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The Mother | Darshan | Remembering Wholeness

The Mother tells us she is a combination of many expressions of the Divine Mother such as Mother Mary, Kwan Yin, and others, and expresses different aspects of herself depending on the needs and karma of the person with whom she is sharing darshan. Barbara has been trance channeling the Mother for about 7 years.

Darshan is an event in consciousness—an interaction between the human and the divine, which focuses and draws up the consciousness of the human. The Mother takes each person’s hands and looks into his/her eyes. Many people are deeply moved because she mirrors back to each his/her own divinity, the Divine Mother in each of our hearts.

For this reason, we call the work with the Mother, “Remembering Wholeness”. She doesn’t “fix” us; she doesn’t offer many words. She reminds us of our own wholeness and divinity. This is very consistent with the non-dual aspects of our dharma practice, where we observe objects such as thoughts, sensations and emotions arising and passing away, impermanent and “not-self” in nature. We rest in Pure Awareness, conscious of distortions but also remembering our innate perfection. We attend skillfully to the distortions, release self-identification with them, and rest in our true being.

We have found that darshan with the mother is a very powerful way of releasing long-held conditioned beliefs about the self and coming home to our true Buddha Nature/ Christ Consciousness, or however we choose to name it, our own deepest divinity. Our meditation practice supports this process.

The Brothers and Sisters of Light are very loving, highly positively polarized Entities that may come in to support the Mother’s work. Occasionally one or another of them will incorporate in Barbara’s body but more often they work behind the scenes, as do our own spirit guides, helping and supporting our deepest loving intentions.

It is fine to come with a skeptical mind. No beliefs are required for darshan, just the willingness to open our hearts to this powerful love.

The Mother

The Mother is channeled by Barbara Brodsky.