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Your Stories – 30th Anniversary of Aaron’s teachings

There is no way to fully explain the magical moments and the deep learning that came into our lives with Barbara.   Bernie and I enjoyed it all together.  Sunnyside came into being and then faded again — becoming our own “Camelot” with memories of so much shared in the happy silence.  Did it exist?  Were we all there together?   Did we happily follow the ringing of the bell into the lakeside classroom to learn the wisdom of the Buddha and forge friendships that last to this day??   Did we carefully listen to a voice that had no body attached?   Were we being taught wisdom that would carry us into our old age and quite literally to our graves??
Dorothyann – MI

Dear Barbara and Aaron, thanks so much for sharing your profound wisdom. My name is Kera, I live in Hamburg/ Germany and am a meditator touched by Isha Foundation/ Sadhguru. I feel very blessed to have discovered Aaron‘s words just in a moment when I had so many questions and no idea where to look for answers. Your meticulous teachings helped me a lot in developing compassion for all beings including myself. Laughing about my mistakes has become much easier since I experienced your all-embracing compassion and understood that I won’t be in “schoolroom earth” without having a lesson to learn for myself. Another aspect that supports me everyday is your detailed and analytical approach to distinguish between the different steps of „The Cycle of Dependent Origination“ to become more non-reactive. Also I enjoy the daily quotes very much, sometimes as a reminder, sometimes as a deepening, sometimes as a new consideration to demolish my self. I have no words to express my gratitude.
Love from Hamburg, Kera

“… and the Greatest of these is Love”. I have known Aaron & Barbara for nearly 25 years. After many private sessions, classes, retreats, teacher training & energy meetings; I find that the most important offering is Love. I experience the container of Unconditional Love offered by Aaron and Barbara as profound, clear, safe and supportive of dissolving all that blocks me from perceiving & experiencing myself as unconditional love without limit. I have found that the intentional, loving & palpable support of Aaron and other guides helps me to more easily to see myself clearly and to discover the deepest Essence of who I am. The variety of teachings and practices from many traditions have empowered me to be able to choose those which provide the most help in a given situation. As my unfolding as proceeded, I have come to really appreciate that as some new experience or challenge arises, I find I already know one or more practices to work with them. And ultimately, I deeply know it is Unconditional Love, unaffected by concepts and judgment, that is the Essence of All. Aaron is that for me and his “transmission” of it continues to help me Be that myself. For this, I have great gratitude & love for Aaron, Barbara and all those who have helped DSC be in the world.
Anna Marie – MI

Barbara’s and Aaron’s teachings have added more to my quality of life than I possibly could have imagined. Barbara’s healing sessions have also been a true blessing and pleasant surprise. Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude for having the good fortune of being so completely immersed in truth for so many years. It has transformed my life. I appreciate having so many of my questions answered about this reality and ultimate reality. I dearly love Aaron, Barbara, and her husband Hal. I count them all as dearest friends and teachers. They have enriched my life by sharing their love and truths. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Len – MI/FL

I am so grateful to have found this community and these teachers. The wisdom, clarity, and love expressed in their teachings have become a frequent touchstone for me in my daily life. It has also been a true gift to connect with the other sangha members in this warm and loving community, true kindred spirits. Thank you!
Lisa – GA

When I started attending retreats with Deep Spring Meditation Center, I found Barbara and Aaron and John Orr to be an ideal balance of teachers. Barbara shares her process with such openness, then Aaron shares ‘the rest of the story.’ Authenticity, humility, clarity, and the other perfections of Buddhism are no longer ideals or goals, they are demonstrations. Having teachers with such heart and wisdom mind changed the way I related to myself. I remember Aaron asking me, “Do you want freedom?” Freedom from the personal ‘I’ has meant relief from many of the things that could have or should have or would have been different. What is, is! While many rich Buddhist writings and teachings are easily accessible today via books and videos, what makes a difference for me is relating to real people. Barbara is not a monastic. Neither is John. As human beings chopping wood and carrying water, they bring the teaching of Aaron to a level that you can live. Having witnessed Barbara navigating with such grace the situations of her life, you are seeing her living what Aaron says, “There are no problems to be fixed, only situations that are calling for your attending to them.” That may be the most important aspect: Demonstrations of the Dharma being lived…. Infinite love and gratitude to Barbara, Aaron, John, the Mother, Jeshua, Father John, and the Brothers and Sisters of the Sangha. It is such a joy to be with you….
Debra – MI

Growing, sharing, learning, loving–my life is filled with all of these things daily, and Aaron’s teachings continue to provide a beacon of light in my adventures. Whether seeking an insight to help me through a period of personal confusion or searching for a meditation to teach to a classroom full of students, Aaron and Barbara consistently put into my hands tools that are effective, compassionate, and full of heart. I am deeply grateful to them and to Spirit for bringing forth so much wisdom and joy as we collectively explore the possibilities of our journey as angels in an earth suit! Love and gratitude to Barbara on this courageous path she has chosen; she is an inspiration!
Debra – NC

How my life has been enriched by Aaron´s teachings I discovered Aarons words just half a year back and as Isha meditator/volunteer and follower of Sadhguru´s words and works I was struck by how perfectly the two (Aaron and Sadhguru) fit together – I hardly discovered any disagreement between the words of the two masters. While Sadhguru´s unique qualities shine on the practical side, offering programs that teach Asanas, Kriyas and other practices that help guiding and fostering personal growth, Aaron´s words channeled by Barbara actually explain many fundamental aspects of this personal growth in a very comprehensible way, kind of laying the theoretical groundwork for Sadhguru´s practices. This is why I am extremely thankful for all the work Barbara has done to spread the word about Aaron´s wisdom, which, for me, is in perfect sync to spiritual wisdom found in the words and teaching of other truly spiritual masters.
André – Germany

