Videos for Your Spiritual Growth

For 2 years Deep Spring Center has been recording and editing videos. Finally, we are ready to offer you spiritual support videos. In the near future you’ll find workshops and classes available here. We’re excited and we hope you are too! Please revisit this page as we continue to add videos. April 17, 2018.

 A long-time goal of the center has been to find ways to help you stay connected. Download the videos and add them to any of your digital devices. 

Always, Thank You for your continued support.

Download: Your download to your computer and other digital devices is a link on the payment receipt.

Guided Meditation
with Tavis Taylor, M.D.

Tavis Taylor, M.D. - Guided Meditation Download | $4.95 | 1:56 min.

Evenings with Aaron
Short | Oct. 17, 2017

Download | $4.95 | 4:35 min.

Evenings with Aaron
Full session | March 28, 2018

Evenings with Aaron | March 28, 2017Download | $17.95 | 1 hr. 2 min.