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October 14, 2018 Sunday, Oakwood Retreat Fall 2018, Jeshua’s Dharma Talk

Yeshua:  I’m Yeshua, and I come to you in love.  My heart is so tender with your efforts here this week…the deep work you are doing to discern the subtle dualities in the self and transcend those dualities.

Somebody made the statement that the saints knew no duality. Of course, these beings that you think of as saints, at some point they were children with a dualistic mind. They had to move past that dualistic mind. The saints as infants were no different than you. The awakened consciousness was present in them. And the dualistic consciousness was present in them. They did the work to transmute that dualistic consciousness and open deeply into the non-dual; to learn how to live the non-dual.

The same is true of me. I was born having previously transcended all duality. And yet, moving into this world of duality, dualistic thought arose at times: anger at somebody, wanting to strike out at somebody. I had to be taught by loving parents and community how to release those dualistic thoughts and come back to the heart of love.

You began to sing earlier the first verse:

I am one with the heart of the Mother
I am one with the heart of Love

Sing it with me. Do you know it?

(Group sings together twice through)

I am one with the heart of the Mother
I am one with the heart of Love 

I am one with the heart of the Father
I am one with God

 Sing hosanna
Sing hosanna
Sing hosanna to the King of Kings

 Sing hosanna
Sing hosanna
Sing hosanna to the King.

This is your birthright. You are one with the heart of the Mother, one with the heart of Love. One with the heart of the Father, one with God. One with the Divine. You think of me as being the “Son of God.” But you are all sons and daughters of God. How could it be otherwise?

Your work is to realize this truth. Until you are certain of this you can’t manifest it. What blocks this truth? What holds you into the illusion that Divinity is somewhere out there, and you are separate? You are my true brothers and sisters. As such we have the same parents. We are all Divine.

The saints did their work to realize this; sometimes very hard work. But you don’t have to be a “saint” to realize this. All you need is to be … I started to use the word determined and Aaron said that’s perhaps too harsh … Aaron how would you say it? … “To hold the intention for the deepest expression of the deepest love.” And to keep going hour by hour, day by day, with the intention to allow this love to manifest and to release anything that blocks it. That’s all – that’s all you need to do.

Many of the saints were thusly named because they conquered strong obstacles. But all of you have such strong obstacles. To do anything in your life there must be deep connection to this heart of love and knowing you are part of the Divine world and can never be separated from that.

And so is everything else!  That cockroach crawling along the floor. The woodpecker outside. Everything. The terrorists. They’re all a part of the heart of the Mother, part of the heart of God.

But some suffer extreme delusion; moving into the torments of fear and separation. They need to learn. They need to be held in compassion, and the compassion is strong. Compassion is not afraid to say, “No!” But compassion says “No” with love. If you say “No” with hatred and separation, there’s just more fighting. But when you can say “No” with love, it transforms everything.

This is what your human incarnation really is about: to find yourself planted so firmly in the earth…the flow of the heavens rushing through you…love rushing through you…to look around the earth and say:

Wherever there is fear, hatred, trouble – I stand here and embrace it with love. It cannot destroy me, because I am one with the heart of the Mother and the Father. And so is whatever else seemingly comes to confront me. This also is one with the Mother and Father. But it has become caught in distortion.

And so, I will offer my energy and my love to help support the resolution of this distortion…only to the degree that it is acceptable to that being’s free will. But I will also say “No” to anything destructive that such a being chooses to do. I put my whole self – which is not the small ego, but the Divine – in the face of this destruction and say, “No! You may not do this.”

In this way, on your earth, you will learn – when the conditions are present for a tornado, for example – instead of hiding in cellars, those of you who are thusly trained will go up on the earth, and hold your hands up and say to the tornado, “No! You must dissolve yourself because you will do harm.”  It has free will, but not to destroy others.

You will learn to say to the tidal waves, “No! You may not do this.”

You will learn to say to the terrorists, “No! You may not do this.”

The “No” has so much power because it is coming not at all from the ego, but from unity. This will be a fruit of your evolving into a higher density. This power will be increasingly available to you as you release the ego self, and start to know your connection with all things.

This is the beauty of the life and opportunity you have now. You are right on the brink! So many generations inching toward this readiness to move into a higher density and here you are… and you are ready!

And you have so much loving support to do this. And you have the courage to do it. And that’s why you are here at a retreat like this looking at the places of darkness in the self and each individually aspiring to release the inner and the outer darkness.

I love you all so very dearly. Thank you.

My blessings upon you. Go and enjoy yourself as community and find the love within the community.  I release the body to Barbara.