I’ve been receiving the newsletters over the past few months… I look forward to the daily thought each morning which provides me clarity, peace and hope. The guidance is greatly appreciated and much needed, often it resonates with something familiar pertaining to situations I’m currently in which is great reassurance of the loving support that is available in many forms.
Andrea – MI

Aaron through Barabara has brought divine teachings that has a very deep impact on my life and on my soul’s journey. Aaron is a Master among Masters. He is responsible for awakening me and I love him immensely.
Mohammed- VA

I think it was Barbara’s first year inviting people to come and visit her and Aaron at her home. My wife at the time was in a bookstore in Ann arbor and one of Barbara’s flyers was stuck to the sole of her shoe. We thought that might mean something, so we paid a visit. I trusted Aaron immediately. His love and kindness were palpable. His words of insight were always helpful. And I like that he was not interested in telling peoples’ fortunes, finding soul mates, who would win the lottery, and stuff like that. He always challenged us to be more skillful in our thoughts, words, and actions. Like many people, I was struggling with unworthiness. I had some private sessions in which Aaron really helped me understand. I grew to love and forgive and accept myself in large part due to Aaron’s guidance. I attended Barbara’s regularly for the first two years and then I moved away. Barbara visited me in Idaho and we set up a series of talks and private visits for her and Aaron. They were both well received. Years later when living in North Carolina, the collection of Aaron’s talks of his time spent with Jesus inspired me to write Forty Seven Stories of Jesus. Although I have not followed Aaron and Barbara or Deep Spring closely, there remains in my heart a precious place for his presence, which I continue to acknowledge whole-heartedly.
Bill – NC

I’ve learned so much from Barbara and Aaron and also been touche by their kindness and love. On of the most helpful teachings for me has been how things arise out of conditions and then pass when the conditions pass. This simple teaching helps me to have spaciousness around thoughts and emotions. I am so glad Barbara and Aaron are part of my life! 🙂
Rob – OH

I have had the privilege of working with Barbara and Aaron during their weekend non-residential retreats in Seattle and have been very grateful for their many insights into meditation, and my own personal experiences. Almost daily I am reminded that “what is aware of fear/anger is not fear or anger”. Among other things this has been incredibly valuable. Barbara and Aaron always help me reconnect with my highest purpose. Thank you!
Danny – WA

I am loving Aaron’s teachings. I have read Barbara’s books, and I find them very uplifting in a life that is so depressing if we are not thoughtful. I am very grateful for their contribution to my life.
Annie – MI

Aaron’s wisdom has given me greater access to emotionally-intelligent responses when the heat is on, but more importantly, greater awareness of the conditioned and unconditioned aspects of consciousness. This is priceless. What an amazing gift. Thank you.
Quinn – OR

It’s no overstatement that the DSC teachings have changed my life since my illness. Not that the previous life was unhealthy, for goodwill prevailed and does still. These teachings though have tweaked whatever was there. Doubt and fear are better understood; there is a spiritual road map and spiritual tools for going forward; and the intentions for serving others (the highest good of all beings) is more clear. There’s more that can be said, much more!…., but let me simply say “Thank you Barbara, Aaron, and the wider sangha.—- soulmates all!” Gratitude!
Bill MI

Barbara and Aaron’s work has had a profound impact on my life. Their teachings have helped me release strongly held ideas and identities, while still continuing to value meditation, enlightenment, love, and God. I’ve learned to live more simply in presence and joy, which sometimes feels quite radical in today’s society. I really appreciate the specificity that comes through Aaron. So many channels remind us to live in presence and joy, but they don’t give practices to help us do that. Aaron teaches Vipassana and Pure Awareness to help us remember our wholeness and to not identify with old patterns. I enjoy the breadth of his teachings, including disparate things like crystals absorbing human pain, paddling canoes on a shamanic journey, sleeping through the night with a snake in a Thai cave, discovering innate luminosity in another dark cave, and healing lepers with Jesus. Each story is like a bead on a necklace, connected with a common thread of God, love, presence, and freedom. I’ve been so touched knowing about the beings and Bodhisattvas that deeply care about humanity and Earth. I discovered the book Anna, Grandmother of Jesus through Deep Springs, which touched something so deep in me. The work of Deep Springs inspires me to live a noble life of morality, concentration, and wisdom for the benefit of all beings. I hope that you find some value in this work and that you forever know the deep spring of your own heart.
Alex – WA

It is impossible for me to put into a few words or few sentences the significant impact that the teachings of Barbara, Aaron and John have had on my life. Core message that continues to reveal it self to me is that we are all expressions of the divine. To come to grips with that. So I understand, experience and begin to “see“ that we and all beings are in fact manifestations of the divine seems to be an on ending path with the infinite possibilities. So this journey not always smooth has been guided by these three beings: Barbara, Aaron and John to whom I am immensely grateful.
David – GA

When the seeker is ready the teacher will appear. Through past life reviews, I now know why Aaron is my teacher. He/She affords me the best opportunity to awaken fully in this life time. What other true reason is there for being here in this bardo? I am grateful beyond words for Barbara, Aaron, The Mother & Jeshua. Their humble, loving and sincere approach to helping us understand the thick density of this realm is so important. Further, the lessons of oneness, real self forgiveness, the indescribable, loving light are just a few of the precious diamonds they so simply and generously provide for us.


May the spirit gods be with you Barbara. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and my dear friend Harold. His NY paintings are sitting front and center in my soon to be (forever imagined) studio. Way up here in Big Rapids. New home. New peace of heart ❤️
Congratulations on Deep Spring’s 30 years!