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The Choice is Up to You — Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Love: I am Love; you are Love. You are finally lifting yourself out of the small place into which you have confined yourself for so many—I don't have a number—for seeming eternity. You are ready to break through to true self-knowledge, because you are learning that just because you have a negative thought does not mean you must enact that thought. Therefore, you can reclaim that DNA which allows you to truly be who and what you are.

We are part of each other. Don't think of me as God/Goddess/Creator; you also are God. You are Divine. You are so radiant.

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Awakening Your Heart of Divine Love

Love: I greet you with so much Love. You define the distinction between conditioned and unconditioned, relative and ultimate. Everything in the conditioned realm arises out of conditions, and ceases when the conditions cease. But what remains when everything conditioned has died away? What remains?

What was there at the beginning?

Love—simply Love.

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