Class Levels

Level 1 – Classes are meant for those new, or fairly new, to insight (vipassana) practice. Beginning practice instruction will be offered in all level 1 classes, as well as topics helpful for those newly encountering meditation practice. Many find it helpful to repeat a beginning class several times before moving on to a level 2 class. A level 1 class is also recommended for those who are exploring insight practice and have a background in other meditation traditions (Zen, TM or mantra meditation, yoga).

Level 2 – These classes focus on meditators who have some level of insight practice experience, and who may have attended a retreat or two. These classes may cover a number of topics, such as deepening one’s practice, sitting on a more daily basis, and becoming skillful with unresolved issues that typically surface after practice becomes sustained. Basic dharma topics are introduced and developed at this level.

Level 3 – These classes are designed for students who have a significant commitment to their meditation, and who find insight practice has become an integral part of life. More advanced topics on the path of awakening, and sutra study is often a part of these classes.

Class/Workshops Fees

Many classes/programs at Deep Spring Center have a building fee, which goes directly to support the rental and operation of the facility.

The rate for the building fee is $15 per week of class, which equates to $105 for a 7-week session and $150 for a 10-week session. See specific class listing for detail.

No one will be denied participation for financial reasons.

All Deep Spring teachers offer their time on a dana basis, joyfully sharing the teachings. Your free-will offerings to the teachers are welcomed.

With your support, we can continue to offer a range of programs and activities at Deep Spring Center.


Notes About Registration

Online registration for Deep Spring classes is available.

To register for Deep Spring classes and programs by mail or dropping off a check at the center, please submit program/building fee, your contact information—name, address, phone, email—and the class/program name to Deep Spring Center.

Registration handled by another organization/individual will be so noted in the program’s description.


Dana (pronounced “dah-na”) is a Pali word meaning “gift” or “giving.”

It is closely related to the virtue of generosity and is expressed in many forms—the offering and sharing of our time, energy, knowledge/expertise, material items and financial resources.

Dana is a purely volitional act of giving in which we develop our ability to let go, convey our compassion and caring, demonstrate our commitment, and acknowledge our interdependence and connectedness.