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by Justin James

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This book is your invitation to witness—and even come along on an unexpected journey of discovery as the author recounts his past life as Yaakov, also known as James the Just, brother of Jesus (Yeshua). Bring your skepticism, as well as your willingness to suspend disbelief, as he did in reliving this other life under hypnosis. Any previously held beliefs of yours can be both illuminated and challenged simultaneously. You may find your heart and mind opening hearing the inspired words of several non-physical beings. If this book has found you, it is time for you to hear its message.

Revealing and profound are just two descriptors for the account of James the Just’s travels, with his brother, Jesus, also known as Yeshua. Read about their concerns and challenges, the importance of family and community, and James’ eye-witness account of the ascension. Hear from one of the Creators of our world as they explain the intentions and goals for us Earth Beings. For those who have ears to hear, now is the time to hear.
– Tavis Taylor, MD

This book transports the reader back to the time of when Jesus Christ and his family were on Earth in a real and intimate way. More importantly, it touched my heart and reminded me of my true purpose on Earth, as well as, illuminating the true intention of Jesus Christ and all the Light workers who supported him in bringing the message of love and harmony into the world. It is a great read that will lead you to learn more as well as bring you joy.
– Ursula Petters, MSW

The writer leads us into a beautiful and unanticipated account of his personal experiences with his brother, Jesus, and the Essene community. I felt so relieved to have myths dispelled, particularly around the last supper and to have meaning added to the Lord’s Prayer. I was also very glad to read about the mystery of our humanity with new clarity, and what I, as a human being, am here to do! Excellent read!
– Mary Bruey, RN, MA