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From Aaron, channeled by Barbara Brodsky

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Almost thirty years ago, Barbara became conscious of me in the room when she entered for her morning meditation. When she asked me, “Who are you and why are you here?” I told her I was her guide and was there to help her understand suffering and move past it. A few months later, I was speaking to many more people through Barbara. I was again asked: Why are you here? Are you also our guide? “For a few, I am a guide,” I replied. “For most of you, I am a teacher, perhaps one of many in this lifetime. You will find your own guides, learn to hear them, and connect to your own deepest wisdom through your Higher Selves. I am here to help you understand that you are spirit, that you have come into the incarnation to raise yourselves and this earth to a higher vibration, to be a ground for Love. In following that path, you can literally change the entire universe and end suffering on this and all heavier vibrational planes.”

My teaching first was brought out into the wider world through my book, Presence, Kindness and Freedom. If you are present in each moment and with lovingkindness, you will find freedom and help others also to find freedom. It is as simple as that: simple but not easy but requiring dedicated practice. Many of you have done this practice for years and deepened into it. When enough of you have moved into less fear, reactivity, and contraction and can live from the spaciousness of Love and the open heart, your earth will be on a path toward peace that was the original vision for this earth, by those angelic beings who helped to ground it in Loving Energy. (See the Earth History transcripts in the archives for more on this concept.)

I have always emphasized meditation practice that supports such presence. But I do not teach to make you into meditators, but to help you and all beings find true freedom from old fear and reactivity, to help you know yourselves as spirit, “angels in earthsuits” as I have called you, truly here on a divine mission to bring love where there has been fear and bring light where there has been only darkness.

That book and other books that followed were first steps. Through the years we have taught ten here, two dozen there, going ever deeper. Because of distances, many of you could join me only once a year. It has made progress seem slow, but we do not measure progress in time, but by the opening of the heart and deepening of wisdom.

Now many of you have the foundation, and we have the technical tools, to move ahead, through our upcoming two-year program. Through advances in technology that have finally caught up to my intentions, we may offer the deepest teaching to all who are ready, regardless of location: a teaching of love, of service and of liberation, grounded in dharma principles. For those not enrolled in the class, the contents will be made available to a wider audience through the Deep Spring Center transcript and video archives.

This technology needs your golden coins to pay for the equipment and the expertise of paid editors and our truly essential Managing Director. I do not wish finances to stand in the way of people’s participation. It would be lovely if you were all completely telepathic and we had no need for technology, but such is not yet the case! Please give as you are able to support Deep Spring Center, which in turn supports this movement to the Light and true liberation for all beings. Imagine it, and it will be so!

I thank you. You are ever in my heart,
With love, Aaron