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wooden buddha, deep spring centerDecember 22, 2017 Private Talk with Jeshua, excerpt, minutes 14-37

(Yeshua is already incorporated, speaking privately)

Yeshua: …I am always with you. I love you, cherish you, protect you, guide you. I will never leave you.

Now, I ask you to have courage, because what you came into the incarnation to do is hard. It is to help alleviate suffering from beings who are blind. They keep bashing themselves into brick walls and falling into holes, and will not accept the fact that they could end the blindness by opening their eyes.

Picture a whole world of people who are not literally blind but believe they are blind, and walk around harming themselves and harming others. Because they’re used to bashing into things that are (inaudible), they walk around with a knife in front of them. And so if they walk into somebody else, they stab the other. Constantly wounding each other, wounding themselves. And then there are those very cherished ones who have had the courage to come in as humans with their eyes open, not yet fully awake but with the eyes open, and to say, “I choose to come into this heavy density planet to help others learn to open their eyes.”

You are doing this through your dharma practice and intention to teach, to share the dharma, whether it’s in a group or just one-on-one… there are so many ways in which you are holding to that intention. But it takes enormous courage.

I know Aaron asked me to come in for two reasons. One is because you said you don’t feel me with you, and I want you to feel me with you. The other, I was not only born with my eyes open but fully awake. Imagine my despair when I saw so many people staggering around with their eyes closed and wounding each other. And our Father had asked me to come and help them learn that they need not wound each other.

I felt enormous despair at a certain phase of my life. Before I began my teaching, I wandered for some time in the desert, as the story goes, asking, “Can I do this? Won’t I do more harm than good? Might I not destroy with my power? I don’t know how to do this. Father, show me. I am lost. I feel danger. I am afraid.” And I knew my power. And I knew my human capability to open to anger, not hatred; never hatred, but anger. And I knew my power to destroy through that anger. And I wanted to run away. I felt, “I cannot do this.” And then I knew I had to try, because it is what the Father asked me to do. When I say ‘Father’— Father, Mother, Beloved, what the Divine asked of me, and what I had agreed to do, why I had come.

Not as much is asked of you, daughter, but to keep your heart open and to know that you have chosen wisely. That you are surrounded by loving guides— myself, the Mother, Aaron, but also your own very beautiful personal guides, very high-level guidance. What is asked of you is to keep your heart open and be mindful. Just that. And when the heart closes, and it will, to pause and know the heart is closing. “Oh, right here with the closed heart, where is the open heart?”

Aaron’s new book speaks beautifully of this, how to come back to the open heart, to the light that you are. I cannot ask you not to doubt, only to know that doubt is a trick of the mind. To pause and remember, and use Aaron’s delightful, “Is that so?” And hold the stone (crystal) and ask Jeshua, “Help me. Guide me, here.” And to turn to the Divine, the Infinite Creator, out of which we all have emerged, and remember that you are love. You are created in love and in light. And you can never be less than that. You can only diminish that by pulling the armor around the self. But you can never be less than the light and love that you are.

(continuing later)

I am Jeshua ben Joseph, a son of our Father. And I greet you, sister, (name), a daughter of our Father, and ask you to remember that you are my sister. I’ve called you daughter at times, but you are both. You are my sister, as all beings are my brothers and sisters. And that you have the power to love, and the power to destroy. The extraordinary power to love has been entrusted to you because it is known that you have the understanding not to destroy. Every human, as they awaken, finds that power in themselves, to love and create or to destroy. You are a highly positively polarized being. You will not destroy. You are not poisonous. I know it’s a lot of power to carry. Think of it as a sacred trust by ones who are a bit older and wiser than you. And know that you are ready to carry this power of love, and to carry the pain that comes with it.

Before I go, let me share one more story here. Aaron tells stories of me in his Christmas stories. When I travelled and saw people beating each other, harming each other, being cruel to each other, saw something as simple as a starving child, a young child in the marketplace eyeing the food on the table, literally starving and reaching for a small, a fruit that had worms in it, or a piece of bread that was a bit burned, looking at the shopkeeper, not daring to ask, “May I have it?”, just reaching. And the shopkeeper might hit him, sometimes with a stick. “Get away!” It tore my heart apart, because that shopkeeper came to learn generosity and love, and he seemed to be incapable of doing it, he had so much fear and greed. I would sometimes sit and cry. I would cry out to the Father and ask, “What can I do?” And I was told, “Love him. Love the shopkeeper.”

