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Yeshua Speaks What It Means to Be Love

Yeshua: Blessings to you, my dear ones. I am the one you have called Yeshua—Jesus, you have called me, but my given name was Yeshua ben Yosef.

Love asked me to come forth as something that could sustain and transmit the high energy of love.

Of course, when I incarnated, there was even for me some small forgetting of who I was. So, while I was fully awake, I also needed to be reminded of that, during that lifetime.

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Awakening Your Heart of Divine Love

Love: I greet you with so much Love. You define the distinction between conditioned and unconditioned, relative and ultimate. Everything in the conditioned realm arises out of conditions, and ceases when the conditions cease. But what remains when everything conditioned has died away? What remains?

What was there at the beginning?

Love—simply Love.

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