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Class Levels

Level 1 – Classes are meant for those new, or fairly new, to insight (vipassana) practice. Beginning practice instruction will be offered in all level 1 classes, as well as topics helpful for those newly encountering meditation practice. Many find it helpful to repeat a beginning class several times before moving on to a level 2 class. A level 1 class is also recommended for those who are exploring insight practice and have a background in other meditation traditions (Zen, TM or mantra meditation, yoga).

Level 2 – These classes focus on meditators who have some level of insight practice experience, and who may have attended a retreat or two. These classes may cover a number of topics, such as deepening one’s practice, sitting on a more daily basis, and becoming skillful with unresolved issues that typically surface after practice becomes sustained. Basic dharma topics are introduced and developed at this level.

Level 3 – These classes are designed for students who have a significant commitment to their meditation, and who find insight practice has become an integral part of life. More advanced topics on the path of awakening, and sutra study is often a part of these classes.