scour it off then you will bleed, there will be pain, and that is not what I came to share. The only answer is love.

You find it hard to believe that. I cannot make you believe, nor would I try, only I offer you my love and the power of my love. Come sit here before me for a minute, please. Your name is…? (She replies.) Look into my eyes… Do not think of me as a Lord high up. Think of me as a brother, a friend. One who promises you that love and this whole kingdom of heaven in whatever fashion that might appear, that this is here, now, in your heart. You are the awakened Christ.


Let all the rest go, all those beliefs of eons of Catholic lifetimes. I was not a Catholic. I am simply Jeshua, the one who teaches love and the path of love.


Thank you, Q. When doubts come up, please remember this time together. You are love, and that’s all you need to remember. Shower off the mud. And if you fall in another mud puddle, shower it off again. You are love.

I can release the body to Barbara or I can stay in the body if there are others of you who wish to talk here. Any others of you who wish to have this connection? Usually we have the Mother do this. Sometimes my energy is too strong for people, and often we have the Mother come in for darshan. We do this with the Mother, who has a softer energy. But if my energy is comfortable for you I’m happy to stay in the body. I don’t want to knock people out.

Q: (inaudible, asking for continued support for softening (the heart))

Jeshua: You still believe in that notion of sin, that something must be done to wipe it away. When I use the word sin, it’s perhaps too strong a word. But when you have negative thought, angry thought, jealous, hateful, greedy thoughts, your whole being moves into the sense that something is wrong. Aaron would remind you this has simply arisen from conditions and the conditions have not yet been purified. Wash the mud off. Who are you underneath these thoughts of good and bad, right and wrong? Who are you?

You were recently with the Mother, and I noticed you experienced a lot of softening and could feel her love. I hope you can also feel my love. My love and her love do not make you good, or save you from being bad. You never were bad. But let my love be a reminder of the essence of your heart. You ask for support for softening. Why is the armor there? In what ways do you believe the armor protects you? Why does this beautiful heart need armor?

I don’t think for you that it’s because of what you’re afraid will come in to you. I think the armor is to keep in what you feel is negative, because of the deep intention not to harm others. You keep that armoring in place, as I perceive it, as a way of protecting others from your own sense of occasional negativity. You are powerful, but the power of your intention to do no harm is stronger than the power of your anger, the power of your sorrow, your neediness, your confusion. The power of your love is so strong you don’t need the armor.

You don’t believe me, and I will not try to convince you, only to ask you to consider the possibility. The support is always there. But as soon as fear comes up and the heart closes, you can’t feel the support. Do you have any thoughts about what I’ve said?

Q: Just that much of this is hidden.

Jeshua: Certainly it’s hidden, otherwise it would have healed long ago. It’s the deepest places.

Imagine layers and layers of armor. As you grow and open, the outer layers fall off, but somewhere, for so many of you, there is still that notion of original sin, that somehow you are blemished in some way. There is such a deep aspiration to be loving in the world, to do no harm in the world, truly to awaken in support of higher consciousness in yourself and in the world. And still the idea, that original tiny seed of negativity, it must still be there because I still feel anger. I still feel confusion, doubt, greed. So, there must be something, no matter how small the seed, it must be hidden in there. And because of the strength of your intention to do no harm, the armoring goes up.

What I would ask of you, is to begin to trust your innate goodness, your radiance, your love. I promise you all there is no original sin. You were born of light and of love. You were born as human and therefore experience all the human emotions. There is doubt, there is greed, there is anger, even hatred. There is the desire of one to be stronger than the other, to control the other, and so forth. This is part of the human experience. But as Aaron said so clearly to you last night, you are here and doing this practice to remember that you do not have to enact these kinds of negativity, but can simply note them as they arise. They do not have any power over you unless you give them power. The ability to not give them power is a core human learning. There is no original sin. There is no innate blemish to your being. You are light. You are love. And this is the whole essence of what I came to the earth to teach.

Walk in my footsteps, then. Remember, you are love. Let nothing convince you otherwise. Attend to any negative impulses that will arise because you are human. But trust that you are love. And the armoring, it is safe to let the armoring dissolve. It is really easier for those of you who armor much less against hurt from others than because of the concern that some negativity will go out to others. You have the belief that you must hold in. What if anger comes up and I hurt somebody? Armoring. You will not hurt anybody. When experiencing this pain, reach for me. “Jeshua, I’m feeling such rage. Help me. I don’t want to hurt anyone.” Reach for me rather than armoring, and that will help you. It takes courage, and you have that courage. I love you.

(John arrives)

John, I am Jeshua. We’re having a different kind of circle here today. Welcome.  We began by talking about the feelings of sin and wrongness, original sin, and so forth, and I requested to come in and to say I never taught that. Is there anyone else who wishes to speak with me, and if not we’ll let Barbara come back.

