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The Year of Love and Light on the Earth

Yeshua incorporates: I am Jeshua. What a joy it is to be here with you tonight. Thank you for throwing a birthday party for me! I love singing, candlelight and cookies! It’s all beautiful.

But I want you to remember: it is not just my birthday you celebrate. Mine is symbolic. It is YOUR birthday, you opening into the true light that you are; remembering who you are. If it was just me, that I came to birth, that I went through my life and did the things I did, the whole power of those words and events would have died away. It is you who, lifetime after lifetime, have been carrying this energy, bringing forth increasing light to the earth.

I know it doesn’t seem to you that there’s more light. It seems like you live in a time of darkness. But, not so. When I took birth, 2,000 years ago, the earth had known eons of darkness. I came forth to help remind you, and the earth itself, that it is essentially of light. It is not a plane of darkness, it is a plane of light. That was the plan.

I was moved just now by the song you sang. (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear)

For lo, the days are hearkening on
By prophet bards foretold
When with the ever-circling years
Comes round the age of gold.

Dear ones, this IS the age of gold. We are coming to it. Are you ready for it? Why stay in darkness? You are light. You are born from light and here to be light, forever and ever. Or, you can stay in darkness as long as you wish. But why would you want that? You are love. You are light.

When this earth plane was conceived, many angels— if I may give them that name— gathered together and said, what if we co-create a heavy material plane grounded in love? How high a vibration could it hold? How could this co-creation bring greater light and love not just to this one material plane but to the whole universe? And others said, yes, let us do that. But this plane must also have free will. Beings must be free to choose light or darkness.

Because there are so many younger beings mired in fear, through the ages people have chosen darkness again and again; those of light have come again and again and said no to the darkness.

This is the pledge you make on Christmas: to be of the light, to say no to the darkness, and hold the promise of love in your heart. This is the song the angels sing. This is the promise.

And the time has come… I’m going to walk a minute (without being near the microphone) because I want to walk around a bit and look into your eyes; because it brings me so much joy to see the light in your eyes, to see the beauty within you and the courage, that you have come forth to remember the light and live the light.

I don’t really need this (referring to the walker), but Barbara says she doesn’t have balance in the dark. Well, I have balance in the dark! Letting go of the walker, He walks around)

…The time has come to live with love; no matter what negativity, what fear, what pain comes to you, to say thank you to it as a teacher, and remember the promise to live with love, to live your true light. In that way, let us celebrate this birthday.

For all of you: (singing) Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

Remember you are love. That’s really all you need to know.

I cherish you, and the love and courage that brought you here. Let us make 2019 the Year of Love and Light on the Earth; each of you doing your part by saying thank you to the challenges; opening your heart, and asking, right here within this challenge, where is love? Where is light? YOU are the light. YOU are the love.

As a growing boy there were many challenges in my life. It was not an easy world to live in. I was surrounded by loving adults teaching me, but many of them, even these wise adults, sometimes had a narrow view of things. They did not appreciate the infiniteness of our human nature, and so they lived with limitations. They tried to teach me, “Yeshua, there are no limitations, but you can’t do this, you can’t do that!” No limitations. I began to question the adults. I began to break the rules. I was not always a “good” child— I broke the rules! I went off alone when they said I must have an adult with me. I questioned the teachers. I did not simply take what they taught me, because I knew my connection with God/Goddess/All that Is, as you are beginning to know your connections. It was clear to me there was no separation between me and Infinite Creator. There was no separation between me and Love.

I knew what I had come to the earth to do, and I knew it was a hard task. I asked myself, how can I teach love unless I can fully be love? If I cannot fully be loving and embracing of everything, even the challenges, then how can I teach love? So, I understood that I had to learn how to embrace the challenges. The human side of me did not quite want to do that. The part of me that knew who I was, knew my awakened nature, said, “Yes, I can do this. I can do that.” All the way through— each step, and unto the crucifixion, “Yes, I can meet this challenge with love.” But the human sometimes knew fear.

Something wonderful happens when you meet challenges with love: the armoring that you wrap around yourself begins to dissolve, so that the true radiance shines out. All of you have that radiance. You are love, you are light.

So, join with me and let us support this as the year that light reclaims the earth. It will not be easy; there are deep places of fear. Can we love those who are afraid, those who are taught to hate? Can we embrace every human soul, and know that at its heart that soul truly is light, just is slower to awaken to its truth? When we bring that kind of light to earth, something wonderful will happen. And I think this is the time for it. Fear and judgment dissolve. I can’t say this year, but in these times, because the whole earth is going through a transition, and all beings are moving through it. This is why you took incarnation. This is why we celebrate your birthday tonight.

Thank you for coming into incarnation and walking this road with me.

With dear friends, everything is possible. I love you all very much.

Yeshua walks around the room a few minutes, looking into people’s eyes, then lifts his hands and offers a blessing of very high energy before releasing the body to Barbara.