On one such occasion, I returned and that same child was still wandering around the marketplace. You could see his ribs sticking out, he was so skinny. Perhaps 6 years old. I came to him and took him by the hand and went up to the shopkeeper, smiled at the shopkeeper, and said to him, “This small child is very hungry, and I have some coins. How much would it be for a piece of bread, for an apple?” He gave me a figure, an exorbitant figure for that amount of food, because he was eyeing the boy angrily, who had tried to steal from him. He said to me, “I will not sell food to you for him. He is a thief.” I said, “Perhaps he is a thief because he is hungry. Nevertheless, I will pay you for the food. How much do you want for it?” He gave me a figure three times what this should have cost.

I said, “We both know that that is an exorbitant amount of money for this food. But here. But I have one condition: that you come around here, kneel down on the ground and hand it to him.” “No!” “Well, I’ll find another shopkeeper then. But the offer is still open: three times what the food is worth, what you could sell it for to anyone else. All that is asked of you is to come around and kneel down and hand it to him.” I had coached the boy before and told him what I was going to do, and asked him, “When he gives it to you, can you look in his eyes and say, ‘Thank you’?” He was terrified, but he said he would do it.

So, our shopkeeper friend, his greed got the better of him. He came around— he had picked an apple with some wormholes and a slightly burnt piece of bread. I did not correct him and ask for the best. He came around. He knelt down. He was eye-level with the boy. A kind of grudging, “Here,” and he looked into the boy’s eyes. And the boy said, “Thank you. I have been so hungry. But I will take it home and share half with my younger sister.”

Something broke open in this man’s heart. I had hoped that it would, but I could not make it happen. He looked in the boy’s eyes and tears formed. He reached out and pulled out another piece of bread and apple, these perfect and beautiful! He said, “Here’s one for your sister, also.” He asked the boy, “Where do you get your food? Where are your parents?” “My father has died and my mother right now is very sick, so there is no food in our home. I find what I can for myself and my little sister.”

The shopkeeper looked at me. He did not know me, but he somehow seemed to trust me. He said, “Will you stay here with my stand while I go off with this boy? I want to see his home.” I agreed. So, I was not there at the home and I don’t know exactly what happened, but the boy took him home. He saw it was just as the boy described. The mother, she had not broken her leg but perhaps sprained it badly. She could not walk. She was thin. She was sick. The home was a very poor home, even had the mother been well. But it was not well-tended because the mother could not walk and the father was dead. He said to her, “Sister, what happened to your husband?” “He was killed.” Not sure exactly the circumstances, but an accident of some sort; not murdered, but an accident, about 3 months previous to this time. “And how have you survived?” “When I can walk, I can do some weaving.” She showed him the very beautiful weaving that she did. “But it is too much pain, I cannot go to the marketplace, and my son is too young to do it.”

He said, “Daughter, you stay home and weave, and each week I will stop here and pick up your weaving to sell in the marketplace. I will not charge you anything for it. I will sell it from my bread and fruit stand. I bake the bread, and I have an orchard with abundance. Your son may come to me any time for this bread and fruit, but bread and fruit is not enough to survive on.” He told the son to come with him and back to his home, and gave him a basket of eggs. And he said, “Come back when you need more, and I will try to find other food for you.”

So, this act of trust in this man’s capacity to open his heart, and my willingness to meet his greed so that he would connect with the boy— I didn’t manipulate this, I just trusted that if he made direct contact with the boy and could see him not just as a thief but as a human child, I trusted the capacity of his heart to open – these acts of love opened the heart’s door.

But when I first saw him hit the boy with the stick, when the boy reached for food, I felt so much rage at this man! I wanted to destroy him! I wanted to take his table and throw everything into the dirt! I wanted to hit him. I had to take time to tame my rage, and to ask, “How do I help this man, and how do I release my own rage?” I was human. Anger still arose. Because I was awakened, I would never enact that anger. But I was human, and anger arose. —When I say I would never enact that anger, I would never enact it in a way to literally harm another sentient being.

The story, I hope, demonstrates the power that you have to work with your own anger, and to touch the world with kindness, one human at a time. Perhaps sometimes it will be 3 or 4, or 300 or 400. But basically, it’s heart to heart. That is how we transform the world into love and light. Invite that light and love to come forth. You have that power. Never forget it. And it is why you came into the incarnation. And if sometimes you fail, that’s okay. No one will condemn you. If the task seems too big and you need to back away, that’s okay, and no one will condemn you. You are not bad because of that.

You are loved. And help will be with you with each step. If you say it’s too much, we will simply hold and hug you until you’re ready to try again. Will you trust me with that thought?

I release the body to Aaron. My blessing to you, my daughter, sister, beloved. My blessings.