What I have just been saying goes for all of you. Watching the armoring that comes when a negative thought arises. Not so much armoring the self to protect the self, for most of you, but armoring because of the high intention to do no harm. Thus, you close the heart so that the anger doesn’t go out. I would say everyone in this circle does this to some extent.

Then I ask you to trust. Aaron talks of non-duality, the anger and that which is not angry. You have the capacity to hold space for the anger and release the anger in ways that are not harmful, actually to use the anger as energy and transmute the anger. The anger is just energy. It’s not something evil. There is no ultimate evil. The anger is just energy. You hold the intention not to enact the anger in the world, but to use the energy of the anger, run through the loving heart, as a ground for compassion; and to bring healing in this way.

This is what I came to teach. Some of you know the practice of tonglen. I learned this practice during my years in Tibet. It’s a powerful practice in which you bring in the pain, the anger, the fear. Let it come down into the heart, and trust the power of the heart to transmute this. Right there with the anger, where is compassion? Gain confidence through practice, that you can touch such compassion. And then breath that compassion out into the world. This is not just an idea. You truly are releasing that energy into the world. It’s real. So instead of fearing your negativity, know it as energy, and hold the strong intention to use that energy for the highest good by letting the heart transmute and release it. Purify it in the heart.

(long silence)

Don’t worry about whether I’m real or not. Simply ask yourself if my words and my energy are helpful to you. And if they are, then use them. And if they’re not, release them.

Please remember that I had many lifetimes to come to a readiness to incarnate as the being you knew as Jeshua, to prepare myself not to hate even as I was nailed to a cross. This is not expected of you. If anger and hate arise, forgive yourself for it. Know that this is part of the human experience. It is in this way that you rise above it, not by hating yourself for hating.

This is the core of it. How do we not hate when people hurt us? So many of you are in pain about the recent election, not so much because you loved that female candidate and couldn’t wait to see her elected, but because there was so much pain around the male candidate. For most of you the pain came from his seeming brutality, his deep way of hurting others, and it went against everything that you wished for, for yourselves and for your country. For many of you it took you back, in this or past lifetimes to times when you were hurt or even killed as part of some minority, when you were hated or despised.

I have said in the scriptures, and I don’t state the exact way it is said because I didn’t say it in English, but, “Blessed are those who can experience hate heaped upon them and not hate in return.” Blessed, why? Why does that make you blessed? Because as Aaron described last night, not told but described— he says he is not dictating, he is simply expressing his view— you are all here to learn and teach loving kindness and compassion, and the power of love. It is love that saves us, only love.

This man and his followers, they come to test you, as many in my time were tested in my name, despised because they said they followed me. But they found the courage to trust the path of love and to follow it. It was not me they followed, it was the awakened consciousness in their own hearts, the love in their own hearts. And they found the courage to follow that love. Otherwise this religion you call Christianity would have died away. It wasn’t just based on me, it was based on the millions who said, “I embrace this doctrine of love and I will follow it no matter what hardships, no matter how much hate from those who seek power, seek their own personal power at the expense of others.”

Now you are come into a time where, in a sense, you are all asked – not to be martyrs, nobody is going to kill you, that is not the intention,– but to speak your truth, speaking from the Christ heart, the awakened heart, the Buddha heart of yourself. Say no to hatred, to bigotry, to greed, to those who would seek power at the expense of others. You will find ways to do this as you work, each within yourselves, to purify and release the fear and anger, so that the radiant heart can shine out ever more brightly. Do not be afraid. There is so much support for you here. And all of you literally, consciously or unconsciously, came into the incarnation to do this work. As the Buddha said, if it were not possible you would not be asked to do it.

With that I will leave you. My love to all of you. Let us form a full circle here. Try something with me. As you join hands, turn your left hand, palm up and your right hand, palm down. Send the energy around the circle. It is not my energy; it is our energy of love. Feel it circling. Breathing in and receiving from the left hand, feeling it within you, and then breathing out and releasing it through the right hand. Breathing in and receiving it again, and releasing. (pause) If you feel any resistance, just note the resistance. It is not wrong to feel resistance, it is human. (pause)

I’m going to join your two hands here… I love you all, and I am with you always. Do not be afraid. You did not come into this world to see it destroyed but to see it rise. To see the rising of consciousness on this earth plane; to help hold the light everywhere. Together we do this. I said do not be afraid, but if fear arises, don’t get caught in its stories. If there’s fear, it’s just fear. Please do find the trust to know it is safe to experience fear. All will be well. Because of your love, all will be well.

My blessings to all of you. I love you.

(session ends)